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University Meadows residents receive notice of possible contaminated water

Those drinking from Union Township’s distribution system Well 8 have run the risk of drinking water contaminated with E. coli.

University Meadows resident Kaylee Turnwald, a Chesaning junior, received notice of the contamination Feb. 29.

The document stated Union Township’s Distribution System was made aware of contamination Feb. 14, after sampling systems on Feb. 13.

The notice said residents do not have to boil their water or take corrective actions.

“It’s upsetting that we’re just finding out,” Turnwald said.

Throughout this time, Turnwald’s water turned brown and then clear, she said.

The sample from all wells came back negative, but a sample of Well 8 came back positive for fecal contamination.

Samples of Well 8 taken on Feb. 16 and 17 came back negative for E. coli.

According to the notice, Well 8 is one of six wells.

“We thought it was just rusty water,” Turnwald said.

Ingesting water that is positive with fecal contamination puts consumers at risk for: diarrhea, nausea, cramps and headaches. These ailments are because of inadequately protected water, which may contain disease-causing organisms.

Turnwald said this weekend she and her roommates were sick to their stomachs, throwing up and had headaches.

“We just got the notice today and we were all freaking out,” Turnwald said.

Union Township’s Distribution public works coordinator has not yet returned calls made by Central Michigan Life.

Nearby apartment complex the Village at Bluegrass did not receive a notice of contamination.

Elderly, infants and those with weak immune systems are encouraged to call EPA’s safe drinking water hotline at (800) 426-4791.

The notice also encourages those who drink this water to tell those who did not receive the notice. These include people in apartments, nursing homes, schools and businesses.

Steps are being taken to sample Well 8 to find sources of possible contamination, according to the notice. Residents of University Meadows will be kept informed of the steps being taken.

The notice encourages those who want more information to write to Union Township Hall, 2010 S. Lincoln Road.

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  1. What is UMeadows doing to repay their residents?  Whether its their fault or not, I feel they should owe their residents a formal apology at least (not to mention a kickback on rent.  After all, their rent pays for their water.)

  2. Is Jamestown affected?

  3. I agree with GS. I live at University Meadows and was not informed of any of this. I feel that as a resident of UM that I should be informed. Also when things like this happen, the correct measures should be taken by the apartment complex especially if they know about it. These measures should be along the lines of telling residents what to do to have safe water and possible providing them with safe drinking water. 

  4. I also live at University Meadows. The other day I noticed that the water was a brownish color. I didn’t think anything of it, but now I know what it was. Sadly, University Meadows did not inform us. I had to find out from this article and I’m not very happy. I would have liked to have been informed that the water was contaminated. 

  5. I’m not surprise that this happen at Meadows. That place is overpriced. If you’re staying there, make sure your smoke detector works because ours didn’t and we could’ve die.

  6. When did the residents receive notice on this?? I live at UMed and still haven’t been notified by the complex!   

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