ADVICE: How to get the guy while his current relationship seems to be fizzling out

There is a saying that goes, “If a girl ever steals your man there is no better revenge than to let her keep him because real men can’t be stolen.”

Speaking from personal experience, I believe this to be true. I dated a guy for three and a half years and then two months after we broke up, he was dating a new girl who he has been dating ever since.

While it seemed like a short time period before he began dating someone new, I learned and realize now he wasn’t “stolen” from me but rather he and I were just not meant to be. Sometimes people just don’t work and that is okay.

However, for those who don’t believe the saying and want to test it out for themsevles, I can offer tips on how to land the guy who is currently in a fizzling out relationship and make him yours.

1. Make sure you look your best.

You don’t have to be a Victoria’s Secret model or wear expensive brand name clothing, but it is important to be confident and happy with how you look physically because it does show and will be a selling point for a guy.

2. Make just enough eye contact to make him wanting more.

Catch his attention by staring at him briefly every so often and then looking away just as he catches you. This will leave him wondering if you are interested in him or not.

3. Make friends with his (guy) friends.

This is perhaps the most important tip to know and keep in mind because it matters to a guy a lot. Be friendly and take an interest in the things his friends like and dislike and then bring it up in a conversation later. It will show you care enough to learn about the people in his life and not just him.

4. Make him show his protective side to you.

This will show his interest in you more. For example, if you are carrying something pretend it is heavy and see if he offers to help you carry it. Be sure to thank him for the little things he does as well because he may not even realize what he is doing is being helpful to you. It will show your appreciation for him.

5. Spend more time together.

The more time you two spend together the more he will be able to get to know you on a personal level. This doesn’t mean ask him to hang out one on one as this could send off the wrong message to his current girlfriend too soon. It is best to ask just him to hang out with your group of friends and take it from there.

If you truly think you have a better chance with the guy rather than his current girlfriend then there is nothing wrong with taking the chance and following these tips.


  1. disqus_L2w9xVb4N9 says:

    This article disgusts me. It’s girls like this that give all girls a bad name. Why would someone write an article on how to break up a relationship. This is so immoral!

  2. Dear

    You have successfully set yourself and Women’s Rights back a good twenty years.
    I would like to commend the way you skillfully implied that men are toys to be
    manipulated and used and women are to be treated as some kind of damsel that
    requires the rescue of a man who specifically is already involved. What kind of
    miserable person thinks that ruining someone’s relationship is not completely
    reprehensible behavior? That was rhetorical, I totally have an answer. An
    abominable dreadful shrew. Anyone who honestly follows or believes any of the
    “advice”in this atrocious column should be submitted for examination
    under the grounds that they may actually be a sociopath. The following is a
    list of why you are a malignant, fetid sore on the already mediocre at best
    mess that is CMLife’s grundle. (By the way, great job editing.

    1. Make sure you look your best

    What I
    read here was “Use your body instead of your awful personality to make men
    want to have sex with you”. Honestly, it is cool that you want women to
    love themselves and to show that outwardly. That is a great message! However,
    using one’s body to attain anything male or female is awful. This is especially
    disgusting in regards to the subject at hand. This brings me to bullet points
    two through four:

    2-4. You
    are endorsing the use of psychological deceit to form the basis of a

    I try to form a lasting relationship with someone I try to lie and use
    psychological tricks to fool them into liking me.”

    -said no
    one ever.

    four is exceptionally ridiculous and demeaning. Women are not delicate flowers
    that need a man’s attention to groom. This is manipulative behavior that does
    not set the ground work for a functioning relationship at all. It is implied in
    these three “tips” that one needs to behave differently than
    themselves in order to successfully woo a man. Someone who really loves
    themselves should be exactly who they are, no more no less. You have essentially outlined a method for
    establishing a hollow, shallow existence with another human being. Frankly, it
    is not surprising that your failed relationship bred another lasting
    relationship months later if the relationship was founded on the treacherous
    paradigm that you are endorsing.

