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Hall Sweet Home: Students should avoid over-preparing for the transition to Residence Hall life

Ian Moloney has experienced a few mishaps while moving in.

He brought some auditorium chairs from his high school when he went to live in Larzelere Hall. But he said the moving helpers thought it was strange and didn’t know what to do.

He said he had to move all three of his chairs by himself from the northwest parking lot to Larzelere.

“People stared,” the Prudenville said. “I would have found it entertaining too if I had to watch.”

Moloney has other advice for incoming freshman as well: Don’t let your fridge become a crypt. He said, “It makes the whole dorm smell like garbage.”

One of his roommates once left food in their fridge over spring break and when he returned it smelled awful.

Saxe Hall Director Ben Witt said incoming students should pack light.

Witt said it is always better too bring too little rather than too much, especially for those who have never lived with other roommates.

“There are people that are convinced they’re going to need an extra couch or recliner or a futon and they bring so much furniture they can’t even more around,” Witt said. “It’s not even comfortable.”

Moloney also said freshman should not forget about silverware when they move in.

“Bring plates, spoons and forks because the dining halls don’t like it when you take things,” Moloney said.

Witt said many students bring too much clothing, especially winter clothes in the summer.

Students should’ve talked to each other before moving in to make sure they know who is bringing what, said Joan Schmidt, associate director of Residence Life. This way they can avoid taking a refrigerator they won’t need, she said.

Students should also know that microwaves are not allowed in the 2-bedroom suite-style halls, which Witt said includes basically everything except Fabiano, Celani, Campbell, Kessler and Kulhavi halls.

He said anything with a heated coil such as hot plates and warming grills are banned because they pose a fire hazard.

“If we had every room running a microwave at the same time we’d blow a fuze,” Witt said. “Especially with all of them having TVs and refrigerators.”

Schmidt said pets, candles, incense and weapons are not allowed in the residence halls.

But there are some things students should bring that the residence halls do not provide including bed linens and towels.

Toilet paper, shower curtains and mattress pads will all be provided, Witt said.

Luanne Goffnett has been the Barnes Hall Residence Hall Director since 1991. She said many students think only about things like color coordination and comfort when setting up their rooms.

She said they also need to consider studying, but noted that “studying is the last thing on their minds when they set up their room.”

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  1. “If we had every room running a microwave at the same time we’d blow a fuze”

    Good thing they ban them just in case every single room runs their appliances all at the same time.

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