CMU gets 23.3 percent cut in state appropriations

Central Michigan University will receive $61,431,100 in state appropriations for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, 2011 under Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget proposal.

It is a 23.3 percent cut in funding from fiscal year 2009-10 when CMU received $80,132,000 in state appropriations.

It is the greatest drop in state funding among Michigan’s public universities, according to an internal communication from University President George Ross.

Eastern Michigan University received the lowest in cuts with a 19.3 percent decrease in funding.

CMU could qualify for an additional $6,677,800 in tuition incentive grants. They would increase CMU’s state appropriation to $68,108,900 if received. This would represent a 15 percent reduction instead of 23.3 percent.

To qualify, CMU cannot raise tuition by more than 7.1 percent.

The current tuition rate is $346 per credit hour.

The governor set aside $83 million specifically for universities that do not raise tuition above 7.1 percent.

“In the coming weeks and months, there will be tremendous debate and discussion of Governor Snyder’s budget plan,” Ross said in the e-mail. “We will continue our efforts to monitor the budgetary process and aggressively advocate on behalf of our students, faculty and staff.”

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  1. mediacriticpa says:

    George Ross needs to start trimming the fat. Quit complaining and start cutting, first, the Medical School.

    • MachiavelliwasanAdjunct says:

      I rarely agree with you, but I absolutely agree with you on this point. The *only* buildings that should be built at this point are one’s that replace aging, unsafe classroom buildings. That the university can build a 21 million dollar basketball arena, a 55 million dollar (non-existent) med school, (and a multi-million dollar “student center’ is in the works to replace Bovee) and then declare poverty is ridiculous. The fact that the school gave a severance package to a departing assistance dean for the medical school that totaled 238,000 dollars for six months of work is outrageous. That represents 10 years salary for me. And finally, while every group, except administration, on campus has taken a salary hit, and students’ tuition keeps rising, the message is clear. Bells and whistles over actual education.

  2. Wow. How much of a decrease has CMU had in the last few years? This is nuts.

  3. Why is it that CMU continues to be the financial pounding-board with regard to yearly state funding?! EMU – a 19.3% reduction? That institution should be closed! Aside from having “talented” people who run in their respective lanes on a big oval, what else does that school bring to the table?! The obvious answer is that Isabella County is a political weakling, thus making it an easy target with little or no ability to influence. Where are the William Boyd’s of this world?

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