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MSA Director Nana Korsah remembered as friendly, advocate for students

Nana Korsah

Warm, generous and caring.

These are words coworkers used to describe the late Nana Korsah, 64, Central Michigan University’s director of Master of Science Administration, who passed away over the weekend.

Korsah died from an apparent heart attack, said Denise Schafer, MSA coordinator, in an email to her staff.

“Any of you who had ever met this kind and scholarly man will know how much he will be missed,” Schafer said in the email. “He was a dear and gentle soul; always the student advocate and supporter.”

Korsah spent three years as MSA director. He worked on international initiatives, including a trip to his home country of Ghana. He also worked with the global campus staff on offering the MSA program in India and China.

“He loved his job, loved CMU and, more importantly, he loved that program,” said Roger Coles, interim dean of the College of Graduate Studies. “He kept preaching the benefits of getting an MSA degree.”

Kim Gribben, assistant director of MSA, said Korsah touched many lives with his sense of humor and numerous stories of his home country of Ghana.

“We would always laugh a lot because he would always say ‘that would be a million dollars,’ if you asked him for anything,” Gribben said.

Korsah also helped work on a new concentration in research and administration that will start this fall, as well as overseeing the completion of customized textbooks for the MSA core classes going through a curriculum revision.

In his time, he hired three full-time temporary faculty, something the department never had before, Gribben said.

“It created a real community of scholars and a better atmosphere for our students,” she said. “They felt they could come in and see faculty in the department, and that was another important accomplishment.”

Rogers and Gribben both spoke highly of Korsah’s work ethic and personality.

“He was one of those people who, within minutes of meeting him, you felt you’ve known him all your life,” Gribben said. “It’s going to be a big loss for us.”

According to a release by CMU, “a ceremony celebrating Dr. Korsah’s life will likely take place in his native country of Ghana.”


  1. Jeremy Bond says:

    Dr. Korsah was one of a kind, with a unique kindness and warmth.  As the email notice to the CMU community stated, he called us all friends…and we were.

  2. Joe Garrison says:

    Dr. Korsah was a tremendous person. I’ll always remember the big smile and handshake we would have as we met on campus. He was a very kind person and cared tremendously about student success and ensuring the students had a good experience in the MSA courses/program. He will be missed.

  3. I had the pleasure of helping Dr. Korsah with technical issues, and he truly was a funny, caring individual. Made me feel right at home while I was poking around his new MacBook that he was very proud of, and that was only just a few months ago. Even though I only met him once, I felt like I had always known him. A true class-act, he will be missed.

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