Tyus to stand trial in February

CMU football player Anthony Tyus was in court
Wednesday for his final pre-trial settlement

Tyus did not enter in a plea and will stand trial Feb.
17, 2004, said Isabella County Assistant Prosecutor
Mark Duthie.

Tyus was arrested on charges of disturbing the peace
and police officer assault, resisting arrest or
obstructing justice for his alleged involvement in
fights that took place at a Homecoming dance at the
Student Activity Center Oct. 11 and 12 — during
Homecoming Weekend.

If Tyus were to decide to enter a plea of guilty as
charged, there is court time reserved for an earlier
trial date of Jan. 23, Duthie said.

Duthie said plea bargain settlement proposals were
discussed during Wednesdays conference with Tyus’
lawyer Charles Ford of the Lansing-based Abood Law

He said he would not divulge any details of possible
plea bargains surrounding Tyus’ case.

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