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Some CMU students plan to sport green for clash with MSU

Although many Central Michigan University students are committed Chippewas in academia, some will sport their Spartan gear for Saturday’s football game. (Andrew Kuhn/Photo Illustration)

Although many Central Michigan University students are committed Chippewas in academia, some will sport their Spartan gear for Saturday’s football game.

“I grew up near East Lansing and that’s home to me,” said Holt CMU sophomore Anastasha Franco. “I was raised as a Spartan fan so that’s naturally who I root for.”

Even some non-Lansing natives will be rooting for Michigan State University.

“State will win because they are a Big Ten team and we are a MAC team, so their program is better,” said Traverse City junior Andrew Zelinski.

When it comes to showing school spirit at the game, there is a bit of controversy for some students that have torn ideas on who to root for.

“I made a shirt that is half MSU and half CMU because I go here, but I want MSU to win because they are overall better. No one is up to par skill-wise to MSU,” Franco said.

Some students felt that cheering for MSU was a better idea because of the way that our football team was performing last year.

“We need better recruitment to make our team stronger if we want to beat MSU,” Zelinski said.

The fact that some students think that MSU may come out on top is not going to stop them from having fun at their own stadium with their mixed group of friends.

“I’m going to tailgate with friends from Central and State, and I know that collectively we can all have fun together,” said Lansing sophomore Katlyn Kyriakopoulos.


  1. Proud Chippewa says:

    As a recently graduated alum of CMU this crushes me. Why would you root for a school that you did not CHOOSE to get an education from? College is a choice. Those who don green and white and root against their own peers, shame on you. You had the choice to go to MSU, and you did not. I’ve heard the arguments about CMU being less expensive or easier to get into, but I don’t care. Regardless of the reason as to why you are a CMU student, you are just that: a CMU student. Have some self respect and support your school.

    • Yes, because as we all know, football actually matters and it’s the only reason or way to support your school. How silly of me to think I’m paying all this money for a degree! I forget all the time that it’s all about watching some guys throw a ball around. That’s more than $80,000 well spent!

      All that aside, who says you HAVE to support your school? You aren’t being forced to like their sports teams; you’re free to choose who you want. I was (barely) an MSU fan as a kid, and I’ll still be more of a fan of MSU than Chippewas.

      • So in HS did you cheer for your rival instead of the school you went to because they were better?

      • Who says “Proud Chippewa” was writing this strictly about athletics, or even football? There are hundreds of other ways to support CMU. How about the departmental student organizations that win national awards? Or students and faculty that get to present research across the state or the nation? Being in the know about the students that truly represent this university is being supportive much more than at any athletic event. It’s our student athletes, though, that get to showcase it in front of a large audience every week. Additionally, you can’t ignore that this is the largest event in the history of Mount Pleasant. I don’t care what your stance is on football or athletics in general, but this event is going to create a large revenue for the university and Mount Pleasant in general. I think that speaks louder than words; when one event can provide a boost, economically, to a community. Lastly, I hope that you realize a couple things. One, that football is much more about throwing a ball around. And two, that I have met no one, ever, including players on the team, that think “it’s all about watching some guys throw a ball around.” I hope, jonniez, that you don some Maroon and Gold this weekend, or at least pretend to. If not, I feel sorry that you have had a mediocre at best CMU experience, and I can assure you that, speaking for most every Chippewa past and present I know, your experience here is unlike most.

      • You support the school by paying tuition dumb ass.

    • Silly question, would you choose your political canidate off the same idea? OK, I’ll back away from that topic and go light. How about your choice of a restraunt and the beverage (soda) you drink? Pepsi and Taco Bell go hand in hand… Owned by the same company. Taste aside…
      What about the field they want to go into… I have attended LCC, Lawrence and MSU, does that mean I have to root for only? It was my first school.
      Your comment is closed minded and the same type of crap that goes on in Ann Arbor. I believe he/she is respecting himself/herself by rooting with their heart and not their designated field.

