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UPDATED: Tipton likely out for season

Central Michigan’s leading rusher Zurlon Tipton is likely out for the season with a broken bone in his foot, according to CMU Sports.

Tipton, a sophomore, has rushed for 115 yards and a touchdown this season before injuring his foot during the fourth quarter of the Kentucky game Saturday.

He had X-Rays taken, was in crutches and now must undergo surgery. He averaged 3.4 yards per carry and 57.5 per game in the first two games.

Zurlon Tipton

Sophomore running back Tim Phillips could take his place, having 26 carries for 66 yards this season.

Senior running back Paris Cotton was CMU’s leading rusher last season, but has only four attempts this year.

“We feel comfortable with all those guys,” said CMU head coach Dan Enos after the Kentucky loss. “Paris, we were going to start to put in too, he’ll play next week.”

Enos expects redshirt freshman Ben Brown to provide some backup for Tipton also. Brown has one rushing attempt on the year, against Kentucky for five yards.

“Ben Brown is the other guy hopefully we’ll get going at sometime if Zurlon can’t go,” Enos said in Kentucky. “Ben Brown becomes the 227-pound guy that’s going to help us get short yardage, goal line and those type of things.”

Stay tuned to for updates on the details of Tipton’s injury.


  1. Gee coach, maybe Ben Brown would have been a better call to run on 4th and 1 then Tim Phillips.

  2. This will be the year Western prevails, central is terrible this year.  Go Broncos!

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