Michigan bans use of marijuana alternative K2

The chemical drug K2 is illegal in the state of Michigan starting today.

K2, an incense used as an alternative to marijuana, was banned yesterday after Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed it into law. The bill, initially sponsored by state Rep. Rick Jones, R- Grand Ledge, was approved by the state Senate and House.

Those who use or possess the drug face a 90-day misdemeanor charge.

Jones said the drug has found its way into common usage despite warnings against doing so.

““It’s sold as incense and marked with a label saying not for human use, but people obviously figured out you can smoke it and get high,” Jones said.

The chemical, also referred to spice or genie, had a shorter but more intense high associated with it.

Jones said K2 has been responsible for hospitalizations all around the state, from Oakland County to Traverse City.

““It’s been linked to schizophrenic behavior, hearts racing and seizures,” he said.

Stores around Michigan are no longer allowed to sell K2 legally.

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  1. I can see that this is one more law that this canadian has not fully thought through! I live in T.C. michigan and I have seen both uses of k2 spice and pot. and this Dipshit of a state leader bans one and yet we have a smoke shop rite here in our town where you can walk in and get hydro from local growers and sit down and smoke it with your medically challenged friends. give me a break. I dont know whats the bigger joke the smoke shop or granholm. Just a little fyi, i have a genetic type of seizure disorder which is through the state of michigan medical marijuana law, i am able to get it for myself to treat my disorder yet when its adversary k2 MAY cause seizures we should ban it. where is the real problem? did some big campaign contributors kid get too high and pass out and want this law passed now without a real look at what problems are here while his neighbors building is being rented by a smoke shop and all is ok. And by the way people i am clean and sober.

  2. Rick Jones never has an real facts about anything. Most his career is based on scare tactics and half truths.

    Here's the thing ol Rick doesn't understand…..the K2 makers are going to change a couple small ingredients and call it something new.
    It's been being done for years….it was done when it was called spice and when it was called by a different name before that.
    Here's a shocking idea……I'm about to blow your minds…..the war on drugs is a joke and a waste of money…but here's the mind blower….IF YOU CAN'T BEAT IT, REGULATE IT!
    I know K2 and stuff has to be banned anyways because if something could potentially cut into the money that the government has made off their illegal drug money, nobody can be happy…..you think we forgot about how the CIA looked the other way while Ollie North helped cocaine and marijuana flow into the US through Robert Owen. What was Mrs. Reagan's slogan during that….”Just say No” but her husband's administration had no problem with it because it furthered American interest in Nicaragua.
    See kids, if you're not in politics, it's do as I say and not as I do.

    Hey Rick, why don't you make a move to ban nutmeg….you can get high on that. A lot of teens and pre teens are doing it.
    Better lock up Nana's spice rack.

    Here's a better idea, when people are out of work and on hard times the alcohol and drug markets make good money because people want to escape from their problems and no be depressed. So how about this, instead of spending your time trying to ban stuff like this, why don't you get off your butt and try to court some business into the state. And not just movie business because last time I checked Michigan isn't Hollywood so the guy who's spent 15 years on the line at GM isn't going to be Hugh Jackman.

  3. “The chemical, also referred to spice or genie, had a shorter but more intense high associated with it.”

    The chemical is called JWH-018 not 'spice' or 'genie'. Spice and Genie are separate products, similar to k2.

    Damn, I wish the authors of these types of articles would actually get their facts straight before posting them.

    '“It’s been linked to schizophrenic behavior, hearts racing and seizures,” he said.'

    Yeah, anyone have a source for that? The only seizure source I've seen on the issue was from a kid who was PRONE TO SEIZURES. Seriously, I know k2 is bad (at least as bad as cigarettes) but you can't outlaw every little thing just because people use it to get high.

  4. I guess we gotta wait for the next “legal” way to get high, and stash up on the goods before they ban that as well…

  5. Maybe if weed was legal we wouldn't be messing around with other legal drugs to get a high.

    Obviously, this is horrible for you, and marijuana is not. DUHHHH. news flash. Make the real thing legal and you won't have to worry about stuff like this.

