PICK OF THE WEEK: My parents’ refrigerator

As a college student living outside of the dorms, I have learned to subsist on a strange diet.

My cupboard holds soup, beans, more beans, and the occasional box of unhealthy cereal. My fridge is stocked with old eggs, a case of very cheap domestic beer and about three dozen different condiments. There are also some carrot sticks that were cut up and bagged during the Reagan administration, but I leave them alone.

All of which made it extremely nice to head back to the suburbs of Plymouth to partake in my parents’ company this weekend. Seeing my folks was certainly nice, but helping myself to their majestic bounty of food was even nicer.

My first night in town my mom cooked steak. Steak! Dinner was served with salad. So healthy!

Best of all, when I popped open the heavy black door for a midnight treat, I was confronted with choosing between fresh deli meats and cheeses, olives, fruit and even a variety of hummuses (hummi?).

Like any good college student confronted with a multiple choice question I hadn’t prepared myself for, I chose E: all of the above.

Being a grown up must be awesome.

My parent’s refrigerator can be found in their kitchen, next to the toaster.

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