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UPDATED: Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul coming to CMU Saturday

Ron Paul

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul will speak at 6 p.m. Saturday in Warriner Hall’s Plachta Auditorium.

Paul was invited to speak by Central Michigan University Campus Conservatives.

Campus Conservatives President and Mount Pleasant senior Taylor Jackson said the registered student organization is honored to bring Paul to speak at CMU.

“This is an opportunity to engage the community in a critical discussion on solutions to the challenges facing our country. Campus Conservatives has always been about bringing together the extended conservative family for thoughtful discussions,” Jackson said in an email. “This promises to be a great opportunity for students and the broader community to hear from a major voice at such a critical time in our country’s history.”

Jackson said the event is designed to engage the community, including students, in discussions about possible solutions to problems facing America, but that the event does not constitute an endorsement by himself or the RSO.

“(Campus Conservatives) do not endorse any single candidate,” Jackson said. “I’m an advocate of promoting that critical discussion and would host any candidate who wanted to come.”

In January, Paul won CMU College Republicans’ primary straw poll.

Doors will open to those who sign up for vouchers beforehand at ronpaulatcmich.eventbrite.com/ at 5 p.m. and remaining general admission will begin at 5:30 p.m.


  1. Can we get a working website link to register?

  2. The voucher link isn’t working, it simply redirects to the eventbrite homepage and there is no way to locate the event. 

  3. Hey CMU LIFE says:

    Working website link please.

  4. Yeah, the link is not working. I’m so pumped for this, though!

  5. How do I sign up to be able to come at 5?? The website this article links to does not have anything for CMU and Ron Paul

  6. How much is this costing Campus Conservatives?

  7. We need a link that works!

  8. Regarding the now-working link, who is “Youth For Ron Paul,” and since it is presented like they are sponsoring the event, are they linked to CMU Campus Conservatives?

  9. What a great event. I don’t support Ron Paul but I think it’s great to see Campus Conservatives hosting him. I bet this will be a sell-out audience. 

  10. I don’t agree with Ron Paul on anything. But I think it is great that he is coming to campus. Great publicity for the university and fantastic opportunity for students to get engaged with the presidential race!

  11. Awesome news! Can’t wait to see the good Doctor up in Mt. Pleasant!!

  12. So awesome! We’re so lucky to have Dr. Paul come to our campus to speak!

  13. Michmediaperson says:

    This guy is a genius on financial issues but when it comes to 9-11, drugs and foreign policy, he’s to the left of Barack Hussein Obama.

    Someone should ask him how he can legalize drugs after Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson’s death.

    The last thing we need are a bunch of cocaine heads driving on our streets.

    • The war on drugs really helped Whitney and Michael…. just like prohibition stopped people from drinking… oh wait

    • Dr. Paul is not about legalizing drugs. It is unconstitutional for the federal government to pass ANY laws on drugs. This power is strictly left to the states according to our constitution. Ron Paul simply wants to remove the laws that are not constitutional. He isn’t saying everyone should go out and do drugs. You are thinking too much into it. When you see a law that isn’t constitutional, don’t think into it any further than, this is an illegal law, and should be removed. That is it. I’ve never touched drugs in my life. Not one single time and I never will. Doesn’t mean I will support the federal government overstepping its powers. 

  14. I’m sure this event will be at capacity.  If you’re a Ron Paul supporter, remember to bring an undecided or unenthusiastic voter with you.  A huge cheering section is fun but does little to get the message out.

  15. If you disagree with Dr. Paul on multiple issues, it only means you have done little research. Please educate yourself in regards to endless wars, destruction of civil liberties, and endless spending. Thank you.

  16. Also, it is best that people understand he is not a 9/11 Truther nut job either. He doesn’t believe the Unites States government planned or had any involvement in the attack like the Truthers do. Paul simply knows that American presence in the Middle East was the terrorists’ motive to attack us. It isn’t that he believes we caused it directly, but our actions led to the attack. It is important for people to understand it. 

  17. Michmediaperson says:

    Nathan, that’s baloney.  He said in the debate in 2008 which got Rudy Guilani in a fit, that US Government was behind 9-11.

    I agree with what Hannity said.  He’s great on fiscal issues but when he gets to foreign policy and national security, he’s like the crazy uncle up in the attic.

    His crazy conspiracy theory in 2008 caused me to shy away from this nut.

    When you get to drugs, prostitution and foreign policy, he’s to the left of Obama.

    If I was in Mt. Pleasant, I’d go and hear him because he’s nutty and entertaining.  He’s had some good one-liners in the debates.

    We’ve got the worst president ever right now.  Paul wouldn’t be much better.

    • MITT ROMNEY / CHARIZARD 2012 says:

      “I agree with what Hannity said.”

      What a surprise!

    • I_Was_A_Teenage_McCarthyist says:

      The US draws harm upon itself through interventionist and borderline/all-out imperialism. 

      It really is too hard to fathom that when we do harm to others (for 50 years) we anger people that wish to retaliate.
      Something no Politician understand except for Ron Paul

    • He didn’t say the US government was behind 9-11 in a “9-11 Truth” sense.  He said we were attacked because of our intervention in the Middle East.  That was one of the conclusions drawn from the 9-11 commission as well. 

      Unfortunately, the concept of blowback doesn’t satisfy the masses as well as “THEY HATE US CUZ WE’RE FREE!” so everyone else acts like it’s nonsense.

  18. Ron Paul will also appear on campus at Michigan State University this Monday, February 27 at 4:00 PM.  You can register here to secure a seat to that event:

  19. w00t!  Sold out!  Can’t wait to hear him speak!

  20. Great crowd today at CMU!!! Thank you all for the great reception. I’m truly convinced that this is still “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!” 

    Had many people ask me for the title of the poem I shared and the author. 
    It’s call “A VISITOR FROM THE PAST” by Thelen Paulk Please get everyone you can out to vote tomorrow!!! 

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