Debate about addition of sodium fluoride to Mount Pleasant water continues

Editor’s note: This is the second in a series about fluoride in the water of Mount Pleasant.

The Mount Pleasant City Commission’s decision to temporarily reduce the amount of sodium fluoride added to the municipal water supply has not gone without controversy.

Some of the commissioners themselves disagree with the decision.

“I think when the people voted to put fluoride in the water, they wanted it in a proportion that will reduce tooth decay,” Vice Mayor Bruce Kilmer said. “I think we should take it back to a vote of the people and not (reduce fluoride levels) on our own.”

However, Commissioner Kathleen Ling, head of the Fluoride Task Force that made the recommendation to the commission, emphasized the commission’s decision was within the boundaries of the 2005 fluoride ballot language.

The 2005 ballot language regarding fluoride levels states, “the Commission by resolution shall have the authority, from time to time, to change the proportions thereof.”

Ling said she assumes the amount of fluoride added to the water supply will be temporarily reduced from 0.7 parts per million, or milligrams per liter, to somewhere between 0.4 and 0.5 ppm. Mount Pleasant’s natural occurrence of fluoride in the water is 0.4 ppm.

Water fluoridation has been a hotly contested issue for the city commission and Mount Pleasant voters for years, Ling said.

The history

In 1997, voters decided to continue adding sodium fluoride to the water supply.

In 2003, a petition circulated requesting the city commission change the way the water plant operates. However, the commission refused to include the proposal on the 2003 ballot because the petitioned language, if voted in, would have violated state and federal regulations by preventing the addition of required compounds used to render water safe and clean.

The petitioners took the City to Circuit Court, where the judge ruled the ballot language could be revised and placed on the ballot in 2004.

Fluoride supporters felt the ballot language was not precise on the 2004 ballot, but the ballot passed, stating any substances added to municipal water must first be approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration, which has not approved sodium fluoride for ingestion.

“The people who supported fluoride felt the 2004 ballot proposal did not make it clear that people were banning fluoride,” Ling said.

As a result, another petition was formed in 2005 forcing the fluoride issue back to the ballot, this time to put fluoride back in the water.

The 2005 fluoride vote passed, requiring the total amount of fluoride in the municipal water to equal 1 ppm, which falls within the American Dental Association’s recommended range of 0.7 to 1.2 ppm.

However, in March 2006, just four months after the vote passed, the National Research Council released a report which said the Environmental Protection Agency needed to do a reassessment to determine what level of water fluoridation would protect all individuals exposed to the water. The NRC report detailed several adverse health effects that may be linked to the ingestion of fluoride, including dental and skeletal fluorosis, bone cancer and adverse neurological effects.

The task force

The commission voted to wait for the ongoing EPA study to be concluded before considering increased water fluoridation.

Shortly after the release of the NRC’s findings, the ADA announced in November of 2006 fluoride should not be mixed with reconstituted baby formula and infants should not consume fluoridated water.

As a result, Mayor Jim Holton requested the formation of a fluoride task force to investigate and research the effects of fluoride ingestion.

“Year after year we get information pro and con for adding fluoride to our water system,” Holton said. “To help put this issue to bed, or attempt to, I asked Commissioner Ling if she could develop a committee to study the pro’s and con’s of fluoride and report back to the commission so we could become better educated on the subject.”

Holton and Ling said the fluoride decision ultimately rests in the hands of the voters.

“This is a temporary recommendation,” Ling said. “From the beginning the assumption of the task force has been that if we ultimately recommend to end fluoridation all together, that we would ask the city commission to put it on the ballot. Before a final decision is made, this will be voted on.”


  1. People elect legislators whom constituents pay to protect them while occupied with their own professions. We thought MMS, a government agency, was overseeing BP; like they were supposed to – but they weren't. We are all left to live with the disastrous oil spill caused by people who aren't doing their jobs.

