Funding cut approved by Michigan lawmakers; CMU to lose $2.3 million

Higher education funding will be cut 2.8 percent following a compromise approved Tuesday by a joint state Senate and House conference committee.

State Rep. Bill Caul, R-Mount Pleasant, said Central Michigan University was allocated $80,132,000 for the 2010-11 school year — a loss of $2,304,000 from 2009-10.

Caul said the legislature had a target to hit in order to balance the budget, but did not want to cut any more scholarship dollars.

“We were able to still meet the target which allowed us to pass the budget (in committee),” he said.

The original proposed reduction for higher education funding was 3.1 percent, but was dropped to 2.8 percent after some negotiations, he said.

The bill was passed by both the Senate and House separately only a few hours after committee approval. It now must be signed by Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Granholm spokeswoman Liz Boyd said the legislature chose to protect tuition grants for students attending private colleges instead of cutting them to balance the budget.

Granholm proposed a budget that did not cut university operations, but eliminated the tuition grants instead.

“They obviously have a different position on the issue and we will simply be reviewing the budget when it comes to the governor’s desk,” she said. “The governor obviously would have preferred the legislature adopted her proposal.”

According to the university operating budget, CMU estimated receiving $67,800 less from the state than what was ultimately allocated for this year.

Carol Haas, director of Financial Planning and Budgets, said CMU has been planning for budget cuts since last year, when Granholm proposed a budget reduction that brought the university down to the $80 million level.

“We’ve been in flux over the budget so far, so we went with what the governor’s proposed amount was last year and this year,” Haas said.

Haas said the university continues to plan for budget cuts because it’s an election year and newly elected officials could modify the budget in 2011.

“We are prudently trying to accommodate for any budget cuts come January,” she said.

The university has reduction plans in place to fall back on and the higher-than-expected enrollment numbers for this year will help buffer any future reductions in state appropriations, Haas said.

Kathy Wilbur, vice president of Government Relations and Public Affairs, said the legislature will have a more difficult time next year balancing the budget.

She said next year’s state budget is predicted to be at least a $1.6 billion shortfall, which could mean a 20 percent reduction in state appropriations for CMU.

“I think the legislature was very careful and cautious this year about cuts,” Wilbur said. “I think next year will be a different story.”


  1. Michmediaperson says:

    They need to cut much much more. The statewide and national media yesterday reported that Michigan family income during the 8 years of Jennifer Granholm fell $12,000, the biggest drop by any state in the nation. We were number 1 in family income drop. Thank you Jennifer Granholm for that. During the Democratic era of Granholm, the average family trimmed their budget, $1,000.
    Liz Boyd, Granholm's press secretary (Propaganda Secretary) acknowledged close to 1 million jobs were lost.

    So, what does all this mean?

    1. Why would any nut vote for Bernaro or any Democrat this November after what Granholm did? You can't blame Bush because this didn't happen to any state but ours.

    2. Colleges and universities need to take the same cut Michigan families took…..and layoffs should reflect the same number as close to the 1 million in the private sector.

    For you folks who voted for Granholm and the Democrats over the past 8 years, are you proud of yourselves.

    What soon-to-be Governor Snyder should insist on is for CMU, UM, MSU and all of them should freeze tuition, have massive layoffs and restructure all universities immediately and start working off the endowments. Everyone has an endowment bank of money that is huge.

    Higher ed in Michigan should resemble what Granholm has done to the private sector.

    I'm not sure on this but this could be a good statewide story for CM LIFE, question: If Michigan would declare bankruptcy, then would that trigger all public union contracts to be re-negotiated?

    • I wonder if any politician could do as well with an auto industry that went bankrupt and then got a bailout to stay in business? Michigan faces more than other states because of its continued reliance on the auto industry as its sole employer for way too long. It has very little to do with politics. Then you add the mortgage industry and banks and you have a disaster. Michigan has been a leader in fair wages for union employees, which includes higher education as well as manufacturing. But the supply is not there any more and the costs are too high to do business here. It’s a bit like the newspaper industry, which waited until newspapers were closing to start changing its way of doing business.

      • Michmediaperson says:

        It was the unions that helped put the auto industry out in Michigan. Plus, Obama put Pontiac and a lot of car dealerships here and nationwide when he took over GM.

        This is a Democrat and Union problem.

        • Is Glen Beck a terrorist? says:

          Nice of you to blame the working class and give a free pass to the decades of mismanagement of the Big Three by “elites.”

          • Michmediaperson says:

            The unions made it impossible for management to fire them. Only recently, did unions finally break. Did you see those Chrysler unionized factory workers who were drinking on the job, as documented by a Detroit TV station, in the past week or so.

            Also, who taught management? Answer- The U of M, Harvard Business School and the like. Sounds like we need to cut higher education for poor instruction.

          • Is Glen Beck a terrorist? says:

            “The unions made it impossible for management to fire them.”
            That's an exaggeration, not the reality.

