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Sacred Heart commencement speaker refused after church officals learned he was gay

A Sacred Heart Academy graduate says he cannot speak at commencement after school officials found out he was gay.

Dominic Sheahan-Stahl was not told by Sacred Heart, but informed by his mother, he said in a video posted on YouTube yesterday.

“I was very taken aback and shocked by this,” he said.

A Facebook page called “Let Dominic Speak,” has received more than 1,500 likes since its creation last night.

Sheahan-Stahl said he was told by Sacred Heart that if he hadn’t put it on Facebook that he would possibly be able to give his speech.

Sheahan-Stahl said he is not aiming to upset or bother anyone, but to inform that discrimination is wrong.

He said there is not one inkling of him being gay in his speech, but that it focuses on fear and  how the world can be.

Sheahan-Stahl’s youngest brother is graduating from Sacred Heart this year, he said.

Sacred Heart school officials plan to issue a statement by the end of the day.

Keep checking for more on this developing story.


  1. A10koaksfed says:

    This is a religious school.  Each religion is free to do as it pleases, free of government interference.  If one does not like the actions of a particular body one can either join it and fight from within, or take action from the outside.  Regardless of choice, the school is a religious institution and has the freedom to take whatever action it choses in this matter.

    •  And this is a form of independent press. The press is free to publish the facts of news, free of government interference. If one does not like the actions of a particular a particular independent news, one can either join it and fight from within, or take action from the outside. Regardless of choice, the paper is a free press organization and has the freedom to publish whatever news stories it chooses in this matter.

    • stop trying to justify discrimination. the same argument could be made about segregation years ago. wake up, it’s 2012. 

    • By that logic, a school is allowed to be racist. This is no different than a school saying someone can’t speak because they’re female, black, etc. Wake up

  2. Tom Jackson says:

    I was raised catholic and even as a young college student very devout and was about to enter into the seminary back home. Stories like this disgust me and are reasons why I left the church. The Pharisees did the same to Jesus because they couldn’t stand to hear the truth from him. WWJD?  

  3. Michmediaperson says:

    It’s a private, religious school.  They have a first amendment right, Freedom of Religion.
    Of course, the radical left trashes the US Constitution when it defends its gay friends.

    Racist?  Absolutely not.   The Bible condemns homosexuality.

    What’s next for you left-wingers to speak at Sacred Heart.  Strippers?  Guys who rape women?  Murderers?

    Homosexuality is a behaviorial problem. 

    Sacred Heart or any religious school has a right under the US Constitution to do this.   

  4. The “freedom of religion” issue is completely off point.  No government entity is forcing Sacred Heart to do anything.  Those of us in the community who are offended that a school would fail to treat ALL of its students with dignity are simply speaking out against its bigotry.  The school can make up its own mind about whether it wants to persist in its bigotry and alienate its neighbors.

  5. Michmediaperson says:

    We need Hillsdale College to come up to CMU and present its students, unionized tenured students, staff and Administrators a tutorial on the US Constitution.  Hillsdale has a great 10-week online course.

    Sacred Heart and the Catholic Church have a first amendment right on its stance on homosexuality.  

    If you don’t like it, then don’t attend the Catholic Church and a catholic school.

    It’s their call.   Andrew, if Catholic doctrine preaches against homosexuality, then that’s the Catholic Church’s right.   It’s NOT bigotry!!! 

  6. We have a right to point out they are bigots. Bigotry is still bigotry even when hidden behind Jesus.

    Lets face it – hating gays is not central to the teachings of Jesus. When people give it disproportional time of day it ceases to become a Religious issue and becomes a personal vendetta.

    Young people have always smelled your bullshit. Its why American religion is declining. Its also why the future of the church is a polarized distribution of born-again-nutjobs and wishy-washy new-age-christians.

    What ever happened to the normal people? (Hint, atheism is growing rapidly)

  7. I would be interested to hear more about what the church has to say on this issue as it develops and read its statement as well. Though I can understand how many of you may feel in regard to this, I’m predicting that the church, in actually, likely does not have any kind of dislike for this young man but rather are denying his speech simply because using him as their representation would be contradictory to the church’s message. 

    Catholic churches teach their parishioners to love every single person as we are all children of God in their eyes. However, though they may love this young man as an individual, expecting the church to condone actions that they believe are sinful is wrong. The church has not wavered in their beliefs for thousands of years and yet I feel as though in this day and age many want the church to conform to modern ideologies of what they think is right. In actuality, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and they are all just that…opinions. Don’t get mad when those who disagree with you won’t conform to your opinions, the church is not forcing anyone to conform to theirs, they are just controlling their own institutions.

