Former presidential candidate Herman Cain to speak at CMU next Tuesday

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain attends a Revolution on the Hill Tax Day Rally at the Capitol on the West Lawn, Monday, April 16, 2012, in Washington, D.C. (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/MCT)

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain will speak at Plachta Auditorium in Warriner Hall on Sept. 25 as part of his countrywide “College Truth Tour.”

Cain will give a speech in front of audience members and take questions from the crowd. Cain will be accompanied at the event by a band and will speak following a Mount Pleasant business owner yet to be named, said Megan Gill, chairwoman of the College Republicans at Central Michigan University.

The event was pulled together by the CMU College Republicans, with the help of the Michigan Federation of College Republicans, Gill said.

“We’re excited,” said Gill, who will introduce Cain at the event. “Even though he’s not running anymore, anytime you get a big name like Herman Cain to come to CMU, I think it really shows Michigan is going to be a key part of this election.”

Gill said many of the College Republicans will volunteer for the event.

“They’ll mainly be in charge of doing check-ins for the most part,” Gill said. “We’ll be there for anything else they might need, though, including helping out with the Q & A.”

Tickets for the 6 p.m. event are free. Those who wish to attend can either register online on Cain’s website, collegetruthtour.com, or at the door.

Cain will speak at two other Michigan universities in the days following his CMU stop. He will speak at Michigan State University on Sept. 26 and the University of Michigan on Sept. 27.

Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, made a splash in the hectic 2012 Republican primary season.

He became a Tea Party favorite after unveiling his 9-9-9 tax plan last fall. The plan would require citizens to pay nine percent in business transaction taxes, income taxes and federal sales taxes.

For much of the fall, Cain ran neck-and-neck with current Republican nominee Mitt Romney in the national polls after starting his campaign off as a dark horse, briefly becoming the front-runner in late October and early November.

Around that same time, reports of four women accusing Cain of sexual harassment and misconduct began to surface. Another woman, Ginger White, came forward in late November alleging she had a 13-year affair with Cain.

Cain denied all of the allegations, but later “suspended” his campaign in early December after his poll numbers dropped dramatically, in large part due to the controversy.

His 30-day bus tour, launched earlier this month, features three events per day, each aimed at different groups. According to the tour’s website, the morning breakfast events are aimed at “Faith-Based and Community Leaders,” the lunch events focus on “Job Creators and Business Leaders,” and the College Truth Tour wraps up the day.

The college tour focuses on problems facing college students in a struggling economy and Cain’s solutions to them. The website does not brand the tour as a speech, but rather as a “fun, educational event.”


  1. Better keep the young ladies away from Mr. Cain

  2. Herman Cain — the guy who lied to his wife, family and nation about his extramarital affairs — is now conducting a “College Truth Tour”? What’s next? Mitt Romney lecturing people about paying their fair share in taxes?

  3. Aww shucky ducky! Who doesn’t love Hermain Cain? The man makes Ben Roethlisberger look like Buddy Holly and he has the psychological stability of Patrick Bateman. I really wish we had more characters like this in politics. At least I’d be entertained while feeling nihilistic.

  4. Surely there is a better name than this. It’s my guess that CMU’s College Republicans were the only group that would feed the ego of Herman Cain. Even a number of teabaggers have turned their back on him, as his presidential campaign was never a serious endeavor. Cain only ran to make a few bucks as an ex-candidate on the speaking circuit, as well as through a book or radio deal.

  5. The fact that the College Republicans got TWO Presidential candidates to come to campus in the span of a year is pretty impressive. Keep up the great workand get the GOP fired up for November!

    • Not Impressed says:

      The fact that College Republicans got a man who sexually harasses women to come to CMU shows a lot about the organization

      • What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

        • Nothing. That’s for a court of law, not the court of public opinion.

          You’re fortunate that being disingenuous isn’t a crime.

          • And public opinion isn’t important? Just look at the

            Duke lacrosse scandal as an instance where public opinion was severely wrong, and it had drastic impacts on the people involved. Granted, the boys certainly behaved in less than appropriate manners, but the rape accusation was false.

          • The problem with the Duke case was prosecutorial misconduct. You know, in a court of law, not public opinion. Keep on being disingenuous, moron.

          • You’re telling me that society didn’t judge them before trial? The prosecutor wouldn’t have done the misconduct, and society wouldn’t have judged them if the woman would not have lied. It is possible that women (and men) lie about sexual harassment.

