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Breaking down bowl game hopes if CMU finished 6-6

The goal is clear for the Central Michigan football team: beat Miami (Ohio) and Massachusetts to finish off the season 6-6 and become bowl eligible.

Redshirt freshman wide receiver Andrew Flory said the coaches have been harping on the team to forget about the earlier losses and win out to try to get to a bowl game.

But would .500 get the Chippewas into a bowl game? In seasons past it would only work for teams in bigger conferences with a bigger fan base – but that isn’t the case anymore. With 35 bowl games, and several teams this year not bowl eligible, CMU has a chance.

In CMU’s seven previous postseason years, it had to win at least eight games. But this year’s team would have to do it with six.

Last year, 17 teams finished the regular season 6-6. Out of that group, 14 played in bowl games. Miami (Fla.) was ineligible and the Mid-American Conference’s Eastern Michigan and Ball State didn’t get invited.

Instead of one team not being selected because of a bowl ban though, three teams (Ohio State, Penn State and North Carolina) will have more than six wins but will be unable to play in a bowl game.

With 35 bowls, 70 teams go to a bowl game. So far 54 teams are bowl eligible and 34 teams still have a chance to appear in bowl games. That leaves 17 bowl spots for 34 teams – CMU being one of them.

Out of the 35 teams still looking for bowl eligibility, 14 teams are one win away.

Texas State and South Florida are two of the 34 teams with a chance still, but they would have to win all three remaining games – including games against bowl eligible teams. That leaves 19 teams in the spot CMU is in, needing to win its last two games to get to .500.

The Chippewas need to beat Miami (Ohio) Saturday to keep their chances alive, but it would also eliminate the RedHawks from bowl contention.

Head coach Dan Enos said the team isn’t worried about the others as much as it is trying to reach six wins itself.

“This week is going to be big for us, like a playoff game,” Enos said. “We’ve got to take care of our end of it, and that’s what we’re focused on.”

Teams one loss away from snapping bowl chances include:

Central Michigan, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Virginia, Purdue, Iowa, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Rice, Houston, Southern Methodist, Marshall, Miami (Ohio), Arkansas, North Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Texas State, Baylor and South Florida.


  1. If they don’t become eligible, fire him right away. If they are eligible, wait till after they lose the bowl game to fire Enos. Either way the choice is clear. Fire Enos, fire up!

  2. Why do we even want to go to a Bowl game? We’ve been embarrassed enough on TV this season; no need to be further embarrassed!

  3. The reason EMU wasn’t invited was because they weren’t bowl-eligible last year: they were 6-6, but two of their victories came against the FCS. Only one can count toward bowl eligibility.

    In any case, even if CMU does go 6-6, I doubt they play in a bowl. The MAC is as strong as it ever has been, with 6 teams already having 7+ wins, and several teams have bounced in and out of the AP Top 25. The MAC has what, 3-4 bowl affiliations? If CMU goes, it will be to a bowl that can’t fill its conference quota. I still don’t think it happens. The bowls won’t want to have a lackluster CMU team, unless they have no choice.

  4. Agree. I hate to support getting ride of a guy who had a 3 game improvement over the previous year, but this years schedule was set up for us to finish better than 6-6. The 4 game home stand in October pretty much summed up the season with ugly losses to Navy and Ball St., followed by the blown lead to Western. Enos has lost the fan-base, just look how much attendance has dropped. Even if they finish 6-6, his biggest supporters (donors and season ticket holders) have bailed on him, and have made it pretty clear they won’t be returning until he goes. Unless Heeke want’s the stadium to be a compleate ghost town next fall, he might not have a choice other then to let him go.

    • You hit all points dead on. Fans and alumni will attend games as long as a competitive product is put on the field. I have had four straight years of season tickets but this is my last until Heeke and/or Enos is gone. My money is too important to me to waste it on this terrible product. The 3 games you mentioned were awfu! Homecoming performance was embarrassing. Student section is a ghost town before halftime. I predict less than 10,000 this Saturday. Many of the MAC schools with better or comparable records play a much more exciting brand of football than what we show each week. CMU does not deserve any bowl invites at all with what they have displayed this season, even if they do get to 6 wins. It still is not success if anyone who has attended this years home games can attest to.

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