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VIDEO: Bill Burden 105 year old Mt. Pleasant Resident Looks Back On Life


  1. Thank you, Seth and Patricia, for the video about Bill Burden! Since we first met 4 years ago (when he was “Mr. 101″ to our students), we have learned much from our neighborhood friend. Researching local history has been our goal in The Ganiard History Project, so you can imagine that we are thrilled to have one of the carpenters from the 1948 renovation of our school in our midst! Bill and Marie Burden and their family have been graciously sharing information and historical details at our West Side and Ganiard gatherings, and homemade ice cream at his birthday parties!
    It’s impressive to see how Bill interacts with people of all ages. You will always see an American Flag flying at the Burden home, and my first-graders and I always stopped to say the “Pledge of Allegiance” with Mr. Burden!
    Please stop by the Northwestern Mutual building downtown to see photos of Mr. Burden with The Ganiard History Project display. You’ll also see students who have received scholarships from the Project, all because of caring neighbors, alumni, and friends such as Bill and his family.
    Continued success to you both, and know how wonderful it is to see such interest in our community and those who helped make it special.

  2. Jodee McCabe says:

    What an amazing couple….two who truly belong to “The Greatest Generation”! If only more of us modeled ourselves after him: hard work, loyalty, fidelity and honor.

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