    5. Spend
    More Time Together (or how to create as much stress as possible in a man’s

    I am
    fundamentally baffled by your tone and train of thought. You started this train
    wreck of an article regaling tales of lost love, specifically in the hands of
    someone who is an immoral trifling douche. How can you even then begin listing
    ways to cause that pain to someone else. I propose that your final point is the
    sociopathic cherry on this poop sundae that explains this. The statement which
    specifically proves my point is as follows, “This doesn’t mean ask him to
    hang out one-on-one, as this could send the wrong message to his current
    girlfriend too soon.” I ask yet another rhetorical question, “Who is
    deranged enough to actually attempt this?” I answer my own rhetorical
    question, “A Succubus.”

    It is
    very sad that this advice is now floating around on the Internet to read, let
    alone have our university’s name attached to it. I fear that now that it exists
    some poor slob will read it and take it seriously. I am seriously and genuinely
    concerned for you or anyone else that happens to stray too close to your honed,
    blackened harpy claws.

    if this is a satire on how you think women treat men in our society today I
    would like to commend you. This is CMLife though, I have learned to not believe
    anything of that level could spawn from this intellectual cesspool.


    concerned Theatre (not Drama) Major at CMU

    • Grow up! Fact is, most relationships start as a physical attraction then grow to be more. She pointed out some very basic flirting skills, nothing the will set women’s rights back! A man that is in a good relationship isn’t going to fall for this so don’t worry about it! As for your name calling toward the writer, you have no idea what kind of person she is and it completely discredits your comment!

    • Congrats to you, I applaud you for this….Thank you

    • Sound this has happened to all of you this is why you are all so upset, but in turn her advice that ” A man that is in a good relationship isn’t going to fall for this so don’t worry…” should have made you realize that the man that left you is not right for you. Sounds like you are stuck on something that never will be.

    • This, in fact, has not happened to me. That has nothing to do w/ my outrage. My outrage has to do with the fact that she thinks it’s acceptable to teach Home-wrecking 101

  3. Everyone who has read this is dumber for it. You should be ashamed of yourself, Anamaria. This is embarrassing for you, women, CMU and humanity in general.

  4. I have read some offensive articles in this newspaper, but your article “How to get the guy while his current relationship seems to be fizzling out” is more offensive to me, as a woman, than Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” comment. First of all, I have been in my relationship for over a year now, and the fact that this newspaper thinks it is appropriate to hand out advice on how to end that disgusts me. Relationships are hard enough; we don’t need to be manipulating each other’s significant others into ending their current relationships. Your first piece of advice, “Make sure you look your best” is awful. You just told women, who are getting a college education, that the easiest way to get the man is by looking good. What ever happened to impressing him with your intellect, sense of humor, or confidence? Then, you continued to tell women to change their interests in order to be compatible with the man. No woman should ever have to change herself to get a boyfriend. If they do, she will end up miserable pretending to be someone she isn’t. Number four on your list of advice, however, is by far the worst thing you said. You advised women to pretend they are weak in order to get help from a man, because validating his masculinity will make him like you. Essentially, you told women to forget about being strong and independent, because he will never like you that way. This is not the 1950s. You are giving this advice to women who are getting a college education, who will have careers, and success. I hope you are thoroughly ashamed of this article, because I know I am ashamed to go to a university that would put this in its school newspaper.

  5. Also! “Make him wanting more”? Seriously?!

  6. Not sure how you became an advice columnist for CM-Life considering you’re advice is awful and ignorant.

  7. This is just awful, no one should have to do this to get a guy (or girl). No one should ever have to change themselves to get to person. Life is not a Disney film, where you have to be a damsel in distress (Case in point, most, if not all those Disney Princesses fight their battles and get the guy). With these tips we might as well be back in the 1950′s, this is not how people are anymore. Best advice: Just be yourself around your crush, and ask them out when they are single (and if they don’t become single, just move on and become friends).

  8. Nancy Eastman says:


    If this was supposed to be an editorial comment, you
    have sorely failed. Personal attacks and name calling have never been
    an effective form of debate. Your rant simply reeks of immaturity. You
    may have found the article to be offensive but your points were lost in
    your tyrannical gibberish. You managed to turn it around and become
    even more offensive yourself than you found the article to be. But
    that’s ok? How can you possibly make such nasty, personal comments to
    someone you don’t even know? The next time you want to publicly comment
    on something you may want to approach it a little more intelligently,
    constructively, and diplomatically. Better yet, maybe you better stick
    with “Theater” and “Drama” because your good at it.

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