COLUMN: Why we should re-elect Obama

I’ve been asked why I’m supporting President Obama quite a few times during this election season.

Surprisingly, it’s a complicated and a simple answer at the same time.

I have a whole list of reasons: women’s rights, student loans, education funding, supporting middle-class families, LGBTQ rights, environment and energy reform, healthcare reform … and the list goes on and on.

However, I’m an all-weather liberal, economically and socially. And I, just like everyone else, have the issues that are most important to me, and I have my biases when it comes to those issues. But all of our choice issues are not the same, so I don’t want to bore you with a column about why I’m voting for President Obama, because, let’s be honest, we all know that I am. Instead, I’d like to outline one very strong accomplishment that the president has done for college students.

President Obama believes that every American should have a chance to receive a high-quality education if they so choose.

He also understands that most of us need a little help to get there.

A majority of the American populous is middle class: most of our parents can’t afford to put us through college on their own. We generally rely on student loans and Pell Grants to pay for our education.

Well, during his first term in office, President Obama doubled the funding for Pell Grants as well as establishing a tax break for those families with children who are attending college. That means we have the ability to take out less student loans.

And then, through student loan reform, President Obama has cut out the middle-man and taken federal student loans out of the hands of private banks and simplified the process. By borrowing loans directly from the federal government, it keeps interest rates down, which, in turn, keeps the costs for students down. On top of that, part of President Obama’s student loan reform deals with student loan repayment.

So, after you graduate, you’ll only have to pay 10 percent of your annual income (after taxes) toward student loans each year. This actually increases economic growth. It gives people consumer power.

Meaning, if you’re paying less back toward student loans each month, you now have the ability to buy a house, car, new television, etc., which in turn helps businesses and keeps our economy growing.

Then, after making those payments for a pre-determined amount of time — 10 years if you work in the public sector and 20 years if you work in the private sector – all remaining student loan debt will be forgiven, which creates even more economic growth and helps sustain a healthy middle-class.

Pair student loan reform with the ability to stay on your parent’s health insurance until age 26 and the increased funding to education, President Obama has a proven record that he cares about Young Americans.

I am not telling you who to vote for, that’s not my objective, and I would rather you make an informed decision than blindly follow whatever I say. Anything I, or the chair of the College Republicans, say will be biased toward our perspective parties. So I encourage you all to do your own research on the candidates’ websites as well as on respectable news outlets. And, most importantly, make sure you vote Tuesday.

Editor’s note: Alex Middlewood is the president of the College Democrats at Central Michigan University.


  1. All weather liberal? No Alex Middlewood you are not a liberal. You are a socialist. A constitution hating socialist.

  2. I_Was_A_Teenage_McCarthyist says:

    Ten dollars says none of this ever happens and you come back to the same arguments in four years.

  3. I_Was_A_Teenage_McCarthyist says:

    It’s the same damn argument over and over again.
    This is all nonsense.

    It’s like the media just regurgitates the words:
    welfare, racism, tax break, job creation, obamacare, education
    indefinitely. No matter who is being discussed.

    is nothing to your argument. At all. I could have gotten the same
    content on any news network at any point in time in the past six months.
    There is no proof, logic or reason in these statements.

    This choice affects nothing.

    I’m sick

  4. michmediaperon says:

