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Greek community reacts to the suspension of two fraternities

After the suspensions of Lambda Chi Alpha and Alpha Chi Rho, the Central Michigan University Greek community is now left with nine social fraternities.

Both suspensions were issued during the month of September, but the groups faced their suspensions for different reasons. Lambda Chi Alpha was suspended for four years for an incident involving alcohol with non-fraternity brothers, while Alpha Chi Rho was suspended until the fall of 2014 for hazing allegations.

Lambda Chi Alpha’s fate was determined by the all-Greek judicial board and Alpha Chi Rho’s hazing allegations were investigated and acted upon by their national chapter.

Mount Pleasant senior Taylor Jackson, president of the Interfraternity Council, said he was sad to see the Greek community shrink after the suspensions. However, Jackson emphasized the importance of the policies held by Greek Life.

“It’s obviously a sad day any time our community gets smaller,” Jackson said. “It’s unfortunate for an organization and the alumni to lose all that history over the actions of a few members, but in order for fraternity life to grow, everyone needs to be held accountable to the same policies and standards.”

IFC Vice President of Public Relations Shawn Qualls, a St. Clair Shores senior, emphasized the importance of each fraternity’s risk management policy.

“Nobody expects a fraternity to be here one day and gone the next, let alone two,” Qualls said. “The safety of students is paramount in both of these cases.”

Qualls said both groups will get an opportunity to recolonize after their suspensions are fulfilled.

“Usually, (the fraternities) are suspended for four years which leaves enough time for the youngest members to graduate,” Qualls said. “It’s a temporary reorganization thing that has happened to a lot of fraternities.”

Birmingham junior Chelsea Lord, a sister of Alpha Chi Omega, said many of her sorority sisters were saddened by the suspensions.

“A lot of my sisters were close with the Lambda Chis after we had them for Greek Week, so it was really disheartening,” Lord said. “I felt bad for them, but it raises awareness about how serious breaking one rule can be.”

Lake Orion junior Jennifer McNairnie, vice president of communications for the Panhellenic Council, said she was sympathetic for the suspended fraternities, but knew the policies needed to be upheld.

“It’s sad to see them go but unfortunately, it was something that had to happen,” McNairnie said. “Hopefully, it will strengthen the rest of the community and we can all learn from this.”

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  1. Pretty soon there will not be fraternities or sororities on campus, and I say this as a proud former Greek. The university has too much involvement and regulation over these groups, and its to the point that Greeks are held to such a higher standard of conduct than any other student groups. Its gotten to the point where its not even fun to be involved. While I was in school, members of the football team killed a man outside of a bar and had multiple  drug and violence related arrests, yet there was no punishment of the team as a whole, just the individuals involved. Granted, the fraternities do not generate revenue for the University like the sports programs, but they do provide a positive college experience for many young people. Personally, I grew tremendously in my time in a fraternity. My social skills improved ten-fold, my social network grew exponentially, I became involved in philanthropies, I supported school sports programs, and I also had a great time. I graduated with a grade point average above 3.0, I now have a great job, I have served in the army, I volunteer my time to charitable organizations, and I attend church regularly, yet in my senior year I was stripped of my Greek identity because of a bad choice by one individual. So whats the point? Why become involved in a program that just creates more rules, more stresses, and more headaches? 

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