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Police investigating alleged assault involving members of CMU football, track & field teams

Police are now investigating an alleged incident involving members of the football and track and field teams, two days after the university’s athletics department said it was aware of an altercation involving several student-athletes.

Isabella County Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski said an assault complaint was filed with his office on Friday regarding an altercation the night of Nov. 10 at Copper Beech Townhomes, 4750 E. Blue Grass Road.

Mioduszewski could not provide any other details Sunday night, only confirming the complaint was filed with deputy Todd Graham and involved members of the CMU football and track and field teams. Graham could not be reached for comment Sunday night.

On Thursday, during a scheduled meeting with Central Michigan Life about the athletics budget, athletics director Dave Heeke said CMU was aware of “an issue involving multiple student athletes.”

“We’ve encouraged those people who are involved in it and have concerns about it to contact local law enforcement if they see fit to do that, and are wishing to do that,” Heeke said. “We’re sitting here waiting to see if we’ll get feedback from local law enforcement.

“If it’s determined that any student-athletes were directly involved, they’ll be held accountable and disciplined accordingly.”

The CMU football team beat Miami University, 30-16, Saturday in its last home game of the season. The team plays at Massachusetts on Friday, seeking a 6-6 record and bowl eligibility for the first time since 2009.

Track and field kicks off its schedule Dec. 7 at Eastern Michigan.


  1. Given that this assault resulted in the police being contacted and the football team has a past history of assault, one could rightfully conclude recent precedent would apply and the football team will be removed from campus until its youngest player graduates, right? Right?

  2. Let’s take a look back at this seasons’ off the field happenings. Five players suspended in April ’12 for undisclosed (at the time) reasons. Then we have what is referred to as the “mushroom farm incident” with White, Harris, and Sawicki kicked off the team and into the court system. Fast forward to allegations of Nov 10th and the 2012 off-season incidents have been less than wonderful. If it is now receiving attention from the Isabella County Sheriffs Office then it probably has merit. Are we now the MSU of the north? A coach cannot control all things his players on a team do but ultimately it casts a cloud over Enos, his staff, and the program. Leadership Dan, leadership.

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