    Alex and all the Liberals on campus, michmediaperson can hopefully stop you from voting for Obama on Tuesday. Your points:
    1. Women’s rights: He’s the anti-women president since 800,000 women have lost their jobs under Obama. Women want jobs. Women get paid less than men in the Obama White House, studies have shown.
    2. Student loans: By shifting this to the Government, what’s going to happen when people default???? The taxpayers will have to pay the tab. You willing to pay for an x-amount of CMU grads who refused to pay off their loans? Thanks to Obama, he has added 6 trillion dollars to the National Debt, the most of any president in a 4-year span. We are now 16 trillion dollars in debt. You young people are the ones who will suffer! Don’t you see that!! Obama is projecting 21 trillion dollars, if re-elected. The country is going to go bankrupt under him, just like Spain and Greece.
    What then? Could you elaborate what happens when Obama takes us over the economic cliff.
    3. Education funding: Everytime he spends more, he raises the national debt. Colleges like CMU waste it on websites and Med Schools sending tuition even higher. Since 1982, college tuition and fees have grown more than 450 percent, more than 4 times the growth rate of inflation. We need to spend less and force colleges like CMU to tighten their belts.
    4. Supporting middle-class families: Are you kidding? Income for middle-class families is down $4,000 in the past 4 years.
    5. LGBTQ rights: Voters in 32 states, including California, have voted against gay marriage yet he goes against the wishes of voters—Republicans, Democrats and Independents. He doesn’t listen to the people.
    6. Environment and energy reform: Gas was about a $1.70 when Bush left office. Today, it’s $4. Some reform. He has closed hundreds of coal mines throwing workers out of work. He is against any drilling on public lands. He is against the Keystone Pipeline that would put 20,000 laborers back to work. Mitt will have us energy dependent within 8 years.
    7. Healthcare Reform: He stole 716 billion from seniors and medicaid which means Grandpa, Grandma, Uncles and Aunts won’t be able to get their surgeries, their medicines and prescriptions. A good example is today, Alex. The merger of Beaumont and Henry Ford Hospitals because they aren’t getting the proper reimbursements from medicaid/medicare for seniors and poor people in Detroit. Read John Gallagher’s column in the Democratic Party newspaper tonight on line.
    26 year olds on parent’s plan. Yep, and that’s why health care plans are skyrocketing after Obama lied that costs would come down.
    8. 53 percent of college grads can’t find jobs. That’s pitiful. They’re moving home to dad and mom to their childhood bedrooms. Half the CMU seniors will be flipping burgers at McDonalds instead of going into high-paying jobs.
    9. Highest African-American unemployment in more than 30 years. Highest Hispanic unemployment. So what does Obama do? Gives partial amnesty to millions of illegals so now you’re competing for Illegals for jobs.
    10 Doubled Pell Grants. Yeah, but he increased the national debt. Sometime in your future you’re going to pay for all this wild spending.
    Alex, why don’t you loan me your credit card. I’ll go to the mall and max it out and then you can pay the bill. Essentially, that’s what Obama is doing to the American people. Spending like a mad man and giving us the bill.
    11. Lied about the Middle East on the deaths of 4 Americans last month. He and Hillary can’t get their story straight.
    12. Has allowed Iran to build nukes to wipe out Israel.
    13. His stimulus spending was a joke. 36 so-called green companies have gone out of business or filed BK. Hundreds of billions of dollars out the window.
    I could go on and on. The most failed president in American history. Clint Eastwood was right. He is an empty chair/suit.
    Let me thank you though. In a few years, you will be slaving away at some menial Obama job to pay for my social security and medicaid. Let me say thank you in advance. Today’s CMU students will never see social security or medicaid since it will be bankrupt by then. Just like the nation will be if Barack Hussein Obama is re-elected.
    Vote Romney on Tuesday! Mitt has the experience of taking losing teams and making them into winners!

    • not a michmediamoron says:

      Who is “anti-women”?

      “Women don’t want to work as hard as men. … Women are always making excuses. … Women get out into the workplace. They see how tough it is. So, then they want children. Then, they either get out of the workplace which hurts their experience level to a man…or they work and can’t spend the necessary time at night or on weekends since they have to play mommy.”

      Yeah, that’d be you. As quoted from your comment posted to this article:

      [blah, blah... a whole bunch more of your typical lies and misrepresentations]

      “Mitt has the experience of taking losing teams and making them into winners!”

      Mitt has the experience of taking winning teams, burying them in debt to line his own pockets, then taking the now losing teams through backruptcy, screwing the creditors.

    • You are a very wise person Mich. What is the people’s attraction to Obama? That is a real mystery. Vote Romney!!

  5. Great article Alex, I know this because it brought out the crazy right wing retoric in full force! It probably is just one crazy right winger writing under several email addresses trying to look like people agree with him/her. Great job!

  6. CharlieLynn says:

    Hey Alex! Great article. Too bad the only people to respond haven’t picked up a history or economics book in a while.
    I don’t wanna write too much but here are a few notes.
    Socialist is NOT Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, contrary to popular belief. It’s more like modern day Norway and Sweden, two of the most financially stable economies in Europe and ranked #1 and #5 on Forbes happiest countries in the world.
    The ‘theft’ from Medicare and Medicaid is actually a redirection of funds. In truth, it might be a little sloppy right now but switching a whole country’s Medicare system isn’t going to be easy. Give it a little time.
    In closing let’s revisit some historical events. The Cold War, when everyone thought the USSR was going to blow the US off the map with its nuclear weapons. The USSR actually had nuclear weapons and it still didn’t happen. We’re not even sure Iran has nucs yet. Chill. The Civil Rights Movement, anyone who is against LGBTQ rights today will look as foolish and cruel as people who stood against black right in the 60s. Think about it.

