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Rock band Fun. featuring CMU alumnus hits super-stardom

Andrew Dost, left, Nate Ruess, middle and Jack Antonoff, right, formed Fun. in 2008 after The Format, in which Ruess was lead singer, broke up. Dost graduated from CMU in 2005. (Photo courtesy of Fun./Lindsey Byrnes)

The rock band, Fun., featuring Central Michigan University alumnus Andrew Dost, continues to have success after the band’s single “We Are Young,” which has reached and stayed at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Dost, who graduated from Central Michigan in 2005 with a degree in advertising, got his start as a musician by joining Mount Pleasant band Anathallo in 2004.

“That was my first real experience touring and writing,” he said.

With Dost as a member of Anathallo, the band played many U.S. tours, played in Europe and Japan and even at the Coachella Valley Arts and Music festival in 2007.

With Anathallo, he played many shows in the Mount Pleasant area.

“There wasn’t really any bands that sounded like each other,” he said. “There was a lot of creativity.”

He lived in Larzelere Hall during his first couple years at CMU, starting in 2001.

“I would say one of my favorite things about CMU was, the first time in my life, that I had met my friends,” he said. “It was a place to meet lifelong friends.”

Fun.’s current single, “We Are Young,” has risen the band to new heights. It was featured in a Super Bowl ad for Chevrolet this year and was featured on “Glee” in December 2011.

Dost said the band is always setting new goals after others have been achieved.

“Any time we have a goal, we want to out-do it,” he said. “Part of pushing ourselves means that we’re always looking for new goals to achieve.”

Former Anathallo band member Daniel Bracken said he’s happy for Dost and the other members of Fun.’s continued success.

“It’s really exciting to see that he can do what he loves and have success with it,” Bracken said. “They’ve all been working super hard for years at making music.”

Bracken said although Anathallo and Fun. have different sounds, it was a good choice for Dost to make to join the band.

“Obviously, they’re pretty different musically, but I think it’s a great fit for Andrew,” he said. “It makes a lot of sense.”

Chesaning junior Tyler Dangel said Dost’s success benefits CMU’s image.

“I think it’s great that he’s on that international level, and it can only represent our school in a positive way,” he said.

Dangel downloaded the song via iTunes after learning about the song from a neighbor.

“Everywhere I’d go around campus, you’d hear it played, and it kind of exploded,” he said.


  1. Andrew has a long line of family from CMU so his connection is strong as a Chippewa. His father and mother met in the towers, his Mohter was on Homecoming Court, aunts, cousins all have graduated and one cousin is there right now. Great article. Fire up, Chips!

  2. It’s kind of funny that this article followed one that was written on his cousin that’s currently attending in January.

  3. Tiajustine says:

    i love the fun band they are my fav band

  4. Tiajustine says:

    im a fun fan

  5. at 70 I am a fan… Fun. is powerful creativity at it’s best

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