CMU DE Kashawn Fraser suspended indefinitely after domestic violence, drunken driving convictions

Central Michigan senior defensive end Kashawn Fraser has been suspended from the football team indefinitely after legal issues including domestic abuse.

Kashawn Fraser

Fraser, 21, was convicted of domestic violence following an incident with his girlfriend, a former CMU women’s basketball player, on Jan. 9 on the 1800 block of Liberty Drive in Mount Pleasant. He faces nine months probation and a $963 fine.

According to Isabella County court documents, Fraser’s girlfriend of three years accused him of grabbing her by the shirt, throwing her to the floor and dragging her around the bedroom. During the incident, she also accused him of slapping her with an open hand in the neck and face area several times.

Court documents show that the altercation stemmed from a struggle over text messages Fraser received from another woman. After accusing Fraser of cheating, his girlfriend allegedly pushed him once and slapped him in the chest twice. According to court records, they were separated by Fraser’s male roommate.

Fraser was arraigned at the Isabella County court on Feb. 14 and pleaded no contest on March 8.

Three days before his plea, Fraser, 20 at the time, had a second run-in with the law. At 2:20 a.m. on March 5, he was pulled over by CMU Police at the intersection of Broomfield and Crawford roads for operating a vehicle while visibly impaired.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 93 days in jail, six months probation and a $1,125 fine. After serving one day, it was determined that the remaining sentence would be suspended if he completed all terms, including probation, a victim impact panel, a substance abuse program and the Alcohol Highway Safety Education program.

Since then, Fraser has completed a victim impact panel and paid all fines. He cannot drink alcohol or attend any establishment where alcohol is served.

“We have been aware of the situation from the outset and Kashawn has been subject to internal discipline within the program,” CMU head coach Dan Enos said in a statement Friday. “He is currently under an indefinite suspension, and his future with the program is being evaluated on a daily basis.”

The 6-foot-3, 247-pound defensive end from Coconut Creek, Fla., has not participated in spring practice this season. He missed the team’s home opener against Hampton last season while serving a one-game suspension for a violation of team policy.

Fraser started nine games for the Chippewas in 2010, recording 27 tackles and recovering a fumble Nov. 5 against Western Michigan. He competed in 10 games each of his freshman and sophomore seasons.

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  1. figures

  2. JoeBodafuco says:

    Figures? Why does this story “Figure?”

  3. JoeBodafuco says:

    Figures? Why does this story “Figure?”

  4. I am unsure as to why this information is pertinent to readers? We are’t in the offseason and he clearly is making strides to deal with what he has done, so why is this being reported? I am not saying that he isn’t wrong, but who are we to persecute this man for his moment of poor judgement. If this story was going to be reported why wasn’t it done in March or February? Why now, right after our spring football game, Threads, Coming out week, etc? There were so many other things that could have made the front page but yet the Editor felt as though this was News worthy? What does this say about the editorial consciousness of the author and or editor for that matter. No disrespect, I feel that everyone’s job is important, however in my 3 years at CMU, I have seen many football players, wrestlers, etc, be subjected to this, as if they are the only persons having problems. Most of whom are people of color. Please understand that as a reader, when I pick up CM Life and I hardly see people of color reflected in a positive image, it bothers me. I have this negative perception that my experiences as a person of color, as well as other aren’t being properly reflected in a paper ran by my “Peers”. This is very disappointing and discouraging, I am just tired of this lack of awareness of this particular concern.

    • Chris Davis says:

      With all due respect, COnCerned, if you’d like to debate the timeliness of the article, have at it. But please don’t inject race into the discussion. At issue are the actions allegedly perpetrated (and pleaded guilty to) by a football player who just happens to be black.

      Athletes — particularly scholarship athletes — have been given privileges and opportunities few others enjoy. With that privilege comes an equal measure of responsibility to act in appropriate ways. When those terms are violated — either on the playing field or in the community — there must be an expectation that it’s going to be news.

      The only colors that matter are maroon and gold. When those who wear those colors do right, the accolades rain down. When they do wrong, the opposite holds true.

      • Please Respect that I have an opinion. I feel the way that I feel for the reasons that I have stated. I respect your response, your points are valid.

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