      • First off Taco Bell is not owned by Pepsi. Secondly its not close minded to say you should support your alma mater first. If you walk into the stadium Saturday you are a college football fan, but when you choose to support the other team you are making a fatal error in loyalty and integrity. This would not be okay at MSU or U of M, if you go to MSU you root for MSU, and no one questions that. We all make decisions in our life and if you don’t have the backbone to display a little loyalty, GTFO. It’s not always easy rooting for the underdog, but it is rewarding and I take pride in it. If CMU had the same level of support across the board from their alums that MSU sees. We might not be talking about CMU as the underdog.

        • Perhaps not today Chipper, but here’s hoping your not majoring in business:
          Yum! was created on October 7, 1997, as Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc. an independent company, as a result of a spin-out from PepsiCo, which owned and franchised the KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell brands worldwide. Because of the company’s previous relationship with Pepsi, Yum! Brands has a lifetime contract with PepsiCo, with notable exceptions being the contract of A&W Restaurants with Dr Pepper Snapple Group to be the exclusive restaurant provider of A&W Root Beer, and the contracts of franchisees such as HMSHost and college-operated locations with Coca-Cola which override Yum’s lifetime PepsiCo contract, along with some scattered KFC franchises across the United States which continue to maintain Coke fountain rights.

          • Yum! is not owned by Pepsi. It was founded as a spin-off company by Pepsi but was sold by Pepsi in 1997, as your own article states. I can see why you wouldn’t be loyal to a school that couldn’t even teach you basic reading comprehension. However, most self-respecting individual would not cheer against their own school.

        • it is indeed owned by pepsico… pepsi

    • FireUpChipsss says:

      Not everyone had the CHOICE to go to MSU or CMU. You can’t deny that the admissions standards at MSU are more strict than CMU.

  2. PREACH! It sickens me to hear that some of our student body will be rooting for MSU this weekend. Whether you grew up near Lansing, or your parents are Alum as mine are, no excuses, be proud of the The Chippewas. Not cowards. It takes heart to root for the underdog. It takes guts to adorn the Maroon and Gold when you know your facing giants. And finally, it takes something special to stay at the game when your team is down a few touchdowns in the 4th quarter … But when CMU comes back and wins a miracle of a game and you were with them, by them, and for them down to the end. That feeling, … Well there’s nothing like it on earth. TOO FEW KNOW THAT FEELING. But CMU alum know that feeling. Anyone can hide behind what’s probable. But there’s a greater victory in valor. May it be said of us CMU faitful, we win, we lose, but we fight. Go Chips!

  3. This is sad. As an alum, I know importance of school pride. Students need to have it about our football team, academics, and themselves. CMU is a fantastic school that provides opportunities for all of us, find them and use them.


    Fire Up Chips!

  4. I hope someone chucks an unopened beer in that traitors face. Gtfo and go to state then.

  5. Andrew Zelinski? I was at the first every two games the Chips played at MSU. Guess what? The Chips won both, in fact we won just a couple of years ago.

    Don’t count out the maroon and gold so quickly. Fire Up Chips!

  6. That picture made me puke a little, in my mouth.

  7. Does the Zelinski quote about MAC vs
    Big 10 apply to Ohio beating Penn St. Whoops.

  8. Well, students are free to choose… but, strange that anyone would be a student at CMU and root against the school you attend? Very weird. If MSU was playing some other team then I can see it, I guess, if you really felt like it. But, school pride would seem to be enough to root for the Chippewas at least for this one week????

  9. I’m an MSU alum (graduated 10 years ago) and I do feel that kids that went to CMU should cheer for CMU. If you have a bond with MSU you can cheer for them against everyone else — but you gotta first be loyal to the school that made you who you are.

  10. I cannot believe this. It sounds so pathetic to hear that “They are the better team so they will win”. Have you ever heard of rooting for the underdog? Especially when the underdog is your own school!That’s what we were when we beat them 3 years ago! There is a serious lack of school pride here at CMU and it really grinds my gears. My high school football team lost almost every game, every year. Still, the whole school went to the game. Why? Because we had hope! That’s something that I wish more CMU students had. Instead, I see many have given up on our fellow Chippewas.

