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Austin White turns himself in, CMU police confirm

Central Michigan running back Austin White, facing an arrest warrant that includes three drug charges, has turned himself into police, CMU police chief Bill Yeagley has confirmed.

White met with a CMU police detective Wednesday afternoon and was arrested “without incident” on a three-count felony warrant, Yeagley wrote in a release. He is being lodged at the Isabella County Jail pending arraignment.

Yeagley told Central Michigan Life Wednesday afternoon detectives were able to negotiate a time, 2:30 p.m., with an attorney representing White for the Livonia native’s surrender. The department was contacted by White’s attorney Wednesday after reading news reports saying White was wanted by police.

The 6-foot, 200-pound back from Livonia faces charges of delivering and manufacturing narcotics, possession of narcotics and maintaining a drug house. Yeagley said White is not expected to face any additional charges.

“At this time we have no proof he fled,” Yeagley said.

White is alleged to have been growing and selling hallucinogenic mushrooms in his terrace-level Celani residence hall. Teammate Joe Sawicki, who lives with White in Celani, was arrested Tuesday on the same three charges.

Both men were suspended for Saturday’s spring football game and were released from the program Wednesday.


  1. Keep it classy CMU

  2. Cmlifecommenter says:

    There it is again, LODGED!  Everybody take a drink.

  3. ISABELLA BOY says:

    hahahahahaha deserved it the kid thinks he was all that when he sucked at football. coach dont redshirt me or ill dump my fullride. dumbass

  4. Allegedly, in his senior year at Stevenson high school, a teacher once asked where her students saw themselves in five years, and his response was “in the league.” 
    If this was true, he was kinda wrong.

  5. Who’s running this asylum anyway? Between the millions that CMU squanders on its med school folly, its out-of-touch administration and this mess of a football team, you have to wonder whether anyone will ever be held accountable for anything.

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