    • michmediaperson says:

      Charlie, I’m not letting you tell misleading the info. Sept 4, 2012 Forbes. When the GCI was started in 2004 when George Walker Bush was president, we were ranked #1 and ahead of Sweden and Norway. We were number 1 in 2006 and 2008. As the article stated, when Bush “handed the batton” to Barack Hussein Obama, we were NUMBER 1!!!!!!

      Obama, through his many failures, has dropped us to fifth place!!!!!

      Mitt Romney will get us back to number 1. Anyone doubting me, you can look it up on Google. This reminds me of former CMU football coach Butch Jones handed a MAC championship team to Dan Enos, who like Obama, has run it into the ground!!!!

      Charlie, I’ll give you credit for one of your other comments. At least, you admitted Obama stole 716 billion from our seniors for Medicaid/Medicare to pay for Obamacare. That means seniors will die from needed surgeries/medicines that they need. Also, minorities will not get the necessary medical care, per today’s Detroit Free-Press, a radical liberal Democrat Party rag newspaper, writing about the merger of Beaumont and Henry Ford.

      Charlie, at least you’re telling the truth about what Obamacare will do to hurt seniors and minorities.

      32 states have had referendums on gay marriage. All 32 times, it was defeated. I’m on the winning side.

      Let me also give you a quick history lesson. The USA lost thousands of soldiers bailing out Norway and Sweden from the Nazis in WWII. Wonder how Swedes and Norwegians did under Hitler? Probably not too happy.
      Your Forbes thing was wrong. But, you were right. Seniors and minorities are the losers under Obamacare. As will the middle-class.
      Hope and Change ends Tuesday night!

      • About history... says:

        “32 states have had referendums on gay marriage. All 32 times, it was defeated. I’m on the winning side.”

        Your side lost the Civil War. Your side is going to lose again. Go ahead, keep being proud of being on the wrong side of history.

        “The USA lost thousands of soldiers bailing out Norway and Sweden from the Nazis in WWII. Wonder how Swedes and Norwegians did under Hitler?”

        Sweden was neutral throughout WWII, dumbass.

        Norway intended to remain neutral as well, but the Allied forces didn’t respect Norway’s neutrality, mined it’s waters in preparation for invasion (and intended military action against Sweden, as well), but got beaten to the punch when Germany invaded the very next day, thanks to the threat of Allied invasion. Were it not for Allied interference and brazen disrespect of Norwegian neutrality, Norway could very well have made it through the war without being invaded, similar to Sweden (and Switzerland, for that matter.)

  7. The attractions are : Government benefits. Removal of Christianity from the public square and the celebration of hate and racism.

  8. Personally, I think the writing is on the wall for Obama anyway. He’s out. The momentum is behind Romney right now and people are looking for a fresh perspective. I voted him in and for that I am truly sorry. I graduated from CMU in 2008 and the unstable job market has never allowed me to find a position I am satisfied with or feel that I am doing “what I love”. Luckily I paid off my student debt. . . HOWEVER, I have basically zero in personal savings to show for it! So when my company eliminated my position this summer I was forced to use what little money I did have, charge up credit cards, void my apartment lease and move in with a friend (who I pay very little to in rent).

    Unemployment is at almost 8% nationally. Inflation is out of control (I know that statistically speaking it’s not because gas is not a factor. . . com’on). All in all, we have suffered under this administration. I’m a republican who leans democratic on many issues. I wasn’t a fan of George Bush. . . but I’d rather have him back in office right now. I’m glad to see that Romney’s campaigning strategy is working out well and putting pressure on contests that Democrats thought were over and done. I’m hoping for a significant victory next week.

    • There’s no Mittmentum, and R-money provides no fresh perspective. He’s got most of the same crappy advisers that Bush used to start 2 needless wars, wreck the economy and blow up the national debt.
      There’ll be many significant victories next week, but the Bush retread won’t be one.

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