  11. Nobody ever accused Central Michigan students of being bright.

  12. Loyalty is a valued trait in the working world, especially loyalty to your alma mater. Hopefully these people develop some before they’re sent out there because as new grads you’ll be asked about your school and what you thought of it, probably including friendly questions about guys throwing a ball around. Good luck with that, I’d consider this attitude a character issue myself in determining who to hire.

    • That’s pretty silly if you base your hiring off of loyalty to sports teams. Regardless, the students stated that their loyalty is exactly why they are rooting for MSU. They are so loyal to their roots that, even though they now study at a different university, they still know where they came from. If anything, that shows true loyalty.

    • Are you kidding, Jim? Perhaps the real story here should be “some employers base hiring decisions on football fandom.” For what reason should CMU students support the football team any more than, say, the administration? How many members of the football team have been arrested this year so far?

      The football program is quality fun, but it shouldn’t be the measure of a university or its grads. You can build your company with talent from the tailgate lot at your own peril. Wake me up when Dan LeFevour accepts a Nobel prize.

      • My point is not I that would hire someone based on the quality of their college’s football program, it’s the quality of the individual. And yeah, I consider someone who would attend a home game at the college they are attending wearing the opposing team’s colors, especially based on the nonsensical reasons given in this article, of questionable quality and intelligence and not someone I’d want on my team.

      • Comprehend much Truth?
        The point wasn’t about how good or bad a football program is
        If you like another univesity so much, then go to school at said univesity. Put that OTHER univesity on your resume, be proud of your education from THAT school.
        Why would anyone want to degrade the quality or reputation of a university that you CHOSE to attend? If you are not proud of your school, then why spend your time and money at the school?

  13. I will heckle any green I see in the student section

  14. How often will you closed minded people who can’t fill out your own stadium piss and moan about how green it is this weekend?
    So off the same standards you are trying to hold your students to, does not transfer over to your choice of the coach you hired… DAN ENOS… SPARTAN!
    Just realize and accept what your school really is (which I feel is a great school) but your not a major player, be happy the kids are giving their dollars to your school and stop being so self righteous.

    • The students didn’t hire Enos, the AD did, but his coaching experience has no bearing on these “standards” you talk about. Are we able to root for Providence or Drake because we hired Keno Davis? I don’t think it’s too much to ask that students cheer for their own school.

    • Since college is meant to prepare people for the real world I can’t help but see all of this in the context of the working world. I’d love to hear you explain to me how CMU is not a major player either in academics or athletics if you were sitting in front of me interviewing for a job. I have a degree from Michigan too, so I have the cred to know what I’m talking about. Not that you would ever, ever stand a chance of being hired at either company since you can’t spell restaurant, but if you were I’d love to be a fly on the wall when you pull out your Android phone while working at Apple or your iPhone while working at Google and then explain to your bosses your understanding of honor and loyalty.

  15. Supporting your school is not a part time job–you don’t get to pick and choose when you want to support it. The only reason why students want to wear MSU garb is because they don’t believe we will win, however, if they thought we were going to win, this article wouldn’t even have been thought about. “Win or lose we’re proud of you” means nothing to most students, unless you are in athletics or the band.
    Anyway, my point is, if you are this wishy washy with even the simplest thing as supporting your school, this is going to transcend into your outside life. Transfer to State if you really want to support them. Kthanksbye.

  16. Western is just gonna beat us. With everyone’s logic here might as well wear brown and gold. Root for the better team because they’ll win.

  17. I would be embarrassed to have my name be published in this article

  18. Cheering for State ’cause they’re probably gonna win? I think I’ll stick with my alma mater, thanks. “Win or lose, we’re proud of you!”

  19. I hope the players on the team never find out how little support they’d have from the students if it was UofM instead of MSU coming to play.