          • “You’re telling me that society didn’t judge them before trial?”

            No, I’m not. Learn to read.

            “The prosecutor wouldn’t have done the misconduct … if the woman would not have lied.”

            His misconduct is his fault, not hers. How very conservative of you to suggest a woman is to blame for what a man did.

            “It is possible that women (and men) lie about sexual harassment.”

            Sure it is. However, it isn’t all that plausible that Cain isn’t either a scumbag or mentally ill. He was obviously defective even before the allegations became public.

    • A goldbug and a guy inspired by his “pocket monster”. This is great news… for John McCain!

      Thad McCotter is available; they might as well go for the strikeout.

      The GOP is becoming a tent so small, there’s only room for clowns.

  6. michmediaperson says:

    Bill Clinton! You’re blasting the campus Republicans about getting Herman Cain.
    How about Barack Hussein Obama and the National Democratic Party inviting and having Slick Willie, Bill Clinton give a prime-time speech at the Democratic Party National Convention.
    Playboy Bill has had far more affairs than Herman Cain.
    Clinton was having sex with women, interns right there in the Oval Office!
    No Democrat should throw a stone at Herman Cain when their beloved Bill was having affair after affair while Governor and President.
    Plus, Monica Lewinsky may be coming out with a book about their love affairs and it’s a bombshell about what they did together.
    Then, there’s the 2004 Democratic Party vice-presidential candidate John Edwards. Like to talk about his extra-marital love affairs?
    He fathered a love child.
    Jesse Jackson. CMU paid Jesse Jackson a few years ago for Hyphenated-American Month. Jesse Jackson fathered a love child, too.
    Before Democrats say anything about Herman, let’s look at the leaders in their party. Clinton, Edwards, Jackson.
    Also, remember the late Ted Kennedy. He once drown his female assistant while drunk. Never spent an evening in jail. If that were a minority, they’d gotten a life sentence. But, when you’re a rich, liberal white Democrat, you go free!

    • Wow. Do you realize how stupid you sound in this post?

      The difference between Bill Clinton’s AFFAIR and Herman Cain’s SEXUAL ASSAULT was that there was absolutely no consent involved in the Herman Cain Scandal. He sexually assaulted someone. Clinton’s consented affair with another woman is obviously less horrible than Cain’s assault. The last time I checked, Lewinskey wanted it just as much as Bill did. Did those women in Cain’s office want it? No.

  7. They just lost the respect they had gained by bringing in Ron Paul. This is despicable.

  8. I’m not blaming he for what he did. What he did was his own choice. But it would not have been possible to bring about a false charge of rape if she had not first falsly claimed she had been raped.
    And how was Herman Cain “obviously defective” before the allegations became public?

    • Yes, you are, by implication. Solely as demonstration of implication of blame: ‘If those boys hadn’t hired strippers, they wouldn’t have been accused of rape.’ Can you see it now?

      “9 9 9″, “no bills longer than 3 pages” etc. Granted, the field was so packed with lunatics, fraudsters and lunatics that Cain hardly distinguished himself. Hell, Willard is such a giant trainwreck of idiocy, dishonesty and dickishness, it’s no wonder McCain saw Sarah Palin as a better choice of running mate.

  9. michmediaperson says:

    Will Herman be the first minority Conservative to ever step foot on Central’s campus?
    When you look at all the minority Hyphenated-American months that the Multiculturalists waste money on, only liberal minorities such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, former Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick get invited.
    Wonder if the Multicultural and Diversity Departments will roll out the red carpet for Herman like they did Mayor Kilpatrick and others. Remember, Jesse Jackson fathered a love child. Herman never did. Kilpatrick went off to jail. Herman never did. Wonder if the current CMU president will come and sit in the front row for Herman like the former CMU president did the night Kilpatrick came.
    There are so many minority Republicans—JC Watts, Artur Davis, Linda Chavez, Elaine Cho, Mia Love, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Walter E Williams, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Mr. Snurdley, Nikki Haley, Governor Martinez from New Mexico, Bobby Jindahl and the list goes on. They will never see an invitation from CMU.

    • not a michmediamoron says:

      “Will Herman be the first minority Conservative to ever step foot on Central’s campus?”

      Nope, David Horowitz (minority conservative (also a racist and a bigot, but that’s not what makes him a minority)) already paid a visit. He mayn’t have been the first, but he still showed up long before Cain.

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