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LETTER: ICTC should offer rides to voters

For the last presidential election and previous ones, dating back to Jimmy Carter, the Isabella County Transportation Commission has offered free rides to the polls to students, the disabled, seniors or anyone else who wanted to vote in the presidential election,  but no more.

Several organizations will provide volunteers to drive people to the polls. Commendable as these groups efforts are, they do not offer the professionalism, convenience and accessibility that ICTC does. Volunteers do not come with wheelchair lifts.

As a public service, ICTC should help those who want to vote and reinstate this policy. Everyone should be given the opportunity to vote, even those who don’t drive.


Matt Mertz

Union Township


  1. Really? Why should the tax payers pay for this perk? This sounds more like a ACORN get out the Demonrat vote scheme to me. No thanks get on your bicycles and pump your little leftest legs to the polls.

  2. Voting is central to democracy, you cannot believe in democracy, if you don’t believe in voting. The taxpayers do not have to pay for the rides, both CMU’s Student Government and the Isabella County Democratic Party have volunteered to pay for the rides, but the Isabella County Transportation Commission have turned both of them down.

    When I lost my ability to walk, should I also loose my right to vote?

  3. AbeLincoln4Obama says:

    Free rides to the polls on election day for all, CALL: (989) 317-3396.

  4. These people are already a financial burden. It’s their responsibility to get to the poll if they see voting as being important to them. They could have always voted absentee.

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