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WISH YOU WERE A CHIPPEWA? Students not focused on different states of building maintenance

Left to right: Freshmen Sarah Meyerink of Otsego, Sarah Donetti of Lake Orion, Sam Legere of Oscoda, Samantha Miller of Streamwood, Illinois and Sam Floen of Royal Oak talk about the funny experiences living together during their first few nights in their expanded-occupancy residence hall room. (File photo by Victoria Zegler)

Students experience the best of both worlds from the new and modern Events Center on south campus to the aged and “homey” feel of halls on north campus.

“I think CMU does a good job of trying to update facilities,” said Cheboygan sophomore Tara Vancil. “It seems like every semester there’s a new project going on.”

She said despite the frequent building maintenance, the focus of projects on campus should be changed.

“I think they need to refocus what they’re updating,” Vancil said. “Focus on things that are going to be really important to students — like the place they live or making the classrooms better handicapped accessible — that should be a priority.”

Warren freshman Amanda Lemerise said snow removal on the sidewalks is the biggest thing that should be improved on campus.

“Snow removal here is ridiculous,” she said. “If they’d put out more salt before a snow storm or plow more after one that would help a lot.”

In addition to snow removal, Vancil said the size of the sidewalks is an issue.

“One thing that the university may want to consider spending money on is widening the sidewalks,” Vancil said. “In heavily trafficked areas, it’s hard to maneuver around everybody, so that may be something they’d want to consider looking into.”

Although north campus buildings are older, some students are not upset about the lack of renovations.

“Aesthetically, north campus isn’t the best when compared to the other parts of campus, but it gets the job done,” Vancil said. “We have a really great community and I enjoy it.”

The friendliness of people on campus and the willingness of faculty to help students are what keep Blissfield junior Amanda Laberdee coming back year after year.

“I really like our faculty,” she said. “They’re so personable and really care about the students outside of the classroom. They truly go above and beyond.”

Lemerise said the friendliness of people on north campus makes up for the outdated facilities.

“Everybody is so welcoming and friendly,” she said. “It really makes me want to make new friendships and return to this part of campus next year.”

Efforts made by residence halls across campus also keep students feeling welcomed and encourage them to return.

“The residence halls do a really good job of putting on programs and keeping students busy,” Vancil said. “Letting students know they care is an important part of college life, and the CMU community is an excellent example.”

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  1. Steve92CMUgrad says:

    In regard to the aesthetics of north campus, I think they are great precisely because the buildings are old!  Let us not forget that one of areas that CMU competes against other schools in is tradition, and those old buildings are the physical emmodiment of CMU’s tradition.  All of the Big Ten schools have their own collection of old, landmark buildings on their campus.  For example, U. of Michigan has the Michigan Union.  Warriner Hall is CMU’s version of the MIchigan Union. 

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