EDITORIAL: No on Proposal 2

Proposal 2 is an unnecessary and potentially harmful power grab by Michigan unions and could have harmful long-term effects on how the state operates.

The proposal, if approved, would amend the state constitution to guarantee collective bargaining for both public and private employees and nullify many of the state’s existing collective bargaining laws. Virtually everything, even drug testing for cops and firefighters, would be subject to bargaining.

While unions have an essential role in a capitalist society and in protecting workers’ rights, this proposal is completely unnecessary. Sure, collective bargaining has been under fire in states like Wisconsin and Indiana, but any real attempt at right-to-work legislation in Michigan has been shot down instantly, and there is almost no public pressure for any of those laws to be put into place.

Proposal 2 essentially fixes a nonexistent problem and puts in place more road blocks for the state and local municipalities to get back on the road to prosperity. Much of the financial crises facing cities and towns statewide can be traced back to the expensive contracts and pensions on the books for public employees negotiated by unions. The last thing those municipalities need is more red tape.

At present, legislation already exists to allow unions to collectively bargain, but this proposal would make public employees subject to the wants and power moves by others.

One voice can speak louder than a group of disorganized, unfocused voices, and people should be able to choose when to use their voice without being subjected to groupthink.

Unions can be helpful in some instances, but people should be able to opt out of them if they choose to.

Vote no on Proposal 2.


  1. James Moreno says:

    You know the middle class was born in Michigan, if this proposal doesn’t pass there won’t be a middle class anymore. This is about a much needed counterbalance to the folks like Matty Maroun who have bought our majority lawmakers. We need a constitutional amendment because our representatives don’t represent us anymore and refuse to listen to us when we tell them the harm they are causing us. If you want to live on your knees and take what ever low wages, non-existent benefits and no say in your working conditions then by all means vote no, as for me I am voting a resounding yes!

    • Alex Franklin says:

      Don’t believe the scare tactics – NO ON TWO doesn’t mean the end of the middle class… just look at the tactics proponents use.

  2. michmediaperson says:

    Great editorial. Good to see CM-LIFE anti-union. You’re right, people should be able to opt out. Why should they have their hard-earned pay going to subsidize Obama, Stabenow, all the Democrats. Obama is a multi-millionaire. Let the 1 percent in the Democratic Party pay their own way instead of stealing money from cash-strapped employees.
    If this passes, Michigan will go over the cliff. If you thought the Jennifer Granholm socialist years were bad, then pardon my BTO song, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.”
    Michigan will be Greece or Spain. You will see companies leaving in droves for Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Texas, Florida and other states.
    Vote No on this disaster waiting to happen.

    • Screw the McJerks says:

      People can opt out, you lying scumbag. It’s against federal law to force anyone to join a union. Anyone who says otherwise either is ignorant of the law or a willful liar (in other words, a Republican.)

      • ACTUALLY, YOU CAN’T ALWAYS OPT OUT, ‘SCREW THE MCJERKS’. In the Supervisory Technical Union here at CMU, you must prove that you are a member of a religious organization which opposes unions to opt out. Even if you can prove that, you must pay your annual union dues in the form of a contribution to the General Scholarship fund. I very much oppose the union but cannot do anything about being a part of it unless I leave my position.

        Unions protect the employees who shouldn’t be employed. At our local General Motors factory workers literally get drunk or high during lunch and return to work. There are workers who are literally SLEEPING during their shifts. Why are they not fired? Because of the union. Unions protect those who shouldn’t be protected.

  3. fightingchip says:

    Our news media is supposed to act as a safeguard against the
    vitriol and misinformation that dominates our electoral process. Before
    endorsing any position, CM-Life’s editorial board should have taken the time to
    carefully consider the facts behind the arguments, not the talking

    It is obvious after reading this letter that our editorial
    board did not do their homework. If they had, they would have seen that
    Governor Snyder has signed every piece of anti-union legislation that has hit
    his desk. That these new laws have placed many new and severe
    restrictions on what employees can bargain with their employer about, and in
    some case stripping the right to bargain away entirely. That the rules
    have been shifted so far in favor of employers that many no longer feel the
    need to negotiate in good faith or in a timely matter (our administration’s
    handling of last year’s FA negotiation, for example).

