SLIDESHOW: Broncos score 28 fourth-quarter points, beat Chippewas 42-31 Saturday

For the first 57 minutes of Saturday’s football game between Central Michigan and Western Michigan, the Chippewas had not committed a turnover.

But when they did, it proved to be costly in the 42-31 loss to the Broncos Saturday at Kelly/Shorts Stadium.

The turnover came just after WMU junior quarterback Tyler Van Tubbergen threw his fourth touchdown pass of the game to senior wide receiver Eric Monette to give the Broncos a 35-31 lead.

On the ensuing kickoff, sophomore wide receiver Courtney Williams returned the ball to the CMU 39-yard line. He was hit from behind and fumbled the ball, which was recovered by the Broncos.

Even after the turnover, CMU still had a chance to get the ball back, but, three plays later, WMU junior running back Dareyon Chance scored from 42 yards out to make it 42-31. The deficit was too much for the Chippewas to overcome.

“We have to build Courtney up,” CMU head coach Dan Enos said. “We need to show support because no one feels worse than he does. I’ve been in football a long time, and I’ve seen guys react in different ways when something like that happens. We’re going to support him, because that’s not the play that cost us the game.”

The Chippewas attempted field goals on their first three drives of the game. Senior kicker David Harman made the last two from 37 and 22 yards, respectively, after having his 43-yard field goal attempt blocked on the first drive of the game.

After throwing for just 17 yards in the first quarter , Van Tubbergen threw a 55-yard touchdown pass to senior tight end Blake Hammond to give WMU a 7-6 lead.

The Broncos used another big play to set up their second score when Van Tubbergen connected with senior Monette for a gain of 48 yards.

The Broncos scored two plays later when Van Tubbergen ran it in from 18 yards out to make it 14-6.

It was the defense that set up CMU’s only touchdown in the first half.

With WMU operating out of its own end zone, junior quarterback Tyler Van Tubbergen was pressured and threw an ill-advised pass over the middle. which was intercepted by junior linebacker Shamari Benton, who returned the ball to the WMU 1-yard line.

From there, junior running back Zurlon Tipton ran it in to make it 14-13 WMU.

CMU took the lead in the third quarter when senior quarterback Ryan Radcliff connected with sophomore wide receiver Titus Davis for a 58-yard touchdown to make it 23-14 with 4:06 to go in the quarter.

Davis finished with a career-high 10 catches for 208 yards and a touchdown and became the first Chippewa to have 200 yards receiving since 2005.

WMU responded minutes into the fourth quarter when Van Tubbergen completed a 28-yard touchdown pass to junior wide receiver Justin Collins to cut the CMU lead to 23-21.

Collins scored his second touchdown pass of the game on the Broncos next drive, catching a 22-yard pass to give WMU the 28-24 lead with 8:52 to go.

With their backs against the wall, CMU responded with a seven-play, 75-yard drive, which was capped by a one-yard touchdown run by Tipton. A successful two-point conversion made it 31-28 CMU. That was the last time CMU led.

“We had a lot of chances to win the game,” Enos said. “As you look back on it, you’re going to see some dropped passes in the red zone. Our inability to get stops in the fourth quarter was also a key in the game.”

The Chippewas defense gave up 513 yards of offense.

“On defense, we are not where we need to be,” Enos said. “They had 500 yards of offense and scored 40 points. We need to start winning some of these games when we’re putting up points. We have too many lapses, and we give up too many explosive plays.”

Radcliff finished 26 of 41 for 383 yards and one touchdown.

Tipton had 22 carries for 112 yards and two touchdowns.  Sophomore linebacker Justin Cherocci had 12 tackles for the Chippewas.

“It’s unfortunate to say, but the last couple years we’ve been in this situation before,” Radcliff said. “There’s no quit in our guys.”

CMU travels to Ypsilanti Saturday to play in-state rival Eastern Michigan.


  1. Are you kidding? This is coaching malpractice. Again, where is the president?
    FCS next year?

  2. michmediaperson says:

    Could CM LIFE tell us what the ACTUAL attendance was. It see CMU’s PR people didn’t put it on the box score.

    Admiral, Heeke likes this coach. Unfortunately, he will be back next year unless we get a break and Dantonio hires him back.

  3. From #22 in the country to #96+ in just 2.5 years! Let’s make it a trifecta — Ross, Heeke, Enos et al out the door!!!

  4. michmediaperson says:

    I see now the CMU PR dept. lists 15,000 and some change. Was that really the crowd? Or less.

    Maybe, if we throw some gift certificates into the deal from the Pixie, Dantonio might rescue us. Sparty lost again today although on a bad referee’s call. They got robbed.

    Wonder when the last time we had a crowd that low for the Western game in Mt. Pleasant? Probably have to go back to the 1960′s.

