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Football player Austin White wanted by police for alleged drug offenses, two players also arrested


Austin White

Two Central Michigan University football players were jailed Tuesday, while sophomore running back Austin White remains wanted by police.

Sophomore tight end Joe Sawicki and freshman receiver Danel Harris were arrested by CMU police inside a residence hall on campus, Police Chief Bill Yeagley confirmed to Central Michigan Life. Yeagley said both men were arrested “without incident.”

Yeagley said the arrests stem from an investigation into stolen property that began last week.

“When we went to the room to locate the property, we discovered drugs,” Yeagley said. “Once we discover those things, we have to conduct a further investigation.”

Harris, of Miramar, Fla., was arrested for felony larceny of a vehicle, Yeagley said. He remained lodged in jail Tuesday night on a $10,000 cash bond. Only 10 percent is needed to be paid for release.

White faces charges of manufacturing and delivering narcotics, possession and maintaining a drug house. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Joe Sawicki

Sawicki, of Mokena, Ill., also faces charges of manufacturing and delivering narcotics, possession of narcotics and maintaining a drug house. He was lodged in Isabella County Jail Tuesday, arraigned and released on a cash bond.

White, from Livonia, transferred to CMU from the University of Michigan following the 2010 season. After sitting out the 2011 season because of NCAA transfer requirements, he was suspended indefinitely from the program for a violation of team rules. He was later reinstated within the program by head coach Dan Enos.

The CMU directory lists White and Sawicki living in a terrace-level room in Celani Hall. It is unknown where Harris lives.

The three were among five CMU football players, with sophomore receiver Deon Butler and sophomore defensive back Kevin King, publicly suspended for Saturday’s spring game in what the university called “a violation of team rules.”

Butler is also listed as living in the same terrace-level room. King lives in another terrace-level residence in Celani, according to the school directory.

Clarkston junior Megan Shire, who lives next door to White and Sawicki in Celani, said police were present in the room “a couple of days ago.”

Shire said she had no knowledge about the arrests but said she walked past the room last week and saw several officers searching for something and talking with two residents. She said she does not know the players particularly well but talked to them occasionally and had been in the room several times.

Shire said the players’ room was fairly rowdy and often played loud music.

“They’re kind of loud,” she said. “You hear the screaming, just having fun. Sometimes when I’m trying to sleep, I can hear the music.”

Shire and her roommate, St. Clair Shores junior Anna Swando, said their neighbors had an unusual number of fish tanks.

“They had a whole bunch of fish tanks,” Shire said, estimating they might have had more than six.

“At least four,” Swando said.

Fish tanks are a potential piece of equipment used in the cultivation of hallucinogenic mushrooms, according to multiple online sources.

Resident Assistant Renee Jeffrey declined comment, and Celani Hall Resident Hall Director Steely Pegg could not be reached for comment.

Several residents of Celani terrace also declined comment, but a female resident living in the dorm who asked to remain anonymous said the room could have been a source of trouble.

She said the room was always busy with football players and other students going in and out often.

“I mean, they’re going in and out a lot, but it’s not anything (new),” she said. “I mean, half these people (on the floor) are football players anyway.”

UPDATE: White turned himself in Wednesday afternoon 


  1. This is a fine piece of reporting: “Clarkston junior Megan Shire, who lives next door to White and Sawicki in Celani, said police were present in the room “a couple of days ago.” ”

  2. Why do we need to know that they lived on terrace in celani? The story should be about what happened, not tell everyone in the exact floor they lived on.

  3. That austin kid used to come over to this persons house i knew last year and played it cool for about a month, then he took off with a bunch of our shit. I sure hope he meets his maker. Its a shame man.

  4. Shits stupid!  Write an article about what happened…this doesnt tell us anything!

  5. CMU Legend says:

    A. White has a reputation of being a bad kid but he is a helluva football player.. Just gotta keep the kid out of trouble.. as goes for Deon Butler he is the man and does not need to get caught up in this shit… and really guys with the fish tank? ‘cmon you really think they were trying to grow shrooms #GetReal 

  6. Johnnyappleseed says:

    Let college kids be college kids Mt Pleasant police aint shit.. go catch some big fish you’re messin with minos this is a joke

  7. Anonymous1 says:

    “Shire said the players’ room was fairly rowdy and often played loud music.” I’m glad that narrows it down to every Freshman and/or person who likes music who lives on campus.

  8. Cmlifecommenter says:

    New drinking game: every time you see the phrase “Lodged in the county jail.”  You’ll die.

  9. To the female who wished to be anonymous, how does a room full of football players who come and go show any signs of a “source of trouble?” Would you have thought the same thing if these kids were regular students?

  10. Send the Three Stooges on their merry way (where ever that may lead them)!

  11. Rumsfelds_rules says:

     sounds like another fine product of Detroit or Flint….

  12. im childhood friends with one of these kids n i knew the others very well. this article blows what really happened way out of proportion. The fish tanks had fish in them and that is the  dumbest effin’ thing i’ve ever heard about using them to grow shrooms. btw, the girls are incredibly stupid. they have 2 tanks total…”estimated more than six”c’mon…loser girls running there big fat mouths when they don’t know what is going on. dumb effin’ BIMBOS! But all the kids involved were really great people and it is a shame that this had to happen.

  13. badkarmagothem says:

    alot of people in livonia knew this was coming and arent surprised.. Most parents at Stevenson and Churchill and Franklin have heard bad stories for years about Austin, a no miss kid if he had sense. The way he treats girls, the entitlement crap, and his attitude overall. His parents blew it. Where will he go next after prison? Louisiana Tech where his thug brother went after Dantonio booted him?  These two must think Marcus Vick is their mentor.

    • dontbendoverforthesoapaustin says:

      know alot that went to Stevenson, Best athlete to touch the ball there. incredible potential. but thought he was god they said. everyone told him how great he was for 4 years. he believed it but they said the girl thing was true.  My dad said you always look at the parents in this case.Did they tell him how great  he was? or were they too busy to pay attention. His dad would have broken his head if he got his hands on him before the cops did. and yes, Marcus Vick…when someone says to you( and you are 20) ” hey, its 3 am., lets go clubbin downtown”. … you dont say ” great idea”. stupid kid

  14. Hurricanebilly says:

    I’m all for thug football players, but Enos doesn’t even recruit “blue chip” thugs. That’s where I have a problem with the program.
    Mt P PD have always been idiots. That will never change. They don’t get respect because  they don’t deserve it. 

  15. Demarcus Graham says:

    Recruit thugs, they’ll act like thugs.

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