EDITORIAL: Vote no on Proposal 6

Michigan voters have less than a month to make up their minds on plenty of issues.

On Nov. 6, voters will decide on six ballot proposals. Most of these proposals are complex and could have important, long-lasting impacts on the state and its citizens.

But Proposal 6, which would require a vote on any new international bridge project in the state, is not one of those proposals, and this editorial board endorses a no vote.


Simply put, it’s all about money. Matty Moroun’s money, specifically.

Moroun is the owner of the Ambassador Bridge, Detroit’s only bridge over to neighboring Windsor, Canada. He enjoys enormous profits from pay tolls and his duty-free gas station just off the bridge, so it’s no wonder at all why he would be so vehemently opposed to competition.

That competition is set to come in the form of the New International Trade Crossing. In June, Gov. Rick Snyder signed a deal with the Canadian government approving construction of the multi-million-dollar bridge and ensuring that outside of tolls coming back, Michigan taxpayers will pay nothing for the bridge.

It’s a win-win deal for Michiganders.

Not only will construction jobs be added for the project, providing a small but needed boost in the state economy, but it will also create new trade within the state as more businesses are likely to ship goods back and forth over the border, giving the entire state a chance to further rebuild economically.

The ads against the new bridge have been petty and vague all while lacking any substantial reason why people should vote yes on the proposal.

A no vote makes perfect sense for the state of Michigan.

New jobs, a new bridge all while paying nothing makes complete sense.

That reality has been distorted by Moroun and his backers through advertisements insinuating Michigan taxpayers will see their taxes rise while funding gets taken from education and fire departments.

Once again, while there are plenty of big decisions to make this November for voters, this is a no-brainer.

Vote no on Proposal 6.


  1. If Matty Moroun was an Obama supporter this news paper would be on the other side of this issue. That is a fact. And that is why the print media is hated.

  2. This is so on point. The ads are paid for by the ambasador bridge protection fund..duh its so obvious..but people fail to use their common sense sometimes. This campaign is full of distortions and lies,Why? to protect the pocket of 1 man! The area around the Ambasador bridge is over congested and in disrepair, A new bridge would allieviate the congestion in detroit, and redirect some of it north out of the city. It is a win-win!

  3. Great editorial! And even if you don’t exactly think the bridge is a good idea, I’d still advocate against voting on on Proposal 6. The state Constitution is not the place to settle a dispute on one issue. While the reason it’s on the ballot is because of the proposed NITC, this will have long-lasting effects. Keep the Constitution focused on issues that it should be addressing, not minor political scuffles.

  4. Unanswered Questions

    The Ambassador Bridge is a privately toll bridge, right?

    The new bridge would be publicly owned, by USA or Canada?

    Will the new bridge be a toll bridge as well?
    If so who gets the money, Michigan or Canada?

    • The Ambassador Bridge is privately owned, as stated in the article.

      The new bridge would be publicly owned by both Michigan and Canada.

      It will be a toll bridge.

      Until Michigan’s $550 million loan from Canada is paid off, Canada gets the toll money. After that, Michigan and Canada share the toll money.

      I agree with the editorial. It is a no brainer to vote NO on Proposal 6.

  5. Carried1105 says:

    yeah, Matty Maroun cares so much about the people… give me a break. So much, that he’s spent millions paying people off to vote his way. Don’t be fooled. Those “People Should Decide” ads are beyond absurd. He’s just trying to protect his own Billionaire monopoly and screw the people of Michigan by putting fear in them. Unbelievable!

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