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Enrollment and Student Services division announces enrollment, recruitment strategies

The Enrollment and Student Services division of Central Michigan University has announced enrollment and recruitment strategies to be implemented for years to come.

Tuesday afternoon, President of Enrollment and Student Services Steven Johnson released a statement outlining the current enrollment situations CMU is facing, along with plans to increase enrollment and recruitment efforts.

In the statement, Johnson said by 2020, Michigan’s high school classes will have shrunk by about 30,000 students, creating more competition between universities to recruit the students that are left.

“Although competition is fierce and high school classes will be smaller, we want to make sure we maintain our admissions standards,” Johnson said. “We don’t want to admit more students that won’t be successful at CMU. We’re looking to expand our market by recruiting outside of the state of Michigan.”

Johnson also said on-campus registration is slightly lower than expected this fall.

“We’re a little behind pace compared to last year, but we still have a lot of activity during the summer,” he said. “Enrollment won’t be finalized until the second or third week of September. Students are still making decisions and there are so many opportunities for students to change schedules in the summer, so we can’t say anything for sure until the fall.”

In the statement, Johnson outlined a plan for recruitment that includes investing in high-priority programs such as science, technology, engineering and math, increasing recruitment efforts outside of Michigan, increasing efforts to recruit Global Campus students, limiting tuition increases and upholding admissions standards at CMU.

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  1. Michmediaperson says:

    This is encouraging.  With 30,000 fewer students, that means universities lower tuition, eliminate tenured, unionized Democrat Party-voing  liberal faculty, cut costs…………….or face going out of business.  If the students are smart, they will negotiate hard with Michigan universities.   When you get to the point where you have empty dorms, you threaten to go off-campus unless costs are dropped significantly.

    Suggestion, Mr. Johnson.   Instead of giving scholarships to foreigners,why not give them to Michigan youngsters?  CM LIFE quoted some graduate school  honcho a year or so ago that every foreigner gets $750.  Is that correct?   Let’s give that to a youngster of a Michigan taxpayers.   Michigan youngsters come first, not foreigners!  Let’s invest in Michigan, not India or the Phillipines or Parts Unknown.

    “INVESTING”  sounds like we’re spending money.  Is that correct?

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