  20. If Butch Jones were still here, he’d go crazy. Remember when he called out a student for wearing an Iowa T-shirt a few years back at Fire Up Fest, I believe?

  21. Jim you are right! its all about loyalty, i expect cmu alum and students to root maroon and gold, period. I expect the same for MSU. My sister is a MSU alum and my brother is on the CMU team. I had no problem when my sister said good luck to my brother but she will be rooting for sparty. Dont MSU and UM get mad when people who dont go there root for them anyway (ie Walmart wolverines), but now all of the sudden its ok… Fire up chips!

    • “Walmart Wolverine” (which shortens to Walverine) is a term to describe a UofM fan who did not attend either UofM or MSU who bashes on the academics of MSU. There are plenty of other trash-talk terms for anyone else.

  22. Apparently those of you who believe MSU will beat CMU simply because “they’re a Big Ten team so their program is better” have never heard of 1991, 1992, or 2009. MSU was ranked 19 in the top 25 when they played CMU in 1991, and were defeated by CMU 3-20.

  23. I will be at the game on Saturday, and I will be wearing MAROON. Despite my CHILDHOOD allegiance to UofM, nothing will ever deter me from sporting my alma mater’s colors on gameday.

    While I still question the current leadership of the football program, the players put in way too much hard work and dedication year-round to represent CMU to have to face a green and white-clad student section at Kelly Shorts. Fire Up Chips!!!

  24. As a Spartan, I would ask all CMU students to please support their university this weekend. If you want to root for MSU any other weekend, that can be their choice. If you want to cheer for both teams, that’s fine too. This has gotten to some of the CMU players and they sound pretty disappointed. This will probably be the biggest home game they play in their college careers. Dan Enos is also a Spartan and he really needs everyone’s support up in Mt. P to get that program going and this game could help with a great Chippewa turnout.

  25. I don’t understand why this was published in the first place. A couple of days before the game, shouldn’t we just be encouraging our football team? I’m kind of disgusted by all of this.

  26. CMU football is completely irrelevant along with every other team in a non-AQ conference. The NCAA made this clear with their recent “changes” to the BCS. Michigan State, on the other hand, is completely relevant.

    No one at CMU grew up a CMU fan. Most of them grew up liking U of M or MSU. If they want to continue to root for something relevant in college football who are we to tell them they can’t?

    I went to CMU and paid up the ass for a degree but if you think I’m going to be stuck rooting for an irrelevant team in my favorite sport(football) for the rest of my life then you’re crazy.

    • MSU or Big Ten Relevant???? LMAO!!!!! SEC, PAC12 are the only BCS conferences that are relevant. The rest are just cannon fodder, MSU would be crushed by Alabama, LSU, USC, Oregon. And talk about irrelevant in the Big 10, refresh my memory when was the last Rose Bowl MSU played in, and what is their record vs CMU in this century. MSU is a Big Ten also ran, and has been for years. Give me a break……….

  27. Okay then maybe our head football coach should just give up and root for state as well seeing he’s from MSU.. Grow up and either root for the school your paying thousands of dollars to go to, for one day, or try to transfer to the school you probably got denied from..

  28. As a fellow CMU alum I am sadden and sickened by this. I am from the Lansing area and I grew up supporting state and I still will any other weekend BUT this weekend. A person should be supporting their school, you don’t attend MSU why would you be wearing their clothing at the game at your school against your current school?? Please someone teach people about loyalty. Dont tell me that you are loyal to MSU either, sorry not buying it. For the people that say “oh Big ten no match for a MAC team….I guess you forgot about 2009 only 3 years ago when we came back and BEAT MSU at MSU. I proudly was at that game and was decked out in MAROON AND GOLD. I was thrilled when it happened. Will it happen this year?? Probably not, but either way state is coming to our school, you should show the MSU kids how CMU rolls. Support your school, I always have been proud in the real world that I am an CMU alum. I will still be rooting for CMU this weekend. Shame on you.

