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GALLERY: Threads Fashion Show takes audience of 1,000 through time with modernized designs

Months of preparation came down to minutes on the runway for 39 student designers in the 14th annual Threads Fashion Show Saturday night.

One hundred and eighty student models showcased modern designs drawing on themes ranging from Ancient Egypt to futuristic.

About 1,000 people attended the “time” themed event in McGuirk Arena produced by seniors Jason Gagnon of Riverdale and Laura Czupinski of Fraser. The student-run organization is advised by Apparel Merchandising and Design professor Carol Beard.

After each set of models walked down the runway, the designer of the collection came out for an ovation and was notified if they won an award based on the decision of a judging panel of eight, who ranked the collections Friday night at a rehearsal.

Gagnon, along with partner Megan Webster, a Fenton junior, won five awards including collection of the year.

“It was a great moment,” he said about hearing the congratulations as he walked down the stage. “We put countless hours into this collection and I wanted to make sure the collection was as impeccable as I could make it.”

In addition to individual awards,  multiple “designer of the year” awards were given out to students of different grade levels.

Winners included Saline sophomore Kristine Opaleski, Clio junior Ashley Hetzer and graduate student Hae Joo Lee.

An opportunity to work with Project Runway contestant Johnathan Kayne was awarded to Romeo senior Justine Young. Kayne personally selected Young as someone he would like to work with based on her collection. Either her current design will be produced in his line or she will be collaborating with the designer himself.

“I am beyond excited,” she said. “It is a huge honor to be chosen by an industry designer and professional who recognized my potential and would want to work with me.”

First-time designer Kayla Ingersoll used her love of art history to inspire her Ancient Egypt designs.

“I took inspiration historically how Egypt had an upper and lower Egypt and one had a white crown and one had a red crown,” the Shepherd senior said. “And when they united together, I wanted to show that in my designs by using red and white and putting them together.”

While in the audience to support their daughter, senior Natalie Wolenberg, Auburn Hills residents Mary and Dan Wolenberg said they enjoyed the event.

“We’re just hoping there’s a job all at the end of this,” Dan Wolenberg said. “At the very end, somebody stands up and says they all have jobs.”


  1. Need a New Photographer says:

    person taking the pictures did a terrible job.  Can’t hardly see the designs at all.  Except the shoes.

  2. these pics are bias, just like the awards that were won that night. what a joke!  i will never attend this circus again.

  3. Topherandy says:

    it was a little bias, i modeled for it, and my observation was, if you were in the “in crowd” or produced the show, you were going to win the nights awards. also the other models, if you can call them that. were drinking and getting drunk in the equipment room….really??? also it was the most unorganized event , that i have ever been a part of. one designer was snubbed and she had one of the best collections!!!!! central get your taste and act together!

  4. I find this post to be funny – All designers were judged by a panel of people who knew none of the designers in conjunction with their construction scores. If the designer failed to interview well OR can’t make a garment properly than obviously they were not going to do well score wise.

    As for organizing the event? This looked like the most organized event I have ever been to and I’ve been to Threads for almost 5 years now. You obviously no nothing but your own ignorance.

    And what looks like a “Best Collection” may not of been as constructed as well as you think it was. If you were apparel design – You might know something.

  5. Being a model and designer for the show, the show was just as crazy as it ever was! Nothing is ever going to be perfect, and not everyone is going to agree with you. There were so many amazing designs that were a better fit for certain awards, and it sucked because I would have liked to see them win something. Judging was a panel of local business owners, and who knows who else instead of AMD faculty and EHS staff. So it was set up a lot better than previous years and was based on how you presented yourself and your collection. The photos are visually interesting and there were a lot of detail shots. Great job to everyone. The collections were amazing and all supporters, friends and families recognized it. I have heard a lot of positive feedback about everyones designs and hard work. 

  6. If you do not have anything nice to say, please keep your comments to yourself. The work and time that goes into putting on this event is un-imagineable and if you were not part of the production, I do not believe you have room to speak. This year was the most successful year in the history of the show and to your three negative comments there are about 997 positive ones. Congratulations to all those involved with Threads, it was truly a beautiful show and a huge success. 

  7. nonbiased3rdpartyoutsider says:

    Let’s take a moment and recognize the hard work that every designer put into their collection and the amount of work and dedication that went into making this fabulous event happen. I’m proud of everyone that was involved and helped to make this one of the best Threads I’ve ever been to. 

  8. made a last minute decision to go to the joe hertler show instead of this… sure glad I did. heard this was totally rigged. 

  9. Reynoldsltd says:

    It’s really sad to see these negative comments, especially coming from someone who was a part of the show. You should be proud of this event you were in. It was an amazing show, and for anyone naive enough to think ANY sort of production of this size is going to go just according to plan, wake up. Even with it’s few glitches, the show was beyond what many expected, and you should be ashamed for degrading what these talented designers have worked so hard on for the past (at least) 6 months! Amazing job to everyone that was a part of Threads 2012, be proud of what you did, it turned out beautifully.

  10. peaceandstyle says:

    This was the first year I had been apart of Threads, but with my background and knowledge of Fashion, it was ‘totes-amaze.’ It’s a shame people feel the need to put down the hard work we all put into this event. I personally have only heard positive things except for these negative opinions of people with obvious envy or little knowledge of the field (even one who didn’t even attend). It was amazing to be a part of, and am so proud of ALL the designers. We all have different styles, if your favorites didn’t win it wasn’t because it was rigged, this I know for sure. 

  11. judgmentalhipsterdouchenozzle says:

    I helped photograph Threads for the first time and honestly had the time of my life. It’s not so often that Central puts on a huge event that isn’t affiliated with the beyond deplorable Greek life. Haters are gonna hate, but put yourself in that position of pouring your heart and soul for months and months into a true art form (that isn’t shotgunning Keystone Light on a Wednesday night or taking plan B as if it were Flintstones vitamins). Great job designers and I cannot wait for next year’s show!

    • I was a designer in the show! Would you mind telling me where the photographs you took are? I was the second Egypt designer and none of the CM life pics above captured any of my line. Let me know thanks!! :)

  12. As our mothers have always told us “If you have nothing good to say, don’t way anything at all.”

  13. a. nony mouse says:

    Even more deplorable than the negative comments on here is the passive aggressive and unprofessional response to them from one of the winners and their friends on Facebook! Yikes. 

    That being said, hope THREADS will continue to be a success. Would love to see more photos if you have them. 

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