PICK OF THE WEEK: Password Journal

The 90s meant one thing: some of the best toys on the market.

Before technology became an everyday necessity, there were a few electronic toys that gave us hope for a bright future ahead.

One of those inventions was the Password Journal.

This lime green and purple plastic journal included a mini notebook inside with a voice activated lock, and held the secrets of my childhood.

I remember endless days of fighting with my brother who tried to mock my girly voice and say my password to get into the journal.

The password was always something I loved at the time.

“I love horses.” “I love Lisa Frank.” “I love Kyle in Mrs. Bailey’s class.”

I found my journal a couple months ago tucked under old books and outdated clothes in my basement. When I tried to guess the password, my adulthood attempt failed.

So, I guess my childhood will remain in my secret journal  as a place of no return. Thankfully.

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