  29. Andrew Zelinski is what we call a bandwagon jumper. FIRE UP

  30. Andrew & Anastasha,
    Pack up your **** and get out of Mt. Pleasant!

  31. Slightly annoyed says:

    I grew up in Lansing, and I currently live in Lansing, but I graduated from CMU, and I am quite happy spending my Saturdays wearing maroon and gold. I am not a State grad; I have no business in green and white.

  32. From East Lansing says:

    I am current CMU student and originally from East Lansing, not just near by East Lansing. I can bike to campus from my parents’ house in ten minutes and I have several family members who are MSU alumnus. I grew up bleeding green and white. But when CMU played MSU three years ago, I walked into Spartan Stadium decked out in Maroon and Gold and proudly screaming “Fire Up!” I have never not cheered for the Spartans when in Spartan Stadium, but you should support your colleagues. And the football players down there, they are your colleagues. They go to the same school you do, you may even have a class with them, and some day you may have to work with them. Cheering for the other side just tells everyone else on campus that you’re not proud to be a part of the great community that CMU has built. And that’s a damn shame.

  33. Love the quote:

    “State will win because their a Big Ten team, and we are a MAC team, so their program is better…”

    Interesting… I believe CMU was a MAC school a few years back when they went to State and won… could be wrong? (Sarcasm)

  34. Rooting for the favorite just because they’re the favorite makes no sense, but then again, we’re talking about sparty fans here- no one will ever expect them to be sensible… it’s just not who they are-

  35. Id be severely embaressed to have my name quoted in this article.

  36. I am suprised by the lack of loyalty to your own school of choice. If you think your school is going to lose, do you always vote for the opposing team? CMU HAS beaten MSU in the past. It can happen. FIRE UP CHIPS! Signed, a Proud and Loyal 2003 Alumnus.

  37. I don’t care if we win or lose you should always be proud to be a Chippewa. End of story. I wish that people would realize that there are more than two teams in MI that play college football. You can wear whatever colors you want but when it comes down to it true CMU fans will only be wearing maroon & gold & if you aren’t a true fan maybe you shouldn’t sit in the student section or cheer for the team just until a “better” team comes a long.

  38. Haha…and MSU fans make fun of “wal-mart wolverines”

  39. any chip wearing green this weekend should be banned to a life filled with UP courses.

  40. Some support MSU because of their hometown roots. Fair enough. Others support MSU because they are “better” and “will win”. Those are the worst reason ever. Gross.

  41. I graduated from CMU and have always been a huge Michigan fan. I always root for CMU but im always torn when the two play. Everyone needs to realize when your growing up you grow up either a Michigan fan or Msu fan. Both schools play on T.V every game. CMU started playing on T.V only but a few years ago and thats only a few games a year. Makes a big difference.

  42. CMU class of ’81 alum here and received my Master’s at U of M in ’83……FIRE UP CHIPS and GO BLUE!…..BEAT THE SPARTANS! Don’t need to say anything else.

  43. Look at all the pathetic fans in this comment section. Grow up, it’s a football game.

  44. Turn them away at the gate. Tell them that there must be some mistake since the free tickets are for CMU students.

    • They need all the headcount they can get to avoid getting booted from the division, so that’d be a rather counter-productive idea. They should do it.

  45. Dan,

    I grew up liking CMU. And so do my children. And Dan maybe if you rooted for them, donated some money, bought some tickets, they would not be so “irrelevant” as you say they are. You are part of the problem people like you think they way that they do.

    Show a little support. Imagine all the people that supported the other schools athletics departments with money and put it toward the school they attended. Imagine if you and other “irrelevant alums”actually went to a CMU game and not East Lansing? You make fun of the stadium being empty but you do nothing about it?

    You are the problem!

