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Greek groups serve chili, raise money for Special Olympics Wednesday

Fostoria junior Marisa Chapin, left, stirs chili with Howell junior Allyse Rammage Tuesday evening at the Wesley Center, 1400 S. Washington St. The event was put on by Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Tau Gamma to raise funds for the Special Olympics. (Trisha Umpfenbach/ Staff Photographer)

Groups of students came to the Wesley Center for a bowl of chili and to support a good cause Wednesday afternoon.

Fraternity Sigma Tau Gamma and sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha held a chili lunch at the on-campus center, raising money for the Special Olympics, of which the Michigan branch is based in Mount Pleasant.

At the time of publication, the total amount of money raised was undetermined but each member of the respective greek organizations were required to sell at least five tickets.

Alpha Sigma Alpha member and event organizer Kathleen Salata said this is the second year the chili dinner was put on and the first year Alpha Sigma Alpha teamed with another greek group in Sigma Tau Gamma.

She said the event was a lot of effort to put on, but worth the work.

“Something I helped plan is going to help so many people,” she said.

Vice President of Programs for Sigma Tau Gamma Nick Sonnenberg said the event brought together different groups of students, both greek and non-greek, for a good cause.

“We have everybody working together for one cause,” the Harrison senior said. “It shows we give back to the community.”

He said raising awareness about the Special Olympics is just as important to such an event.

“You can give them all the money in the world but what’s it mean if you don’t care about it?” he said.

Serving a variety of chili, with meat or without, some students who don’t care for chili came out to support the cause regardless.

“I’m not a chili fan, but I’m donating to an organization and philanthropy,” Munising senior and Sigma Alpha Epsilon member Jordan Borchert said. “A good person would donate their time and energy and money to something they support.”

Ohio senior Allie Hendricks has a more personal connection to the Special Olympics.

“It’s really close to my heart because my cousin is in the Special Olympics,” Hendricks said. “My family donates money to the Special Olympics.”

Lincoln Park sophomore Amy Grant attends different Greek events and supports many of the different groups, having attended the Spooky Spuds event put on by Sigma Alpha Iota in October.

She said events like this help the community, not just a particular group or individual.

“We support each other,” Grant said. “You just don’t care about your Greek group, but helping others out, too.”

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