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VIDEO: CMU hosts sex activist Jaclyn Friedman


  1. How much did this pervert receive in taxpayer money from CMU? They couldn’t even get more than 20 people. Pathetic.

    • This question has been posted for two days. As an alum and taxpayer, he (and the rest of us) deserve an answer.

      • Then don’t ask for it on the website. Contact the student organization that brought the speaker to campus. Sheesh.

        • Everyone who reads this site should be entitled to know the answer directly from the source and not second-hand from someone who is thought to live in a cave.

          • frmatmn2ashes says:

            Wow, this post makes tons of sense and is completely relevant to the post. Thanks for sharing!

          • You are welcome. Glad to see that you have come around. Stop by the cave sometime and we can have another productive dialogue.
            :-) :-) :-)

    • frmatmn2ashes says:

      It’s 2012, your backwoods conservative views are no longer welcome in the real world. Go back to your caves.

      • So you don’t care what it cost? No wonder we have financial problems.

        • frmatmn2ashes says:

          No, I don’t. Do you know why? Because I’m sure there are tons of events I don’t agree with personally that take place on campus, but it interests a certain group of students. It’s a public institution serving the needs of many, not just some narrow-minded nitwit on the internet.

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