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NEW VIDEO: Two players ejected in women’s basketball brawl; CMU beats Ohio 67-53

If you simply looked at the score you’d think it was an ordinary 67-53 win for the Central Michigan women’s basketball team over Ohio University Wednesday night at McGuirk Arena.

It was anything but ordinary for the 543 people at the game.

Early in the first half during a timeout CMU freshman forward Jas’Mine Bracey and Ohio junior forward Porsha Harris started a fight on the court. Punches were thrown by several players, benches were cleared and both Bracey and Harris were ejected from the game.

“Central Michigan University, the athletic department, and our teams stand for the highest degree of sportsmanship. Any of our student-athletes who do not adhere to this standard will be held accountable,” said CMU in a statement from its athletic department and Athletic Director Dave Heeke.

“The incident will be reviewed by the department and by the conference office. Until that process is done and we clearly understand what occurred, it would be premature to comment any further.”

After a long break for the officials to clear up the situation and assess the fouls and ejections the game continued and the Chippewas (12-9, 4-3) rolled over the Bobcats (9-12, 2-5).

CMU head coach Sue Guevara would not comment on the fight after the game, and players were not available to talk to reporters.

Guevara adjusted the starting lineup putting in sophomores forward Taylor Johnson and guard Niki DiGuilio in place of sophomores guard Kylie Welch and Jordan LaDuke and it paid off greatly.

Johnson led the team in scoring with 16 points. She also had seven rebounds and three steals, while DiGuilio had 10 points and two steals.

Sophomore forward Taylor Johnson splits the Ohio University defense during Wednesday night's game at McGuirk Arena in Mount Pleasant. Johnson lead the team in scoring with 16 points, two assists and seven rebounds during the 67-53 win over the Bobcats. (Andrew Kuhn/Staff Photographer)

“I liked the lineup change,” Guevara said. “We had our top five leading scorers and four of our top five rebounders so instead of bringing them off the bench we started off with them and it worked.”

Freshmen guards Crystal Bradford and Jessica Green also had big games for CMU.

Bradford had a double-double scoring 10 points with 11 rebounds to go with her four blocked shots.

“Crystal (Bradford) is a baller, but she doesn’t quite get it yet,” Guevara said. “She’s still learning to play with other people.”

Green had a big game as well with 15 points, six rebounds, six assists and two steals.

“I thought Jess Green did a really good job of pushing the ball today,” Guevara said.

It was a much needed win for the Chippewas after losing their last two against Kent State and Eastern Michigan.

“It’s a confidence builder to get back on the winning streak,” Guevara said. “I think for our freshman, after the game against Kent State, have to understand you have to come in from the get go.”

CMU needs the confidence with defending Mid-American Conference champions Bowling Green come at 3 p.m. Saturday to McGuirk Arena.


  1. the truth shall set us free says:

    This should be cleared up with the fight. The Ohio player got tangled with Jasmine at the media time out and the Ohio player took exception to it and swung at Jasmine and the Ohio player  got ejected for fighting and Jasmine got ejected for a Flagrant 2 for retaliating .They both threw punches yes and that is unacceptable .

     But don’t make it sound like we got some thugs on the court and that it wasn’t provoked and know the facts of what and  who and how it happened. It gives a bad light on program when you generalize and don’t report everything.

  2. WomensBBrawl says:

    I agree with the above comment.  My biggest issue isnt with the reporting, since I was at the game and missed the beginning of the incident. But with one Mr. Heeke, who wasnt even in the building at the time of the “fight” but showed up afterwards and with the “Crowd Management” or what ever you would like to call it.  How does a parent get on the court, granted she was doing her best to diffuse the situation but still.

    I’m not saying the behavior was acceptable, but there comes a point when you have to defend yourself, which was what Jasmine was doing. 

  3. Women's Brawl says:

    As far as “Crowd Management” there is nothing that any person can do in McGuirk Arena to stop someone from getting on the court. Look how close the seating is to the benches and to the court, especially the VIP seating. You would need a wall or a greater amount of security personnel. Yet, even with more personnel it’s not like you can have them standing in front of t spectators, which is what you would have to do to be 100 percent certain that no one would be able to get on the court. Furthermore, staff is not allowed to physically touch anyone. Police Officers are the only ones who are allowed to do so.

  4. Yikes. I was not at last night’s game, but … I assume Bracey will be suspended, but from the looks of things, Bradford might be in line for a suspension as well.  Not what we need with Bowling Green coming to town Saturday, but if you do the crime, you gotta do the time.

  5.  “Jas’Mine Bracey and Ohio junior forward Porsha Harris started a fight on the court. Punches were thrown by several players, benches were cleared and both Bracey and Harris were ejected from the game” How can two players start a fight? Sure there could be words exchanged but it takes ONE person to initiate the physical fight. “Punches were thrown by several players.” That entire paragraph sounds like gossip. Overall, this is a poorly written article.

    • The article was about the basketball game – not the fight – the fight was mentioned because…well it did happen and two were ejected.  I thought the comment was pretty unbiased….

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