EDITORIAL: Four more years

When Barack Obama took office nearly four years ago, the United States found itself in the middle of a crisis not seen since the Great Depression greeted Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s.

We found ourselves with two mangled wars overseas, an unsustainable health care system, and an American auto industry on the verge of collapse, all while the global economy was in the middle of a free fall caused by misguided policies and a financial system let loose.

Fast forward four years, and remarkable progress has been made on all those fronts. Troops are coming home from Iraq and al Qaeda is as quiet as it has ever been. With the imperfect but historic Affordable Care Act, the U.S. now joins the ranks of industrialized nations that refuse to let their citizens die simply because they can’t afford insurance. Thanks to the politically unpopular bailouts of General Motors Corp. and Chrysler, millions of manufacturing jobs (including thousands in Michigan) were saved and the auto industry has come roaring back. And actions his administration took prevented a depression and reigned in an out-of-control Wall Street.

Still, the economy remains the number one issue for voters across the country, and for good reason. The 7.8 percent unemployment rate, while the best we’ve seen in four years, is unacceptably high, and America still faces gigantic problems in the housing market and with the federal deficit.

Mitt Romney has presented himself as a problem-solver with experience in the private sector who knows how to tackle those problems. He has been given ample opportunity to explain to voters how he would specifically fix the nation’s problems. Time and time again, though, Romney has been as vague as any candidate in recent history, playing into the notion that he’s an opportunistic politician willing to say anything and to take hard stances on nothing if only it results in his election.

And while his vague solutions to the economy might play well with those looking for a reason to vote against Obama, Romney’s lack of specifics is what’s most troublesome. The former Massachusetts governor has run on a populist platform of lowering tax rates across the board, effectively allowing everyone to keep more of their money. While that sounds good, in theory, Romney has failed to articulate how he would pay for those tax cuts. Closing loopholes in the tax code is nice, but rarely ever happens.

Should Romney become president, it is impossible to know which version of him would show up. Would he be the moderate Massachusetts governor or the self-described “severely conservative” Romney?

Obama, meanwhile, laid out the groundwork for his vision for the economy 4 years ago; asking millionaires to pay more in taxes, investing in infrastructure and manufacturing, and he continues on a similar trek this go around. While some of it hasn’t panned out, he extended the Bush tax cuts for all earners in 2010 and invested in failed green energy corporations, he has built the framework. Like Bush in 2004 with his two wars, it’s time we let Obama finish the job he started.


  1. Four more years? NO THANKS! We can’t afford it and neither can you. This public service message brought to you by the number 16 trillion.

    • 16 trillion? Where do you get this number? I can’t afford Romney! His plan to shut down planned parenthood–a place that provides cancer screenings for my girlfriend at an affordable rate, wants to privatize medicare, loosen insurance regulations, increase military spending, hints at possible war with Iran, etc…….there is no way Romney will make it cheap.

      • John Miller, Class of 2000 says:

        $16 Trillion is the national debt and Obama is responsible for about 1/3 of it. Also, Romney does not want to completely privatize medicare, he wants more options (choice) for people. He wants to “loosen insurance regulations” by allowing everyone to buy insurance across state lines which helps bring down costs. He wants to increase military spending to ensure a strong military for peace through strength. Romney in no way wants war with Iran, but a President has to be willing to defend the country if necessary.

  2. By backing Obama you are making CMU look like a liberal school, which thus makes me look like a scum bucket liberal as well. Next time keep your political views out of the SCHOOLS paper, and think about the way you are making the students that pay to go to this school look.

    • It’s not “the SCHOOLS paper.”
      You make yourself look like ignorant scum. Transfer to Bob Jones University or to (the fraudulently named) Liberty University. They seem like they’d be a better fit for you.

  3. michmediaperson says:

    CM LIFE is now an extreme left-wing borderline socialist/marxist paper.

    Some of the country’s most liberal newspapers are endorsing Mitt Romney
    because they see socialism and marxism in Barack Hussein Obama.

    The Wisconsin State Journal, in socialist University of Wisconsin (Madison)
    endorsed Romney.

    For the first time since 1972, the liberal Des Moines Register is endorsing Romney.

    Orlando Sentinel, the New York Daily News…more than 20 liberal papers that 4 years ago endorsed Barack Hussein Obama are now endorsing Mitt Romney.

    CM LIFE needs to get some conservatives, even moderates on its editorial board.

    Maybe, they were afraid of being sent to Sensitivity Training/Political Correctness class.

    How is the paper going to criticize Ross, the Board and their crowd when they allow Obama that is covering up the 9-11 islamic muslim terrorists in the middle east, running up record debt, has no plan for the next 4 years and is stealing 716 billionaire in medicaid/medicare (the Free-Press business writer finally admitted it last week) from seniors and minorities.

    Hopefully, socialism and marxism ends Tuesday and we can regain capitalism that ruled America from 1776 to 2008.

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