    The People who voted for fluoridation have no idea that a prestigious national organization, the National Research Council, concluded that the EPA standard for fluoride in drinking water is too high to be protective of health.

    Some day they will learn that Mt. Pleasant actually created an objective study group to look at the latest evidence and advised that fluoridation be stopped and that the advice was ignored. It's shocking that fear is causing the legislators to ignore their own study group.

    This is why the water supply should never be used to prescribe medication to an entire city by people who aren't trained in medicine. Parents who believe their children need fluoride and who live in non-fluoridated communities are required to show a prescription to the pharmacist before being handed fluoride supplements.

    Does it really make sense that Mt. Pleasant legislators (or voters) are allowed to do the same thing to the entire population without the credentials to dispense drugs? Dentists who coerce legislators to dispense fluoride are usually the same ones who won't treat the low-income people who need their care the most.

    Fluoride is NOT a nutrient or required for healthy teeth. The politics of fluoride doesn't allow the true facts to get to voters who don't have the interest or time to study the issue. They elected people to do that for them. It's a travesty that Mt. Pleasant is ignoring their fluoride study group's conclusions.

    The voters were also give false information. They were told that fluoride is FDA approved. It is not. The FDA has never tested fluoride for safety or effectiveness because fluoride was already on the market pre-1938 when drug safety laws were enacted. Sodium fluoride was only sold as a rat poison before then. So sodium fluoride was “grandfathered in” to be used off-label as a cavity preventer.

    The Mount Pleasant Council should send a letter to every constituent telling them of the new scientific findings that show fluoride, even at low levels added to the water supply, can be detrimental to their health and that the information they distributed to them before the last vote was wrong.

    Councilors seem to fear lawsuits if they stop fluoridation. They should really fear lawsuits from people who will be sickened by their politically-based poor decision to keep adding artificial fluoride into the water supply.

  2. GOOGLE SEARCH: The Fluoride Deception

    We need to COMPLETELY remove fluoride from our drinking water!

  3. Get the FLUORIDE out of everything. Jeez. What does it take to get it? IT”S POISON IN ANY AMOUNT

    • Thats why the american public ,can`t think straight the gov´t is drugging the water supply as they did in nazi germaniny and communist bloc countries. medicate them so they can´t think straight,bail out wall street,unconstitutional wars,police state,don´t worry put some more flouride in the water……………………..

  4. jimschultz says:

    Most developed countries do not fluoridate and have lowered cavies as much but often more then the few who do. The WHO data shows this clearly but only if you look at it. In every state CDC data clearly shows income not fluoridation predicts cavity outcomes. Rich have consistantly better teeth in every state if fluoridated or not. Kentucky received the highest award the CDc has for fluoridation of 50 years of 100% fluoridation. Unmentioned was the uglier fact they have the most missing teeth in the nation.Facts are uglier then dental fantasy. Ingested benefit is like the tooth fairy myth. Fluoridation is a cash cow for dentists with even the JADA admitting 17% more income for dentists when a city fluoridatated. This income has grown as fluoride toxicity has soared from ever increasing beverage,food contamination with fluorides and more dental products fluoride rich swallowed by kids. New fluoride medications and pesticides and the brand new Dow fluoride Profume is used in fumigation of 200 food groups. Did your dentist mention fluoride residues of up to 900ppm are legal in dried eggs at the highest, grain products from 70ppm to 125 with 70ppm legal for any processed grain from fumigation of processing and storage food facilities. This is the tip of a very large unmentioned iceberg. Your dentist is like the Titanic captain picking up ice chips from the deck telling us he knows better.
    Yoder K.M. at shows when tested for knowledge by the ADA near total ignorance of current fluoride science. Mission accomplished. This is about promoting policy not science. That windfall of cosmetic income is just blind luck for a thankful trade union. I used to be forever shocked how little dentists knew about ingested fluorides and how ready they were to share this misinformation.
    Then the health department tells all about fluoridation chemicals and confirm they are in the dark also.
    In 1985 the headquarters union of the EPA started their loud objections to fluoridation when they discovered fraud and deception with altered documents. They filed a lawsuit to halt fluoridation in 1986. They have asked EPA and management and congress many times to halt fluoridation in growing numbers. 11 EPA unions of professionals in 2005 and 19 in 2008. That is a lot of whistle blowing to not listen or even mention. But then most of the world is against fluoridation with little mention either. The british Fluoridation society claimed 60 countries for years but refused to give a list as they do not exist. Claims with no real data is what fluoridation is about. The FDA has never even attempted to review much less approve any fluoride for ingestion. A congress man John Kelly NJ was lied to for 2 years claiming proof. Finally in court it was admitted a lie but your health department repeated the same lie for your fluoridation vote. Can people be that stupid to not verify something that basic. Maybe. The FDA in 1979 also has to remove from the federal register the lie that fluoride is a nutrient or probable nutrient after losing court cases. Why is it still told by dentists and health department who claim to be professionals. Not very professional or honest. I had one commissioner claim for every study I had he had a thousand so I asked for just one. He turned red with rage but has yet to produce one study showing proof of benefit and safety. Same for the court case with the claim of 200 studies but not one produced to the judge. He was smart enough to throw the bum out and dismiss the lawsuit. Seems simple to me. I am willing to put up or shut up. Maybe that is why the health department almost always avoids debate or answering questions. See Selmer Tn or Poughkeepsie NY for recent verification of taking the low road by the health department.

