PICK OF THE WEEK: Kaya’s “Get Over It” latte

The only thing that seems to get me through my day anymore is a drink. But not the alcoholic kind.
Kaya Coffee House’s “Get Over It” drink says it perfectly as I sip away my worries and float into a world of white chocolate and raspberry latte heaven.

Although I can’t always enjoy it in the pleasant atmosphere that Kaya provides, it is still a selfish treat I can always indulge in.

I first tried this drink on my very first day of becoming an editor. Apparently, the person who I was replacing (and who bought it for me) knew that this was just what I would need on that chaotic day.

Ever since my first sip of flavored chocolate followed by a rush of espresso, I have been in latte love. It not only satisfies my chocolate craving, but the caffeine also gives me a kick in the butt to continue my hectic days.

Now whenever I am having a bad day or stressed out from life, there’s only one thing to do, “Get Over It.”

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