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Michigan to pay CMU $850,000 for 2013 game

The University of Michigan will pay Central Michigan University $850,000 to come to Ann Arbor to play football on Aug. 31, 2013.

The contract states CMU will also be given 450 tickets to the game, according to information Central Michigan Life gathered from filing a Freedom of Information Act.

This was the second non-conference game scheduled for 2013. CMU is also traveling to North Carolina State two weeks after going to U-M.

The Chippewas will make $250,000 from that game. The total is low because the N.C. State Wolfpack is coming to Kelly/Shorts Stadium in 2014.

CMU Paydays

• Georgia: $875,000 in 2008
• Kentucky: $450,000 in 2011
• MSU: $500,000 in 2011 and 2018
• N.C. State: $450,000 in 2011
• Michigan: $850,000 in 2013
• N.C. State: $250,000 in 2013
• Clemson: $500,000 in 2014

CMU Athletic Director Dave Heeke said traveling to Georgia in 2008 was the biggest contract, where the Chippewas made $875,000. This would be the second-highest compensation, but the net gain might be greater by not having to travel and stay in Georgia.

The Chippewas are 0-3 against U-M. The last time CMU played at Michigan Stadium was in 2006 and the Chippewas lost 41-17. This was when U-M was ranked 10th in the country.

The $850,000 is considerably larger than the $500,000 Michigan State University paid CMU to come this fall.

“Large schools are able to pay more out,” Heeke said in a previous interview. “Michigan will make $5 million on an average football Saturday. That’s why they’re able to pay visiting teams that they’re favored to win. The more competitive the game, the lower the price.”

Heeke also said on the best day; CMU will make $300,000 on a home game. The 450 tickets is more than the 400 tickets MSU gave, but the Spartans gave CMU the option of purchasing another 5,000.

U-M will have until Feb. 1, 2014 to pay CMU.


  1. hopefully this will be enough to fire enos.

  2. Sensible Student says:

    This is a real travesty. The NCAA needs to step in and stop this. These schools are buying victories and padding their win-loss record in an attempt to get an impressive AP or BCS ranking. I feel sorry for the CMU football players who are being treated as prostitutes and being sold by their pimps in the CMU athletic department. They’ve basically ensured the team will lose twice in 2013, and the season is still two years away.

  3. Florenceschneider says:

    Sensible Student –

    Had CMU played Michigan in 2007, 2008 or 2009 (particularly 2009) your Chippewas would have won, possibly convincingly.  The game against MSU in2009 should not have been close.  Only CMU errors kept MSU in the game. 

    CMU is a D-I football program and should not hesitate to play other D-I football programs.  There also is no excuse for CMU not to be able to be competitive with 2nd tier D-I programs like Michigan. 

    Once Dan Enos is removed as head coach, CMU will be capable of competing at that level, AGAIN.

    • I’m sorry but there is no way CMU is on the same par as MSU, U-M, Penn State, Notre Dame, USC, etc. Division I football is a mess. Heck, Boise State would slaughter Central.

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