  8. people don't think says:

    First bigotry means hatred. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean they hate you. A liberal democratic convention would not have the keynote speaker be a republican because he/she would go against their views. That does not make the liberals or democrats bigots. Also being gay is a behavior not an anatomical attribute like being dark or light skinned. There are many other behaviors that people can not help being born with that are viewed as unacceptable. You wouldn’t let a known pedophile speak on ethics would you. He can not help that he is a pedophile and we should not be bigoted to him, right?

  9. Why should they be expected to have someone speak at their private catholic school who is publicly defiant of the organization’s beliefs and teachings? This has nothing to do with the church “hating” gays and has everything to do with the church not supporting the homosexual lifestyle.

  10. mediacriticpa says:

    To Tim and the others:
    If Sacred Heart would prohibit a speaker because they were just found guilty of murder or spousal abuse or embezzlement, then that would be bigotry?

    Sacred Heart is a religious institution.  The Bible says No to homosexuality.  They’re following the Bible.

    Homosexuality is a behavioral lifestyle.

    By the way, for all you Liberals—–since you advocate abortion—-if a woman was told that the baby to be would be homosexual by the tests baby doctors do—and she elects to have an abortion because she didn’t want a gay child—-would she be a bigot??????????

  11. Haha was this michmediaperson dropped on his head as a baby? Probably was a failed abortion attempt, which would explain his distaste for the act. Of course if a woman decides to abort a child because it won’t be exactly what she wants it to it won’t be bigotry – it would be awful, though. People choose to have abortions because they can’t support a child, and so their life and the child’s life would be ruined, and better off not happening. If you can’t see that, you probably shouldn’t be allowed out in public.

  12. I would like not to get off track of this issue by skewing off onto a tangent about abortion and avoid generalizing everyone with an opposing opinion as “liberal” michmediaperson. That being said however, it’s really sad that people seem to have this attitude that they’re allowed to be the thought police for everyone else. In this case, it’s a private, religious school that doesn’t want to be represented by someone who openly disagrees with their beliefs. I don’t see what’s so controversial about that. A commencement speaker is just that — a representative. And regardless of what his speech was about, the fact that he makes clear his open disregard for the school’s values should be reason enough to find a different speaker. 

    Good examples of this principle have already been listed, some a bit more extreme than just living a gay lifestyle, but on the simple level of opposing religious ideologies, would anyone be upset if a Muslim school didn’t want to be represented by an atheist? Or a Protestant school refused a Catholic commencement speaker? I doubt it. I would just like to remind people that a commencement speaker doesn’t just represent himself; he represents his entire school and his school’s tradition. That’s why schools have commencement speakers.

    I hate to say it, but it’s almost gotten to the point where in society, it’s unacceptable to be an orthodox Catholic. Even when they practice their beliefs in private (like this case at a private school), those who disagree with them still act like it’s their right to tell them how they should behave. To many, being gay is simply like being black or white, and they don’t see the moral side of this at all. They turn a blind eye to the fact that other people may have legitimate reasons for opposing that lifestyle. That’s why it’s easy to hate something you don’t understand. 

  13. To MMP.

    Yes. It would be bigotry against murderers. No one has a problem with bigotry against murderers because bigotry against murderers is A-OK.

    The mental gymnastics needed to get the sin of murder to be equally as bad as the sin of homosexuality is astounding. You must really hate gay people?

    Pro-tip. Jesus wasn’t a hater.

  14. The only people who say “homosexuality is a behavioral lifestyle” are either morons (all lifestyles are “behavioral,” like your “behavioral lifestyle” of being a troll and a general one-person plague against reason) or are deep in the weeds of the closet.  Gack.

  15. Michmediaperson says:

    The  Catholic Church doesn’t allow speakers who are against church doctrine.  The Saginaw News interviewed the Bishop.  The Bishop’s press release about what the Church states is clear.  Crystal clear!!   That’s their first amendment right.   I suppose if a straight guy was found to be an abortion doctor, that speaker wouldn’t be allowed to appear either.  Then, all of you would be accusing the Church of being sexists because they don’t believe in killing unborn children.   It’s the Catholic Church’s call, not yours! 

    All you multiculturalists are probably Humanists who don’t believe in God and Jesus.

    It’s a national news story since the media is liberal, multiculturalists, anti-God, anti-Jesus, pro-gay.  They’re taught that now in J-school.  Forget the first amendment, Freedom of Religion.   Whether it’s the Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church, the Methodist Church, Baptist Church, Mormon Church—-it’s their call who is going to speak and who isn’t.  It’s their First Amendment, Freedom of Religion constitutional right.
    What don’t you multiculturalists comprehend?   All you need to take the FREE, 10-week US Constitution course through Hillsdale College.

    I’m not a Catholic so I don’t think they will allow me to take communion in their church but that’s fine.   It’s their church, not mine.  And, if they’re not happy, there are plenty of other churches out there.

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