  5. As a fifth year senior I have attended all five Central-Western games home and away. It truly saddens me to compare the atmosphere my freshmen year to this year. Theres was a lack of alumni and students today. I laugh at the idea of CMU considering selling tickets to students, because the stadium would be empty. Enos has drove this program into the ground, when will someone admit this hiring was a mistake and correct it? Even if we have a couple years of rebuilding would it be any worst than things are now? Many like to talk FCS, but lets be honest that will not happen. Look at Eastern, Akron, and some of the Sunbelt schools if they haven’t hit FCS we won’t. Time to move on Heekee

  6. Hopefully CMU will be seeking a new football coaching staff and a new athletic director after this season. There is no way that Enos ever should have been hired. You don’t hire a running backs coach as head coach. Enos destroyed the CMU football program and his coaching future. There is no way he will ever coach Division 1 again.

  7. 9 wins in almost 3 years of a declining football program. A mid-major school that has a winning tradition – that had a plan (3 MAC Championships) over the past 8 years. Sad state now. Enos went away from the spread – which is an offense that gives a mid-major school a “fighting chance” against the bigger schools, a solid opportunity to win the MAC – year in and out – and provides an exciting atmosphere to a school that can attract some HS talent from the midwest. Watching his press conferences now – “we have a plan, we have vision” drives me right up a wall. He has recruited talent. It just does not translate into wins. He is not quite at lame duck status yet – that will come next year – if he does not win. CMU is not in a position to write a check for 350K – to have him walk. So, he will probably get one more year to prove himself – then we will see. It will be his fourth year – with “his” players. The AD will have a tough time “recruiting” another coach – if he doesn’t give him a fourth year. Tough sell to other aspiring Head Coaches to come to CMU – if they only get 3 years. This year is a wash, again. Sad – because of all of the promise – MSU home game – 7 home games. WMU-CMU – maybe 14K in the stands to watch a rivarly game. Another sad state of CMU football.

    • It’s not unusual for a D-1 football school to give a coach his walking papers after three losing seasons (particularly if he took over a winning program and drove it into the ground). The longer Enos is here, the more the program will decline and the harder rebuilding will be. The sinple fact is that Enos doesn’t have the ability to be a head coach in D-1. Remember last year’s Kent State game – ball on the 9 yard line with 10 seconds left and Enos didn’t use one play to go for the win? That is typical Dan Enos coaching.

    • Are we in position to lose TWICE that much adding up the bleeding in gifts, attendance, TV expsoure, season ticket sales and game-day stadium merchandise? What cost do we compute amortizing this disaster over another 3 years just trying to get back. Enos makes Enie Ziegler look like John Wooden.

  8. University of Kentucky just fired Joker. Only 1/3 of the seats were filled in Commonweath Stadium on Saturday. Is something in the wind?

    • michmediaperson says:

      Vince, they’ve got big money in Kentucky. Where is George Ross going to find $700,000 to give to Heeke to give to Enos for early termination of the contract? Then, who is going to hire the new coach??? I don’t want Heeke.

      • Ross has found money for the other buyouts. I’m sure they could put enough together to give papers to both Enos and Heeke. Remember it was Heeke that extended Enos’s contract this year. Heeke has had problems with basketball and continues with football. Time for a fresh start.

        • LoyalCMUalum says:

          It’s time for some SERIOUS house cleaning! It starts with Heeke in Athletics and ends with ENOS and his staff. George Ross….PLEASE wake up, take action and get control….. of this out of control football program. Heeke won’t admit Enos was a bad hire. THEY BOTH NEED TO GO! And Herb Deromdie nor Derek Vandemere should NOT be on the next search committee.
          And to “realistic fan”. You are clueless and don’t know half of it!
          Enos inherited a top 25 program that was clicking on all aspects. Butch Jones did NOT leave the cupboard bare! Butch took what Brian Kelly left him…built it bigger and better. Enos and Heeke took what Butch left and we have been able to watch it crumble from the first week Enos took the helm.
          The players are NOT to blame! I feel for them. Especially the Seniors who have hung in there. My hat is off to you boys!

    • We should fire Joker 2.0 immediately .

  9. Many programs, once they see the direction a coach is going, will change course after 3 terrible seasons. Anyone remember Rich Rod at U of M after 3 lousy seasons? He went 6-6 his last year and was still sent packing after his embarrassing bowl game loss. He could beat lesser schools but was not competitve in the Big 10. See a similarity? Enos cannot win in the MAC and barely beats any non-conference opponents. Hoke came in at Michigan and saw the type of players that were there and changed his style to fit the athletes. Enos came to CMU and tried to mold the remaining players from Kelley/Jones into his Big Ten style offense. A new coach coming in after this season to CMU could not be any worse than Enos…..unless they were to lose EVERY game. I believe the stadium is announcing tickets sold and not actual butts in the seats. Enos has alienated the fan base with his “I have a vision and plan”…….cut your losses before nobody but the band is left in the stands. My string of four straight season ticket purchases is over until a product worth spending my $$ is put on the field. Players, not your fault….bad decisions by AD and a terrible coach have ruined your college football experience.