  6. Mastiffmukwa says:

    i myself have never tied this k2 deal, spice or whatever it is, i seen that it was in the local head shop until this latest ban. i can only speak for myself but i am 39 yrs old and have seen that in my life time so far that if you want to get high you will find a way no matter what so what exactly did this ban do really? weed is going to be the way to go for sure if you want to get a high. from what i seen k2 was more expensive than the best weed out there so bring on the ban you fools!

  7. There are actually only 4 original k2 blends: K2 Summit, K2 Blonde, K2 Ultra, and K2 Sex. The rest i.e. Blue, Strawberry, Peach, amongst a ton of others, are counterfeit K2.

  8. Anthonyshadel says:

    Why is it that cigarettes are still legal? all other drugs combined dont have a chance of killing nearly as many people as cigarettes. not to mention the hospitolizing of many any people who end up with illnesses that need constant monitoring. its absolutely rediculous to sit there and bash any drug like k2 when you can smoke as much tobacco as you want and die from it all the same. The reason jwh chems and marijuanna are illegal is because the tobacco companies pay out massive government kick backs people. we should be outraged. how many people do you know either died from or currently have a tobacco related health issues? ask yourself the same for marijuanna or k2. enough said.

  9. All banning is going to do is drive it underground where people WILL still buy it. So what exactly are they trying to do here? Grow our prison population over petty laws?

    • Jman_hunter says:

      Most of then are doing it so that if you get caught they can charge you and give you tickets so they can make more money to put toward the funds and over paid paychecks in their pockets! It’s all a sham and a shame, it’s not about the people anymore which is ridiculous. Our rights should be our rights, not be guidelines in which give us false hope for governmental and respect in society and our country.

  10. Final wittness says:

    VOTE OUT state Rep. Rick Jones, R- Grand Ledge people need to unite and get rid of these people who are stealing our constitutional rights!!!!! Facebook protest page comming soon!!!

  11. It is blatantly obvious that prohibition just doesn’t work. K2 herb has survived all these bans thus far. If people want to buy k2 smoke, it looks like they are going to have no problems doing it as there are places like, http://www.k2incense.org that have k2 incense products that aren’t restricted by any current bans. I think our founding fathers would be appalled by how The Constitution is being stomped on. Let us have more respect for our individual liberties and take more personal responsibility. Parent your children, stop looking to Mommy Government to do it for you with all these ineffective and oppressive laws.

  12. But is the Trip XXX incense blend banned too?

  13. Yankeemom2001 says:

    everyone has  one or the other symptoms of a mental illness so try again make another excuse to take the smokers rights away

  14. k2 bad but people like it so i think that they should not take it away.the government is stupid they should just tax it and make the money that way just like weed.

  15. so why the heck didnt they ban spice, if the high is more intense obviously there is a stronger chemical in it and it is still send ing people to the er…i sware our state is slow in the head

    • My name is Tabitha LaLonde-Reinhardt and I did not write the above comment. Please disregard since I do know how to spell the word swear.  I do believe that all of the above should be illegal but wanted all to know that I did not write this comment.

  16. republican logic is baffling. where did the money go? it didn’t disappear. it wasn’t stolen. corporations and the rich have a lot of it. the money still exists, it’s just lying stagnant in bank accounts. people spending less means the corporations lose profit. they downsize to maintain or increase profits. they promise that they’ll add jobs as soon as people start spending more. the recently downsized work force, that no longer gets a pay check, is supposed to spend more to save the economy.

    have any of the companies that received bale outs rehired more people then they downsized?

    why should we continue to help companies reach record profits when they don’t give back?

    why should we elect people who seem to only want to help profitable corporations make more while not giving back or truly helping the economy?

  17. what about Minnesota?

  18. dan banner says:

    they sell it at the citgo in lapeer…

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