COLUMN: Romney right to take on the economy

The economy should be on the forefront of students’ minds as they head to the polls on election day.

Over half of college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed in today’s economy (USA Today, April 23, 2012). This country needs a president with experience creating jobs in the private sector.

Mitt Romney’s proposed across-the-board tax cuts will provide necessary tax relief for all Americans, as well as an increase in job creation. First of all, according to his campaign platform, Romney proposes cutting individuals’ tax rates by 20 percent. Additionally, he would reduce corporate tax rates.

Those who oppose corporate tax cuts overlook the extent to which corporations are responsible for job creation. No matter how big or how small, when businesses are required to pay less in taxes, they are able to hire more workers, raise wages and reinvest in the economy.

A Romney White House will also decrease our national deficit. At current spending rates, not only will today’s taxpayers be paying interest on the nation’s debt throughout their life time, but this burden will also be passed along for generations to come.

President Obama campaigned on lowering the deficit; however, the debt has increased more in his almost four years in office than it did over the course of eight years under President Bush (CBS News, March 29, 2012). A Romney budget will continually ask the question: is this expenditure worth borrowing money from foreign competitors such as China?

While it is important to rein in government spending, this should not be done at the cost of providing students with higher education opportunities. Many students would not be able to attend college without the availability of Pell Grants and student loan programs. However, due to the nation’s economic turmoil and inability to pass a budget, Congress and President Obama recently had to decrease Pell Grant Funding.

With Romney’s business sense, he proposes that we assess the structure of government programs, Pell Grant allocation included and streamline the process, allowing students to reap the most from the program’s limited funds. Costs saved during the allocation process can be spent directly on students.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, is one step in reducing deficit spending. Obamacare, with its trillion-dollar increase in government spending, is piling costs onto both taxpayers and the deficit. Individual states are capable of more economically efficient plans that cater specifically to their citizens.

While some aspects of Obamacare are necessary, such as the provision that prevents people with preexisting conditions and no lapse in coverage from being denied healthcare, the same advantages can be achieved with a different plan. Romney proposes allowing insurance to be purchased across state lines, as well as allowing individuals to form purchasing groups to buy coverage at a group discount. Such added competition would automatically incentivize companies to decrease their rates, thus achieving more affordable coverage.

Voting is one of the most fundamental rights we hold as American citizens. Furthermore, it is our civic duty to vote responsibly by first educating ourselves on the issues. I encourage all voters to take time to read the variety of issues on each candidate’s platform before casting a ballot.

Editor’s note: Megan Gill is chairwoman of the College Republicans at Central Michigan University.


  1. numberonebitchass says:

    Poor confused child, it is a shame how the right has hijacked the minds of today’s promising youth.

    • We have had enough of Obamanomics! We have had enough of Obama’s anti-Christian values being forced into the hearts and minds of our nations children. We have had enough of Obama’s LIES, CLASS WARFARE AND RACISM! Obama said I will unite America. He LIED! Any one who votes for this race hustler should be deeply ashamed of him or her self.

      • Go back to Stormfront says:

        Here goes the white supremacist again.

        • Your racism is showing storm front.

          • Go back to Stormfront says:

            Honk, honk. Aw, you think you’re a victim of racism. Isn’t that precious? Get your accusations right; I’m every bit as ‘white’ as you. Go ahead, call me a “race traitor.”

          • No, you are not “white”. You have abandoned your ethnic and racial identity. I on the other hand am proud of my race and my maleness. You on the other hand have sold your soul to a false doctrine called multiculturalism . Which teaches self hatred if you are not an “approved” minority.

    • jake szetela says:

      you’re username is numberonebitchass and you are talking about someone being confused and it being a shame?

  2. michmediaperson says:

    Megan, we are so proud you are a CMU student. You haven’t been brainwashed by the left-wing professors, the multiculturalists and politically correct crowd.
    You’re smart, sharp and can’t be swayed by used car salesmen.
    Glad to see you can spot a phony snake oil salesmen like Obama and his crazy uncle, Joe Biden.
    Best of luck in your studies. You’ll do well in life since you aren’t dumb and gullible.
    Much sharper young lady than Sandra Fluke.
    Keep doing a great job with the Young Republicans. Like talk show host Mark Levin, we have to be Paul and Paulette Reveres to sound the alarm the country is ready to go over the economic cliff.
    I wish CM LIFE would let you write a column going forward so the young people will hear the truth.
    Thank you for such a nice column.

    • uh oh… lol michmediaperson supports you. that’s NOT something to be proud of :P

      • michmediaperson says:

        Hey Guest, I agree with 100 percent of what she said. So, does 50 percent of America agree with her. A well-educated young lady who can’t be brainwashed by the Left. She’s far more intelligent than Sandra Fluke who represents your side.

        If someone does an A-plus job, like Megan did, I’m going to compliment them.

        Hopefully, we’ll win Tuesday and come next year, you’ll be forced to say, President Romney!
        WHen is your buddy Obama going to be transparent and quit covering up the deaths of our 4 Americans on 9-11 over in the middle east????

        • A moderate, a liberal and a conservative walk into a bar, and the bartender says “Hello Mitt Romney”
          Sorry Michmediaperon, Romney has held every position on just about every issue at one time or another making ms. Gills article moot.

      • You need to listen to Mich, and get off the Obama train.

    • You wouldn’t know nice if it happened to you.

    • Go back to Stormfront says:

      You’re a white supremacist, too, though slightly more subtle than your fellow scumbag in the thread.

  3. I_Was_A_Teenage_McCarthyist says:

    Ten dollars says none of this ever happens and you come back to the same arguments in four years. ha

  4. I_Was_A_Teenage_McCarthyist says:

    It’s the same damn argument over and over again.
    This is all nonsense.
    It’s like the media just regurgitates the words:
    welfare, racism, tax break, job creation, obamacare, education
    indefinitely. No matter who is being discussed.

    There is nothing to your argument. At all. I could have gotten the same content on any news network at any point in time in the past six months.
    There is no proof, logic or reason in these statements.

    This choice affects nothing.

  5. Beware of unwanted gifts says:

    You’re supporting a party that thinks that your primary purpose is to be a baby factory and that you’re to let men dictate the course of your life. Do you have a functional uterus? How about a functional brain?

    • It is interesting reading the writings of children who have internalize political propaganda. Grow up!

    • This is really what feminists believe, it’s sad that their brains have been so infected with victim mentality. Nothing sets these poor girls up for failure more than believing that the world is out to get them.

    • jake szetela says:

      your comment shows an absolute lack of intelligence and a disrespect for a woman you are trying to convince is being disrespected by her party preference. luckily i know megan has a functional enough brain to ignore an ignoramus like you.

    • jake szetela says:

      your comment further implies that a woman’s primary concern is for her uterus and that she has the inability to be a free thinking human being, set apart from a biological function which you feel should be her only issue.

  6. michmediaperson says:

    Another reason to fire Obama. Did you hear Obama about Hurricane Sandy.
    He said he gave his personal number to the Governors and Mayor Bloomberg
    Obama just admitted the Federal Government HAS RED TAPE AND DOESN’T WORK. Obama has too many federal employees AND WAY TOO MANY REGULATIONS IF THERE’S RED TAPE.
    Mitt, with his business background, Olympics background and making Massachusetts more efficient, will streamline the Federal Government, fire federal workers who throw up roadblocks and make it easy to deal with the Feds.
    Thank you Barack Hussein Obama for admitting to the world in the last 2 days that your Government is too big, has too many regulations, has too much red tape.
    Wake-up CMU, quit drinking the kool-aid. Big Obama Government isn’t efficient.

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