  5. Sodium fluoride? Isn't it supposed to be calcium fluoride? Is there a difference?

    • jimschultz says:

      The EPA and health department like to claim it is all the same. Sodium fluoride is now 100% a foreign import with most from China and many cities having documented contamination problems.Product not disolving completely and clogging feed systems. China has had huge problems with contamination in so many products. Want lead in your product of plastic in your milk 2009 or pet food to kill your animals in 2007. Or antifreeze in your cough formula killed many in 8 countries over a decade.
      Calcium fluoride is very non acute toxic for killing rats on the LD50 scale. Sodium fluoride many times more toxic. H2SiF6 the most toxic and used in 93% of all fluoridation as raw smokestack toxic waste from pollution air scrubbers of phosphate fertilizer plants. It is made with toxic waste reclaimed water to get a large assortment of toxins. many radioactive as the phosphate plants also have produced up to 75% of all US uranium needs when it was profitable 2 decades ago and before. The radioactivity is left unmentioned in the acid or huge waste radioactive piles of gypsum. Unmentioned to the public of course or dentists. No agency has dared even try testing this chemical cocktail for safety or benefit yet. They instead just claim it is safe because it passed NSF standard 60. They only test this once a year but usually refuse to give results except to claim a pass. They are not in full compliance but ignore that.
      Canada as of Jan 1 2010 has a law requiring any product claiming health benefit must register and prove with test data benefit and safety. Not a single fluoride product has yet attempted or even applied. They gave an extension to March 31. They will not comment now about fluoridation being illegal as not approved product.
      European Union also has not shown benefit or safety to date as their law requires but 98% of Europe does not fluoridate.
      No agency can prove safety or benefit so just claims are made. Federal police power in the courts has been ok with this for the greater good. Or at least the claim of greater good. Only one medical effect was looked at to set the max and that was third stage skeletal fluoroisis with your spine like a pretzel. They admitted the first two stages would be caused in some subsets but ignored it because of the design of the defination. Fraud by government design to get the required result supporting policy. The Fluoride Deception by Bryson documents this with 200 pages of documents for those that like facts not Beliefs as facts.

