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COLUMN: A whole different world

I come from down south in Saint Louis, Mo., where I attended Lindenwood University last year.

My family is heavily involved in the military, my dad and brother being Marines, and a very big Navy family (Go Navy!). I moved around a lot in the St. Louis area for a total of nine times, but this past summer I made the decision to attend Central Michigan University, in order to be close to my grandmother who lives in Canadian Lakes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love St. Louis, we have some amazing things like the Cardinals, Blues, Gooey Butter Cake, and Toasted Raviolis, but sometimes we need a change in order to grow.

One of the first things I noticed at CMU was the sheer size of the school. I came from a really small religious school called Lindenwood University, which housed about 3,000 on campus. There was nothing to do, Greek Society was basically nothing, and it was a strict dry campus. Visitation was from 4 to 10 p.m. and the opposite sex could not spend the night.

To have some sort of fun, you had to go into the city to clubs or other schools around the area to party. So coming to CMU, 26,000 kids alone is a change.

Another thing I noticed was the food, some of you may think it sucks, but I love it. Lindenwood didn’t have any dining choices at all, and at night would only be open until 8 p.m. LU also didn’t have convenience stores either on campus. CMU students are spoiled a little bit; you guys have a designated bike area, safe-rides, and different places to eat on campus. I really do love the campus, and the people that I have met.

Michiganders: The hand thing is really pointless. I have lost count on how many of you use your hands to point where you live. If I wanted to know how badly where exactly you live I would just Google it. Yoopers is also different. Every time someone says it I think to Game of Thrones, or the people that live beyond The Wall in the book. I keep thinking of people dressed like eskimos making their way down south.

Last but not least: I am sorry to anyone on campus that is a Tigers fan. I am not sorry, however, when they lost to the Cardinals in 2006. The defense sucked, and the Cardinals blew through it like a level 5 hurricane. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is loyal to the team they grew up with, but Tigers fans need to move on. I don’t know how many snide looks I got on campus when I wear my Cardinals hat or jersey. It hurts to lose, but move on.

Your team has only won what, four World Series?

I will say this: Michigan can do something right. Superman ice cream is awesome.


  1. I_Was_A_Teenage_McCarthyist says:

    (Screw the Armed Forces!)
    No need to be a cheerleader for hired killers and their comrades;
    Especially as the war machine marches on indefinitely and will never stop

    There’s some food for you plate.

  2. E. Carmichal says:

    Okay – so there’s been a lot of talk about this article amongst my friends and family. I am also a transplant from Missouri, and I find this “commentary” problematic on soooooo many levels. First of all, I wonder what her experience at Lindenwood University (a relatively obscure private institution) has to do with anything, especially when no one from around here knows what that is…or even cares? The author is obviously so offended by the reference to the hand for a mapping of a hometown by Michiganders – I don’t see the difference between her disgust for this endearing display of an on-point method of locating someone’s hometown and her TWICE-referenced who-knows-where college? Secondly, I think the hand as a map is awesome. Totally awesome. Period. No explanation or denying. Why so sour about it? Does it have anything to do with the fact that we, as Missourians, cannot show anyone on our hands where we are from? If you don’t want to see the hand when someone tells you where they’re from…hows about NOT asking in the first place? Don’t be rude about something that goes beyond you, Rachel – you can learn a lot from people in a different place. Right now, you’re racking up the bonus points for Jerk-Writer-of-the-Semester…keep ‘em coming. There is an art to a good commentary. I can see you’re still working on it. And lastly…baseball S#@$-talk, really? Was this supposed to be a friendly jab? Sounds like someone who mighta bought some pants that were waaaaaay too big, and now she has to run in them…you’re new here, fellow Show-Me-stater…best look, listen, and learn before you just assume you know it already…you’re missing a lot wearing your ego-hat with a redbird on it. No one cares about them up here…and no one cares about Missouri. You’re in MICHIGAN now…this IS a whole new place. How about you enjoy it instead of trashing it and its people? Take from a fellow emigrant.

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