Craigslist advertisement for free monkey posted Tuesday

A six-month-old monkey located not far from Mount Pleasant needs a home.

The Craigslist ad posted Tuesday indicated the monkey, from Crystal, an hour from Mount Pleasant, would be given away for free and includes a cage, food and toys.

However, to own a monkey in Michigan one needs a permit, said Megan Boursaw, feline care specialist at Humane Animal Treatment Society.

Boursaw said the shelter, located at 1105 S. Isabella Road, does not typically encounter exotic animals.

“Rabbits, ferrets, rats; that’s about as exotic as we get,” Boursaw said.

Past legislation has been encouraged that would discourage against owning pet monkeys as they have the potential to carry disease.

The number listed on the ad is not in service, but requests to include necessary contact information have been made by interested parties.

The current owner will be kicked out of their current residence at 9 p.m. Friday and it is unclear whether the current owner has the necessary permit.

The ad claimed the monkey to be valued at $3,500.

But students living on campus who are interested in the monkey are out of luck.

“The university has a policy against pets on campus,” said Central Michigan University Police Chief Bill Yeagley.

Yeagley said pet monkeys have not been a problem on campus as long as he’s been here.

Since being posted at 2:24 p.m., the listing has been flagged for removal.


  1. Hmphotohm says:

    how much would it be to ship it?

    • Kindnessnotweakness says:

      You cannot “ship” a monkey
      It’s cruel
      This is a highly intelligent being w emotions
      It’s terrible the owner didn’t fight to keep him no matter what it to a purse or a toy to throw away or give away
      Even a dog or cat is part of the family
      It’s very scary for them to go in the airport baggage
      Really inhumane
      Don’t get a pet unless u know u will always provide for it it”s whole life
      A financial and notional commitment

  2. Never offer an animal for free always have a price to weed out potential abusers or sellers and your pet ends up suffering because you didn’t provide a good home or even look for the perfect home
    Best is give to a wildlife rehab who cn care for the animal not anyone on the street
    Especially a college kid who can’t provide proper care and will dump it again
    Unfair to toss this animal from home to home
    Sounds like a terrible owner. These animals feel like we do.

  3. I want a monkey if any one has one that needs a good phone my home is it thank you . Love always r.baker

  4. put it in a great and send it to Renee baker at 626 why 231 burnished al.36010
    I would love to own it but I’m not sending no money because I have done that before and they did keep the money and my monkey . I was so sad

  5. I would love to have the monkey I have been wanting one for so long. I would take very good care of it. 205.492.7411

  6. I really want the monkey

  7. I am very interested in this monkey but, I do not have money for shipping or anything. But, I would love to take care of him/her. Please call me 574-358-1237

  8. Jennifer Nguyen says:

    I am interested in your monkey. Please email me back ASAP!

  9. Alisha Lopez-Wilson says:

    My name is Alisha and my family and I are very interested in your monkey. I’m sure what you are having to do is very hard and shame on anyone that has anything to say about you being responsible enough to find him a good home vs what some people do n just discard their unwanted pets on a back rd somewhere. The fact that you are doing what you are says a lot. If you still need a home I will gladly drive to you so the monkey don’t need to be shipped. I would also pay you some money although you are not asking being that I’m sure we can all use some extra cash for bills and what not. My phone number is 843-457-6584 and my email address is Please feel free to contact me at anytime. Good luck to you and your family!!

  10. Came across similar only they posted in North Dakota and Louisiana with a Pennsylvania address using a Brooklyn NY phone number of 718-737-9542. I assume Africans because the grammar was poor and they wanted 270$ for “shipping” un like the American version of $270…. most definitely a scam

  11. My new friend name Rachel wants to post this advert AD on post to adopt a monkey !

  12. Have you found a home for this pet.

  13. Kali Morrissey says:

    Hello my name is Kali I’m 19 and I have been wanting to get a baby monkey for years I have all the things I need to raise a monkey I hope to hear from you soon please e-mail me at thank you :)

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