  46. mediacriticpa says:

    I’m not standing up for these students because it’s sad to see the insult they are hurling toward our football players. If we upset MSU Saturday, Central Michigan’s name will be all over the national media Saturday and Sunday and throughout Big Ten country for the next couple weeks since we play at Iowa on Sept. 22. This is POSITIVE PR for the university. It will help these students get jobs,etc. This “Green” CMU fans are a slap in the face to the football players.
    On the other hand, let’s also ask the question. Is CMU always loyal to the students? When CMU flies people first-class on airlines forcing tuition to go up, etc.
    Is CMU always looking out for the student? When faculty threatens strikes? Million-dollar websites?
    If it were me, at the end of the day, you shouldn’t be wearing Green unless you have a family member on the MSU football team.

  47. I_Was_A_Teenage_McCarthyist says:

    Everything about this school is nonsense.
    Loyalty is a mighty fine characteristic for a dog. Which is what sport fandom and education make you if you let it.
    An animal that is afraid of the invisible master smacking you on the balls with a stick.

    This crap is preventing us from traveling into space and expanding the consciousness of every man woman and child. The game is on.
    There is a ridiculous Huxley universe where everybody picks a camp and fights over literally nothing.

    Cheers Michigan!

  48. This is shameful. Absolutely Shameful. “Their program is better” and “they are overall better” are incredibly illogical reasons to be rooting for a team. Those two statements will always be true unless people are proud to be from Central (as you should be, for many reasons). This article alone would steer me away if I were a potential recruit. Do you think students at schools that Central could be: Boise or TCU, are rooting for Oregon or Texas A&M for the above stated reasons? No.

  49. Pedo State won’t be relevant for the next several years. (Way to go, Joe.)

  50. According to Florence Schneider, he’s thrown all the games he’s coached against them so far. (She’s not a rational thinker, that one.)

  51. Way to be a vicious, petty moron.

  52. There sure is a lot of people rabidly passionate about CMU football. For this game. Funny how empty the stadium is the rest of the time. So much for supporting “their” team.

  53. So this makes me feel a little better about how I’ll be rooting for Western on November 3rd. I DID go to school for 3 years at WMU, and I was born as raised in Kzoo, so the only team I really know how to root for wears brown and gold. No matter how much I love the current academic program that I’m in here at Central (which is amazing by the way), the sports teams on the grass and on the ice that I grew up watching are going to be the teams I’ll root for over all else.
    That being said, whenever Central isn’t playing “that school in Kalamazoo”, I’ll be sporting maroon with my gold. I respected born-Chips that attended WMU and were proud of both schools, no matter if they rooted for Central, so I hope to see that same respect from the great people here. :) I always rooted for the Mid-American Conference as a whole, and I’ll root for Central on Saturday because we need some damn respect, EMU, WMU, CMU, all of them!! I guess my main point in all of this is hail the MAC!!

  54. My Central flag will be flying on my house Saturday. I wear logo (polo) shirts. In fact on Wednesday I was attending Fleet Week in Detroit and had another Chip say “Fire Up Chips!”

  55. If any CMU fans see CMU students in green, humiliate them to the point of tears.

  56. I go to Ohio and we used to have this problem with students rooting for OSU. Well you dont really see that anymore down here because we have built a culture of winning and with success comes the fans. Its really sad to see CMU students rooting against their school. The best thing is the last time CMU played MSU in 2009 CMU WON! any student in their student section wearing green should be ushered out by the entire student body.

  57. You go to CMU, you support and wear CMU!

  58. I_Was_A_Teenage_McCarthyist says:

    No, pretty sure throwing a football is what Football is about.

    Until you see someone disrespecting the hyped up primordial slugfest.
    Then you get 79 comments on the internet that make it sound like the world is ending.

    Perhaps the detractors are just upset because the uninterested minorities help them realize just how sad this little circus we’re gonna have today really is.

  59. Kevin Drescher says:

    Anyone who saw the game, should now understand why us Chippewas also root for MSU. Our Football program blows most of the time…

  60. What about not cheering for either side, and going to read a good book instead? Whoever wins a silly little football game, wins a silly little football game. If the people that attend MSU are happy about their win, then I’m perfectly happy for them. If CMU wins something, then I’m glad that a few people at CMU will be happy. But it’s not that big a deal.
    Relax, people. It’s just sports.

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