  10. hurricanebilly says:

    Fellas and gals, we are wasting our energy in this forum. Even if we get a new head coach, CMU will still hire a bum from the same “former big ten associate” hiring company.

  11. A realistic fan says:

    It’s funny how 3 good years spoils everyone. Newsflash, CMU is in the MAC. We aren’t going to be winning national championships anytime soon and players like Dan LeFevour aren’t going to be walking through the door every single year. That team was a once in a lifetime team. It takes time to win, especially changing systems.

    Dan Enos coaches the offense, he calls the plays. The offense has been good enough in the 3 years in order to win, and Ryan Radcliff has taken a big step forward this year. If you want the problem, point the blame at Joe Tumpkin the defensive coordinator who may be on his way out after this year. Sure, ultimately the blame falls on Enos for keeping him this long. However, it is very rare to find a coach who knows both offense and defense. They usually are a specialist in one and rely on good assistants for the other side of the ball.

    Dan deserves one more year with a new defensive coordinator. If he doesn’t have the guts to fire him, that’s on him. The talent is there, but a new defensive look is needed.

    BTW, for those of you who keep crying about the spread, we threw the ball 40 times this weekend. Look at the success of Ohio, no spread and are usually right at the top of the league. It’s a lame excuse. We also beat Iowa with this offense.

    • Nobody deserves one more year with a career 9-24 record (.273) and being 5-16 (.238) in MAC play.

    • Alumni 2003 says:

      hey “unrealistic fan/MSU fanboy” Ohio runs the spread! Nobody is asking to win a national championship here, we all know we are in the MAC. Everyone just wants to win the MAC, make a bowl game, and have a shot at being in the top 25. It’s not that unrealistic, Ohio was ranked a few weeks ago. CMU has the tradition of being a good/winning MAC team and that’s what we want instead of being absolutely terrible for THREE years. Three years is plenty of time to recruit your players and get everything in place, but the fact is its the same poor result. Even if they win 5 games this season it is still a failure. Enos wants to contend with the top teams in the MAC, but we continue to lose to good/decent teams in the MAC whether it be from defensive problems or offensive interceptions and fumbles in KEY plays or moments. Even after THREE years its the same excuses. “Well our players are real young and the better players are injured.” After THREE years wouldn’t you have some experienced players on your team? The fact is, this type of offense doesn’t work in the MAC because you cannot recruit all of the type of players you need because they go to bigger schools which is why in smaller/less popular conferences the spread and high scoring offenses tend to work and give them a fighting chance.

      Also, Iowa is a terrible team this year. It’s the biggest win of Enos’ career, but it means nothing as his record shows that he stinks against MAC teams. Oh yeah, let me remind you that through the spread we also beat a decent MSU team and Purdue (multiple times), but hey you’re right, give Enos another year and we will go 12-0.

  12. michmediaperson says:

    $4 on StubHub for CMU-Miami tickets. You can sit in the Club Section for only $10.
    CMU football has hit rock bottom.

    If CM-LIFE is correct, $700,000 for the buyout, I think George Ross should make Kathy Wilbur and Dave Heeke walk the plank at any press conferences, academic senate meetings when the price tag is discussed. Heeke hired this guy. Wilbur was the interim president at the time of the hire. Both East Lansing folks trying to help a fellow Spartan at CMU’s expense.

    Problem I have with letting him go is, how can you trust Heeke that he is going to hire the right coach. We need a spread offense coach, preferably a disciple of Kelly or Butch.

    When we hired Enos, we used the Big Ten Conference analyst on the Big Ten Network to be the headhunter. Why would you use someone on Big Ten payroll?
    Don’t you think they will have an allegiance to assistant coaches in the conference?

    If George decides to spend the money, then strict guidelines have to be used on the new hire. No Big Ten headhunters, no Big Ten assistants although I would consider the assistant at Northwestern since they have been very successful at running the spread and having great records for the past 7-8 years.

    I think Heeke figured if Danny was successful, this would greatly enhance his career to a seven-figure AD job. The Michigan State folks would help him. But, it turned out to be the opposite. Just like what Rao did when he was here. For him to get a big-time president’s job, he needed medical school on the resume. So, he started one, got the big-time paying job down in Virginia…and we’re stuck with medical school bill.

    I just can’t see the unions around here getting excited about spending $700,000 on a golden parachute, especially since you had to give one to the basketball coach and the PR lady. That’s 1 million dollars in going away money.

    Heeke has to be praying CMU wins the last 3 and goes 6-6. If the bowls are short teams and right now they are, Heeke may pull off the miracles of miracles.

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