CMU running back Austin White sought by police following drug investigation, two other players arrested

Two Central Michigan University football players were arrested Tuesday, while a third is being sought by police for involvement in a drug investigation.

Sophomore tight end Joe Sawicki and freshman wide receiver Danel Harris were arrested by CMU police Tuesday in a residence hall on campus, chief Bill Yeagley confirmed to Central Michigan Life. Yeagley would not specify which residence hall, but said the two were arrested “without incident.”

A warrant was also issued Tuesday for sophomore running back Austin White, whose whereabouts are unknown at this time. White faces charges of manufacturing narcotics, possession of narcotics and maintaining a drug house, Yeagley said.

Sawicki was arrested on the same three charges, Yeagley said. He is alleged to have been growing and selling psilocybin mushrooms. He was lodged in Isabella County Trial Court, where he was arraigned Tuesday and released on bond.

Harris remains lodged in jail on Tuesday on a $10,000 cash bond.

Yeagley said the department began an investigation stemming from stolen property, which led police to a room containing the drug.

According to the CMU directory, White and Sawicki share a room in Celani Hall, along with wide receiver Deon Butler, who was recently suspended by CMU for a violation of team rules.

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  1. More great news. Time for a new coach because this is unacceptable.

  2. The fact that players were doing this without the coach knowing in the dorms is unacceptable.  It is clear he cannot control the athletes.  He should be able to keep players from doing things like this.

    • The fact that the dorms didn’t know this was going on is unacceptable.  How would the coach know without anyone in the dorms knowing?

  3. He is a running back. Get it right Dooley & McMann. Sheesh.

  4. Keith Frye says:

    Your right the Dorms should have known, what was going on. So should have ENOS, a coach must keep an eye on his players off the field conduct. I know a bunch are going to say how and the !*!? can a coach keep an eye on his players. First of all is they need to recruit players with good character this Austin White left UofM was there a problem there? More than likely, wonder if CMU checked?

  5. Michmediaperson says:

    Guest, I agree.  How did the management of the dorm not know what was going on?
    CMU needs to do a couple things immediately.
    1. At the conclusion of this semester, ban any possible drug making items such as fish tanks.
    2. Instead of multicultural brainwashing, use the monies instead on educating these students on drug abuse brainwashing…..and possible prison sentences if down the road at CMU or elsewhere that they could face.  And, the potential life-threatening problems by taking these drugs.

    Also, we need a state law that anyone involved in any type of drug activity anywhere—who is on any type of financial aid—-should be immediately banned for life from receiving financial aid.

    You have to crack down on this stuff!


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