COLUMN: WMU loss epitomizes the Enos era

The Western Michigan game Saturday epitomized the season and Dan Enos’ three-year tenure at Central Michigan.

CMU looked strong out of the gates but couldn’t capitalize on early opportunities. Miscues came back to cost the Chippewas, and the opposing team came back to win it at the end.

That’s what we’ve seen from CMU in the past three years under Enos. He has brought in good recruiting classes and has a talented team that can play. The potential is there, but that hasn’t shown on the scoreboard at the end of the day.

CMU dominated the first quarter of the game but only led 6-0. Three long drives ended with only six points.

Then WMU scored on blown coverages and missed tackles in the second quarter. It’s been those kind of dumb mistakes that have killed this program the past three years.

On the opposite side of that, the offense looked phenomenal at times. Senior quarterback Ryan Radcliff was putting the ball all over the field for 383 yards. Sophomore receiver Titus Davis had a career day, and, once again, Zurlon Tipton ran for more than 100 yards for the third consecutive game.

You can see the pieces are all there, the talent is there, but the wins aren’t.

It’s little mistakes – not from one guy, but the collective group. Davis had a great day, no mistake about it, but he had two drops in the end zone. Sophomore Courtney Williams fumbled the ball away with two minutes left on a kick return. Avery Cunningham did not wrap up a receiver after a reception, allowing him to bounce off him and rumble into the end zone.

Most of those players had good games, but the small – sometimes big – miscues add up. The Chippewas have made mistakes all season and throughout the Enos era at CMU.

CMU has to start winning these games.

Yes, you can see the program has talent and has potential, but, at some point, you have to reach that potential and turn it into wins.

And right now, Enos is not doing that.


  1. Some say three years is too soon to fire a coach. Kentucky just fired Joker Phillips. who is in his third season as head coach. Unlike Enos. Phillips took over one of the worst teams in his conference. One of Phillips rare victories was against Dan Enos last year. Make the move after the season because Enos not only won’t get any better but, in his mind he thinks he is doing a good job and (because we aren’t Spartys we are to unsophicated to realize that all those losses are really wins).

  2. BrianC please reread the SI you attached. It states, “When Phillips took over the football program, it was enjoying its best run ever.” Sounds similar doesn’t it? The Wildcats have talent as do the Chips. But it’s the coaching that’s in the way. In the last three years we’ve had to deal with poor clock management, bad plays or not even knowing what’s going on. The student athletes need better.

    Besides letting Enos go Heeke should be given his papers too. Attendance at the games are dismal because Heeke destroyed the Saturday game day experience! The last few years have had major missteps with week night games, locking students in a cage for tailgating, etc. Yes he’s trying to correct those decisions along with others but he has done more harm than good.

    Time for a fresh start.

  3. Keep the boycott going, and email every member of the Board of Trustees—letting them know about your displeasure with Ross, Heeke, and Enos! This was the best Three Stooges movie of the year!

  4. It’s time for Enos to go. Are the players partially to blame? Of course. However when the team is only winning 3 games per season, the coaching staff either cannot recruit or cannot coach, both fireable offenses after 3 seasons.

  5. 3 seasons as head coach and a new direction. He has recruited well. His first class wasnt his at all. His first true full class is in their 2nd year. For most thats a bunch of redshirt freshmen. Usually talented if they play but mistake prone. His second class are now true freshmen. They hardly ever can help… Lets never forget the good old days of Kelly and Jones were put into pçace by Debord. HE recruited those tremendous linemen that laid the foundation for the glory years. His win loss record was similar to Enos just didn´t wait long enought for the rest……MAC schools for the last many years re up and down… gt a few game changersand youre in the top 25 as Toledo finds themdelves today. Only look at their teams 2 – 5 years ago while we were up and see how bad a team can be………Truely a program takes five years…Its nice when they go faster…
    I hate the losing and this neve use to happen…The pieces need time. I hope they get better as Dan is a good guy and I´d like to see him reap the rewards of his three years efforts..

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