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AMD students save time, money by making own Halloween costumes

Lake City senior Amanda Henry works on putting the final touches on her costume Tuesday afternoon at University Meadows, 4310 Sterling Way. “It only cost me 35 dollars to make it, which is way cheaper than online or in stores,” said Henry.

Halloween is the time of year for students to bring out their creative side and make a costume unlike those found in any store.

Sophomore Allison VanNuil made her own “slice of watermelon” costume this year and said it saved her time and money.

“To buy and ship a costume from online would cost about $50, where as because I know how to sew, I knew the costume would fit me perfectly and only cost about $20,” the Holland native said.

VanNuil said making a costume is much easier than people think.

“You can go to JoAnn’s (fabric and craft store) and buy fabric and can use glue instead of sewing,” she said. “Plus the costumes actually look better when you make them yourself.”

While making a costume can take more time than it does buying a costume already made, Novi senior Sam Tarpinian said her costume only took her a couple hours.

“My costume took about two hours,” she said. “Mine was the trial and error one, and afterward, when I made my friends’ costumes, it only took about 45 minutes for each one.”

This was Tarpinian’s first year sewing her own costume and got the idea for her costume from Pinterest. She and her friends are being iPods.

“Pinterest is awesome,” Tarpinian said. “I saw a group picture (of iPods) so I made costumes for my roommates to wear and we’re all being different colors.”

Since there are several costume ideas that exist it can be hard to pick just one to wear. Tarpinian said she doesn’t follow this trend and only wears hers once for the year.

“I’m wearing the same costume every night (for Halloween week) because it’s cheaper and I didn’t have the time to make other costumes,” she said.

Lake City junior Amanda Henry made a Snow White costume for Halloween and said she got the idea to make her own version of the costume from online.

“I saw a lot of Snow White costumes that I liked so I went for it,” she said. “Plus, I recently got my hair cut short so I also have her hair and it is a perfect match.”

Henry took an alternative route when making her costume, using hot glue instead of sewing. She said her costume took about five hours to make.

“I do not plan on making multiple costumes either,” she said. “The Snow White costume turned out so great that I want to show it off multiple nights.”

She also said it was cheaper to make her own costume this year and only spent about $40 total on it. In years past, she said her costumes have been even cheaper.

“I love arts and crafts and think of myself as super crafty ,” Henry said. “Making your own costume versus buying one usually ends up looking a lot better than a store-bought costume that sometimes look cheap and fall apart easily.”

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