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CMU football to open 2012 season against Southeast Missouri State

Dave Heeke

The Central Michigan football team will open the 2012 season Aug. 30 against Southeast Missouri State, athletics director Dave Heeke confirmed Thursday.

In what is becoming tradition, CMU will play its first game of the season on the Thursday before Labor Day. The Chippewas first played on the day in 2008, beating Eastern Illinois 31-12. After skipping the day on 2009, the team played the first two games on the road, they opened their season in 2010 and 2011 against Football Championship Subdivision opponents.

This is the second time CMU and Southeast Missouri State will play in each team’s history. The Chippewas beat the Redhawks, a FCS team from the Ohio Valley Conference, 44-27 in 2004.

Southeast Missouri State went 3-8 in 2011 and played one Football Bowl Subdivision opponent, losing 59-0 to Purdue on Sept. 17.

CMU will follow up the home opener on Sept. 8 when Michigan State comes to Kelly/Shorts Stadium for the first time in school history, the second of a contracted four-game series. Navy and Western Michigan are also included on the seven-game home schedule in 2012.

“People have wanted more home games and we got them this year,” Heeke said. “It will be fun to see, and a great home schedule. I’m real excited about it.”


  1. Can’t wait to get our traditional first win against an FCS school before the rest of the season implodes

    • Logical Chip says:

      You speak the truth.  One win, three losses…repeat three times or until the “coach” and “athletic director” are fired.  How much more of this will the fans and financial supporters take?  Congratulations “coach” Enos…you set this program back a good ten years in two seasons. 

  2. Logical Chip says:

    Prediction for 2012:  Heeke will not fire Enos, even after Enos has a
    group of his sparty buddies give the team a pep talk before the sparty
    game.  Scheduled speakers:  Tony Mandarich on strength and conditioning,
    George Perles on running an exciting offense, Charles Rogers on
    recreation management, and Plaxico Burress on the legal system and gun

  3. Hurricanebilly says:

    At least the tailgate will be a blast for next season!

    Never mind, they killed that fun too.

  4. This should’ve been a road game against a BCS conference team to generate revenue, as I would be shocked if we were even bowl eligible. 

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