PICK OF THE WEEK: Fashionable Apple

After getting the reputation of eating an apple every single day, I started receiving apple gifts. No, not apple ornaments, knickknacks or figurines. But, actual gifts … for my apple.

Which leads me to this week’s pick: the apple sweater.

I’m okay with the fact that I am probably the only person who received a sweater for my apple for my birthday and loved it.

The sweater is an actual apple-shaped knit sweater from Etsy that my cousin gave me.

I feel no shame when I pull my protected fruit out of my backpack to eat in the middle of class, work or on the bus. After stripping off it’s magenta and baby pink crochet sweater, I always feel better knowing my apple is free of debris.

It may get stares, laughs and, “Are you serious?” comments every time, but at least it’s clean. Right?

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