  6. jimschultz says:

    I will explain the comment about Poughkeepie NY and SelmerTn. Poughkeepsie asked the health department a list of 33 specific fluoridation questions about safety and benefit but never received a single response. The commission then by a every commissioner to ZERO voted to end fifty years of fluoridation. I spoke to attorney Frank Mora on the water board who did the review to verify the facts. Selmer Tn just recently had Mayor David stop fluoridation after 3 commission members would not even after not receiving adequate answers from from the Health department, NSF testing, Chemical suppliers, Insurance carrier. This is after several times asking the questions again and again. 33 were the same ones asked in Poughkeepsie but 11 new one about the double damage for blacks for kidneys and dental fluorosis . For some it is about trust of dentists and health department even when proof is not given.
    For many of us the ingested vs topical issue needs real answers not just trust. Even the CDC in 1999 and 2001 MMWR admitted topical is primary benefit. What they did not admit is not a single of over 20 researchers can prove a mechanism of ingested benefit exists especially at 1ppm. The topical benefit has many saying it does not exist below 1000ppm especially for young kids. Featherstone 1999, showed this clearly with data it has no topical benefit from ingestion and even very fluoride rich enamel had no additional cavity resistance. Also the increase in fluoride in the spit had no benefit from the very small increase. That is what the data showed but somehow false claims are listened to with no proof. Just trust me sort of the little man behind the curtain in OZ.
    Natick Ma had a panel of top would leading science professionals rule totally against fluoridation. The commission followed until a new group came in.
    Alamo Heights Tx had Bill Kiel a PHD do the research and as a commissioner asked the tough questions. The Health department was caught in all the false claims and shown the honest facts on the big screen. A very new experience to be proven incorrect over and over again. Every commissioner voted to stop fluoridation. Bill and many other very bright experts went to Austin TX to set the record straight and show the proof. Real science and real studies not lists of endorsements and claims of thousands of proofs not showing one. Even the FDA admitted in 2006 infants have no benefit from fluoride in bottled water. Nursery Water still makes the claim even after a 2009 warning letter from FDA. BiPolar behavior maybe by people paid to promote policy not be correct. Fluoride will be the new asbestos on night time TV. Wise people avoid this type of litigation. The National Kidney Foundation and American Water Works Association have been served to not destroy evidence for kidney damage litigation. Class action cases are forming now for this new growth area in environmental toxins.

  7. It's unbelievable that the public still believes the lie that this deadly poison put in their water helps their teeth. The public needs to do their own research and stop believing everything the government tells them. It's a fact that Nazi Germany put fluoride into the water at the concentration camps to keep the inmatesd docile and stupid. Drinking fluoride to help your teeth is like drinking sun tan oil to get a sun tan. Think for yourself, research. Fluoride is a waste product of the nuclear and aluminium indurstry and is expensive to dispose of properly so they use our kidneys. Europe didn't fall for this lie.

  8. Wakeuppeople says:

    Thanks for posting this great wake up information. They(Governments) are looking to also add Lithium to water supply as well.

  9. says:

    Fluoride is a poison, period. Get it out of all the water in the world. Don't believe it? Then why do toothpaste labels say contact poison control immediately if ingested? Wake up! The eugenicists have many soft kill tactics under their sleeves. Wake up!

    Good first step Mt. Pleasant…

  10. jimschultz says:

    People need to ask their dentist if they treat poor kids on medicaid. A very tiny few do. The majority do support toxic waste in the water as their only treatment. Mabye they did not read the data many kids are fluoride toxic already with forever discolored ,brittle, porous very stainable enamel. Dental incomes do soar with fluoridation and very rewarding cosmetic repairs are directly caused by fluoridation. This is a major conflict of interest.
    Ask Dr Jeffers of the Michigan Dental Association of all this proof he talks about that dental fluorosis is rare. That is a lie and twice as common in blacks as known from the first human experment in Grand Rapids in 1945 Russel 1962. Blacks have double of the ugliest moderate and severe damage and the CDC flat refused to inform the public even after ethics charges. Or dentists for that matter. The ADA site claims 13% dental fluorosis from fluoridation but the latest data shows 48.42% and much higher for blacks or if your take out the data for non fluoridated cities which they also averaged in. These are slick PR people who know how to do Maydoff type proof. The health department take orders and just like the military must follow orders and promote policy or be fired. They cut and paste policy and repeat talking points devoid of current science.
    What needs to be done is get the list of dentists who actually treat medicaid poor kids. It is rare more then a handful. Se who actually treats as so0me sign up but do not treat even one kid. You are considered to treat if you treat one kid in a year. Many offices do not take new patients or in my area only accept medicaid one day of the week. Some on the list might be in another county 50 or 60 miles away which is impossible with poor transportation and multiple kids.
    The last point is ingested fluoride benefit was a theory still promoted while the CDC now admits any fluoride benefit is topical. Any topical benefit only happens at 1000ppm range and above show the researchers. Thus they full well know fluoridtion is a total fraud. That is why current data shows no meaningful reduction in cavities except a slight delayed eruption being misreported as a real cavity decrease. Look at a you tube video by Osmunson DDS MPH who shows the CDC and WHO data and charts proving non fluoridated cities and countries decreased cavities as much but often far more. By far the biggest decreases were in never fluoridated countries. Good nutrition is the answer and that lacking you need lots of good dental care. Most dentists refuse to provide the poor dental care is they make less income.
    Their solution is to harm us all with fluoridation as a smoke screen they actually care.
    The claim of all the studies and every study means nothing but bluff from someone knowing the data is very old and not real objective science. Show the proof of these huge benefits. They we have something to talk about. Not claims with out peer reviewed data.
    That is why it is very rare to get actual answers from the health department other then cut and paste policy. It is rare to find on that has ever read any studies.
    Go to and read Yoder K.M. Indiana 2007 and see when dental professionals are tested a shocking high failure rate. Most still blindly believe the false theory they were taught in dental school. The ADA also as policy states all dentists must promote fluoridation to be in good standing. They can lose their position or have by regulation their ability to practice ended. Canada is currently asking patients to report dentists no promoting fluoride use so they can investigate and take action. The former association president in another area was removed and inrformed he can no longer tell the public he was a member. In the old days In Florida in 1958 40 doctors who took out a full page ad became silent after told they would lose their licences to practice. Fluoridation is about playing hardball to protect a harmful failed policy that only benefits some. None of which are patients or those treated.
    Read a little and know more then your dentist about fluoride science. Then protect your family.
    The big issue is whole body toxicity with a cumulative enzyme poison. Teeth are just the easy damage to see. The poor with bad nutrition especially blacks are damaged far greater and all the agencies know this. They instead claim they benefit the greatest. They do admit they have the most problems.
    At least try to get dentists to treat poor kids. Ask a dentist today or at church or your next treatment. Or maybe at the commission meeting. It was admitted at your meeting too many dentists double dose kids giving them extra fluoride supplements even with fluoridation. When will the MDA take action? This double damages kids. Would you ignore a kid being harmed? Your dental community is. I am feed up wuith this non professional behavior Dr. jeffers. Please take action as you seem in denial of the facts.

  11. Science is dead

  12. No debate necessary, FLUORIDE IS POISON.

    Get a clue people.

    Most Americans are so worthless they would actually advocate and vote for increasing the levels of known poisons in their drinking water. Wow. Here's an idea Mount Pleasant, how about you eliminate fluoride from the water all together. For a college town, there sure seems to be an abundance of idiocy. Also, “fluoride supporters” should be sterilized to protect the gene pool.

    Seriously, I challenge any “fluoride supporter” to provide any documentation that shows any benefits of fluoridated water. Also, all “fluoride supporters” should actually do some research into who first used fluoride and for what purposes, then see if the are still ” fluoride supporters” after that.

    Yet, this should not be all that surprising seeing as how fluoride has been directly linked to lowered IQ… “fluoride supporters” indeed.

  13. Wburhans75 says:

    fluoride is poison!

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