Patrice O’Neal’s comedy is no laughing matter

Comedian Patrice O’Neal’s performance last Friday in Warriner Hall’s Plachta Auditorium should be considered an embarrassment for everyone involved.

O’Neal’s sophomoric, lude, inappropriate style of comedy has no place at a university attempting to create a safe, accepting environment for all students, regardless of sexual preference, racial or economic background.

O’Neal insulted anyone from the audience he chose. He mistook the ethnic background of University President Michael Rao –– and implied his background would give him insight to terror attacks against the United States –– and said “Look at this lesbian … everyone knows lesbians run school newspapers,” to a Central Michigan Life staff photographer.

We fail to see the humor in hateful statements such as these.

This type of gender and racially oriented attack comedy directed at the physical audience has no place at CMU. It creates discomfort for the person under ridicule and members of the group as a whole. O’Neal should never have been brought to CMU because his material is contradictory to the core values the Office of Residence Life –– which oversees On the Fly Productions –– stands for.

Comedy about ethnicity, sexual preferences and politics has, and can, be presented in a tasteful manner. On the Fly Productions and Program Board should have chosen a more appropriate comic for the community built on diversity and acceptance that CMU is attempting to build.


  1. Comedians do edgy and shocking stuff all the time.  Of course, targeting audience members can go either way.  If you go in to a show defensively or with an ego, you’ll probably end up offended.

  2. the author of this article is a humourless ass and needs to stay away from comedy because clearly said person knows nothing about it

  3. hahaha long live Patrice

  4. Justgiveanemail says:

    Just like Patrice, I bet he killed that nigh

  5. Bill McNeal says:

    Thank you.

    “Look at this lesbian … everyone knows lesbians run school newspapers,”
    I can totally hear this in Patrice’s voice.

  6. Tsss… C.M.U???? Like hows about Beach.M.U instead or sumthin’? Tsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  7. Grad Student says:

    Why did it take nearly ten years for this to get comments?

  8. Jim Andrews says:

    You just don’t like comedy. I mean you might like some comedians who are safe that everyone likes but you don’t really dig deep and get into it to try and find real hard working comedians with interesting points of view on things you personally find offensive. Patrice O’neal was one of the most respected and feared people in the comedy business.

  9. I was thinking about Patrice tonight and thought I’d look this up because I remember this article when it first came out. When I first read it I always thought this ‘hole’ should just chew on a bullet.
    Sad thing is that the chick who wrote this probably doesn’t even work in any type of mass media anyways. She didn’t have the comprehension to do journalism just as she lacked the same for comedy and the greats of it.
    I bet any amount of money she was a big dane cook fan when she wrote this.

  10. Housing Fair says:

    “Lude”? Your a idoit

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