    It is also obvious that none of our editorial board members
    have ever been part of a union represented workforce before. If they had,
    they would know that union membership is always voluntary. They would
    also know that while solidarity of membership is an important aspect of keeping
    a union, “groupthink” is never part of the equation. In fact,
    before a union decides to go ahead with any big decision, it is debated and
    voted on by their members.

    It saddens me to see CM-life’s editorial board so flippantly
    endorse a position on proposal 2, especially when the livelihood of millions of
    Michigan families is on the line.

    • That’s a lie. I have no choice but to pay the GSU, even though I do not want to be represented nor participate. I would really like that $200.00 back that I earned.

      • If you’ve never signed a membership card you are not a member of GSU. Since you are protected by the GSU contract however, you do pay a service fee to offset the cost of contract bargaining and enforcement. If you’re worried about finances, note that yearly pay raises, the wellness allowance, and professional development funding were all benefits of being a CMU GA that did not exist before the GSU. Those benefits alone more than cover whatever you are paying in fees.

      • Vincent Cavataio says:

        That’s an interesting choice you’ve made to remain inactive in your own employment matters. I may not hold a leadership position in the Graduate Student Union, but without their representation the likelihood of you maintaining a support package to even give $200.00 is slim.

    • michmediaperson says:

      According to Obama’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, only about 700,000 Michiganders are in unions. “Livelihood of millions of Michigan families” I think you’d better do your homework before criticizing CM LIFE.
      We need to join Wisconsin and Indiana and get Michigan Right To Work so
      job creators will want to come here.
      Unions are no good. They’ve destroyed Michigan over the years!

  4. Alex Franklin says:

    Let’s analyze some of the lies and distortions of “fighting chip”‘s post.

    1) CM-Life should have taken the time to consider facts…
    No proof that they didn’t.
    2) CM-Life did not do their homework.
    No proof.
    3) Snyder signed anti-union legislation…
    That’s a matter of opinion. You can believe in unions without believing in their absolute power.
    4) Employers no longer feel the need to negotiate in good faith.
    Generalization – author cannot speak about all employers. In fact, the author really can’t speak about any position without inside knowledge.
    5) Editorial board never in a union.
    No proof. Even so, that doesn’t mean a person can evaluate facts.

    6) Union membership is always voluntary.

    LIE. We are not a right to work state. Many unions are compulsory.

    7) Livelihood of millions on the line.

    Another distortion. This proposal affects public sector employees that aren’t state troopers. A power grab, plain and simple.

    Join us against Proposal 2 in Michigan. Like us at facebook.com/votenoontwo. No corporate funding, no attack ads, just concerned citizens that think this is a very bad amendment.

    • You're a fraud says:

      “6) Union membership is always voluntary.

      LIE. We are not a right to work state. Many unions are compulsory.”
      You’re lying. Federal law does not permit compulsion of union membership as a condition of emplyment.

  5. I guess it’s easy for students to throw families under the bus when they don’t have one of their own yet.

  6. michmediaperson says:

    Unions are awful!!! Perfect example

    Utility crews from Alabama and other Right-to-Work states have Christian hearts and went to New Jersey to help get utility lines going again and provide other relief help.


    You have people dying. People and children going hungry. Gas stations that can’t open. Businesses like supermarkets and drugs store for people’s medicines can’t open because there is no electricity and Barack Hussein “No Red Tape” Obama’s union Democratic Party people are turning help away!!!!!

    That’s how cruel unions are!!! How cruel Obama and the Democrats are since it’s the unions subsidizing his campaign.

    If a tornado destroyed the CMU campus and people were dying and seriously injured, needing food, no power, etc., are you going to stand there and ask the utility worker to see their union card?????

    Anyone with common sense (which union people and Democrats don’t have) would tell the utility people to please get the electricity going again whether they are union or non-union. People with common sense don’t care if they are union, non-union, Democrat, Republican. Gay, Straight, Male, female. Just fix the utility lines so we get back the power.

    Great learning moment for you young people to realize UNIONS ARE TERRIBLE!!!! So, is Obama and the Democrats to for what they are doing to New Jersey.

    Perfect example why on Tuesday, you should vote NO.

    We need to get rid of all unions and what the unions and Obama and the Democrats are doing in New Jersey is a perfect example. I’m sure they are using the poor people to embarrass Chris Christie.

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