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Greek Week brings together the community to raise money for Logan MacGregor

This week kicks off the annual Greek Week when fraternities and sororities unite for a week full of events and to raise money for charity.

This year, proceeds will be donated to help local 13-year-old leukemia patient Logan MacGregor.

“We wanted to directly impact someone here locally on Central’s campus,” said Jesse Pifko, Interfraternity Council vice president of public relations. “We found out about Logan’s diagnosis, and we really didn’t think there was any better way we could make a direct impact than by choosing him.”

Pifko said a total of 11 sororities and eight fraternities are participating this year, as Delta Chi was recently suspended.

“Greek Week is a time (when) all social fraternities and sororities at CMU are paired together into teams of 2 or 3 to compete,” said Rockwood sophomore Jeremy Osborne of Pi Kappa Phi.

These teams are then awarded points for attendance, how well they do and the amount of money raised through penny wars.

To start the week, speaker Lori Hart will give a presentation in Warriner Hall’s Platcha Auditorium on Monday.

“Lori Hart talks a lot about the dynamics of fraternities and societies,” said Pifko, a Warren junior. “Also, she talks a lot about recruitment. In general, she just has a positive outlook on life and was Greek before, so she knows how to positively promote Greeks while maintaining a good image.”

Tuesday features Academic Games in Plachta Auditorium, Wednesday are the Athletic Games in McGuirk Arena and Greek Week finishes out with Mock Rock on Friday, also in McGuirk Arena.

“Academic games is a family feud-style game called ‘Words with Greeks,’” Osborne said. “The athletic games are similar to minute-to-win-it-style and with five different games.”

Gladstone freshman Katie Thompson said she is really excited for her first Greek Week.

“I’m a little nervous, because of the no sleep factor, but it’s really good because we’re raising money for a good cause,” said the Alpha Sigma Alpha sister. “I know a lot of girls are trying to get as much homework as they can (done) this week to prepare and it’s hard because it’s the end of the semester.”

Pifko said Greek Week is a good opportunity for all Greeks to come together and raise money for a common philanthropy.

“We’re hoping to continue our tradition of Greek Week, to promote Greek unity and also hoping that Logan will make the best of money raised for him and that it will help him out a lot,” he said. “Because in the end, it’s really about him and giving back to the Mount Pleasant community.”

Those active on Twitter can join in on the conversation and keep up with Greek Week activities by using #GreekWeek2012.


  1. CMUFaculty says:

    So please explain to me why this little event has to disrupt students attending their classes?

    • FireUpChips says:

      Students are still required to attend class. They turn in class schedules to the greek week chairpersons. When attendance is taken at an event, the individuals who are scheduled to be in class are excused from missing the event and there will not be any penalties towards points. 

      Also, I’m sure one of your students within the Greek community would love to share what an amazing week this is for all involved. The amount of awareness, dedication, and charitable contributions that the Greek organizations are giving this week is amazing. Quoting what you had said, “…this little event…”, this shows me that you may want to inquire as to how LARGE of an impact the Greek community is making on our community at CMU, in Mount Pleasant and beyond, and especially to Logan MacGregor and his family.

      Fire Up Chips!

  2. Ken Sanney says:

    This “little event” raised $11,400 to support a child who is battling cancer. I personally know the family of this child, Logan MacGregor, and I can assure you that this event has made a huge impact on them and helped Logan tremendously. 
    If you would have attended the Mock Rock event on Friday, where a check for $11,000 was presented to Logan’s family, you would have witnessed a side of Greek Life that most faculty members fail to acknowledge or appreciate. For instance, the Men of Delta Chi — in spite of not being able to participate because of an administrative infraction regarding their roster — donated to Logan another $400.00 out of their own pockets. These are college students who are paying way more for their college education that we did, who are digging deep down into their own pockets, and who are taking a lot of time out of their own schedules simply to try to make a positive difference in the world. They could use more support from their faculty. As a faculty advisor for one of the Greek Chapters on campus I am proud of the men and women in the Greek community.  I have had many students not attend my class this semester for all manner of good and bad reasons. As for why your students are missing class, as FireUpChips stated, students are excused from events that would cause a conflict with class. But, if any of your students did miss one of your lectures because of Greek Week, I would ask you to place yourself in the shoes of Logan’s family and try to understand how our students made the world a better place this week.  
    If you would ever like to discuss the positive side of Greek life, please give me a call (ext. 4429) and I’ll buy you lunch and explain the wonderful things our students are doing everyday.  Respectfully,Kenneth J. Sanney, J.D.Professor of Business Law & RegulationCollege of Business Administration Central Michigan University

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