CARTOON: Fired up for chimps

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  1. Michmediaperson says:

    $60,000 for the Chimp Lady.  What a waste of money!!!  Thank you to CM-LIFE for printing the speaking fee.  What’s sad, chimps will make more in one day at CMU than anyone on payroll.  

    $60,000 to learn about chimps!!

    If the public has that much interest in chimps and are willing to pay top dollar to watch chimps, someone should come up with a “Chimp” show act, that could be the new Siegfried and Roy Tiger Act.  You could become an instant millionaire.

    Student loans just reached an all-time high.  The reason, foolish spending by college presidents and deans!  One trillion dollars.  It’s double from 10 years ago.  It’s going up at a faster rate than health care yet no liberal will complain about college personnel getting rich!

    Another reason for Lansing to have a commission to review spending and the management practices of Michigan’s public universities.  Lansing knows about the chimp lady coming.  Phone calls have been made…and CM-LIFE.com is in the legislative offices!

    Maybe, we’ll have a big snowstorm when the Chimps come to town in March and they’ll play to a small crowd.  We can only be so lucky.

    The Chimp Lady apparently is against using chimps in entertainment and commercials.  But, what’s amazing is there are fools around the world who pay $75 for a seat to hear her which leads me to believe that a “Chimp” Act would sell as a casino act, for Letterman, Conan, Leno and Kimmel’s show.

    By the way, if CMU needed to spend $60,000 on a speaker, they should have brought in someone like U of Michigan grad, Gupta, from CNN to put together a health maintenance plan for students, faculty so they could have healthier lives and cut their health care costs.  

    But, chimps?

    I can just see the Western Michigan people cheering, “Fire-Up Chimps”

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