            “Did you see those Chrysler unionized factory workers who were drinking on the job, as documented by a Detroit TV station, in the past week or so.”
            It's misconduct on the part of those workers; it's also an obvious failure of management.

            “Also, who taught management? Answer- The U of M, Harvard Business School and the like. Sounds like we need to cut higher education for poor instruction.”
            Just because the management was defective, it doesn't mean their education was also defective. Nor can cutting funding improve higher education. Whether or not your education was faulty, your reasoning certainly is.

    • Governor Granholm and her administration are 1/3 of state government. Until 2006 the House was controlled by Republicans. The Senate is currently held by Republicans. To blame the entire state's problems on a single person or party is simply not accurate.

      Many of the problems facing Michigan are the cause of the federal government. Michigan has no control over the big 3 going down the crapper. Michigan has no control over jobs and factories being shipped over seas because of numerous free trade agreements.

      Hacking away at public education is not the way to rebuild Michigan. The cuts need to come in other areas (take a look at the Dept of Corrections). You can't cut your way to prosperity. How about taking a look at insane tax credits that corporations receive. Does the oil and gas industry really need a double tax credit?

      • Michmediaperson says:


        1. Again, a question for Caul and Granholm. When the new Republican Congress doesn’t go along with the idotic Obama stimulus program to the state (so our federal deficit doesn’t grow into 2 trillion) exactly where is the state going to get the money to fund Michigan’s colleges? Wilbur is correct, next year will be a nightmare. The spending spree by CMU, all Michigan colleges, Obama, Levin, Stabenow and Granholm will have to stop. The Feds won’t be subsidizing us.

        2. To Guest, when we pay lavish speaking fee monies to people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Michael Moore, etc., that has got to stop. IF a socialist like them or a capitalist like Rush Limbaugh wants to spread propaganda at CMU or elsewhere, then let them come free and pay for the meeting space. Let’s see if George Ross has the courage to cancel all guest speakers for the upcoming school year to save money. Betcha he doesn’t.

        • Is Glen Beck a terrorist? says:

          Where were your fiscally responsible Republicans through the years of Bush's misadventures on the other side of the world? Where were your fiscally responsible Republicans through the decades of taxpayer subsidies of big business?

          How about calling for the scrapping of the orders of magnitude larger money pit that is Athletics? Show some courage. You're not fiscally conservative, you're just an ideological shill.

          • Michmediaperson says:

            I'd rather spend the money on our student-athletes and the marching band on Saturday afternoons instead of making Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton wealthy millionaires who spew their left-wing propaganda. I'm for the students!

          • Is Glen Beck a terrorist? says:

            Where's your “fiscal conservatism”?

            If you're “for the students”, what about the students who wanted to hear those speakers?

    • Is Glen Beck a terrorist? says:

      Only an ignorant simpleton would believe that what has happened in Michigan can be accurately summarized as: “Argh, Democrats!”

      And it takes a colossal moron to think that wrecking education in the state will make it a better place.

      • Michmediaperson says:

        Paying Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton $40,000 for a one-hour canned speech is NOT education. It's propaganda. Having all this politically correct stuff on K-12 and college campuses is not needed. Having professors work only 6-9 hours a week needs to be changed. They can teach 6 courses and we can eliminate prof jobs. If they want to consult for personal gain, then they can do that on their own time, not taxpayer time! Every prof should be in the classroom or in their office 40 hours a week, 48 weeks out of the year. 50 for newer profs. I have no problem giving 20-30 vets 4 weeks of vacation as long as that includes Christmas Break and Spring break. Then, they get 2 additional weeks.

        The Democrats, the unions and the liberal Republicans have busted the bank in Michigan. We're broke! We need crack down! More course offerings, also means, students can graduate in 4 years and save students money, instead of making the unionized employees more money.

        I'm not wrecking education. Just making it more cost efficient. And, by the way, instead of all the politically correct nonsense, I'd hire tutors for any student, any class…to help them learn more and to graduate in 4 years.

        • Is Glen Beck a terrorist? says:

          $40,000? You're thinking small. What about the $16,000,000 annual net loss budgeted for Athletics?

          “Having professors work only 6-9 hours a week needs to be changed.”
          It doesn't need to be changed, because that isn't the case.

          “They can teach 6 courses and we can eliminate prof jobs.”
          That's not going to happen without diminishing quality.

          “If they want to consult for personal gain, then they can do that on their own time, not taxpayer time!”
          The already do it on their own time, you dunce.

          “Every prof should be in the classroom or in their office 40 hours a week, 48 weeks out of the year. 50 for newer profs.”
          You grossly underestimate the amount of work they already put in.

          “I'm not wrecking education.”
          Right, because you lack the power. However, if you had it, you would destroy education out of your own simple-minded ignorance and spite. You greatly overestimate the amount of abuse that quality professors will tolerate. Even if you bust the unions, you can't stop capable individuals from leaving. You'd turn U of M from a world-class institution into an unfunny joke.

          Why are you confident in the quality of your ideas when you are so regularly wrong on basic facts?

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