FAMD members give back to community by making stockings

With a Christmas Pandora station playing in the Wightman Hall sewing lab, Fashion Association of Merchandising and Design members made stockings for the Christmas Outreach Program.

South Lyon sophomore Stephanie Kula cuts fabric with fellow FAMD students to make stockings for the needy Friday afternoon at the sewing lab in Wightman Hall. (Photo Courtesy of Samantha Childress)

Self-proclaimed “Christmas freak,” senior Alexandra Mauro said she couldn’t be more excited to create the stockings.

The program helps suffering families in the community receive gifts during the holiday season.

“We make over 100 stockings to give to the families in need,” the Troy native said. “It’s important to help out the community during the holidays because holidays are family oriented and some people may not have enough to brighten their spirits, which is why we volunteer to help.”

Mauro is the president of the FAMD club at Central Michigan University, and they are hand-making stockings that will be filled with toys for kids and the necessities for adults.

Brighton senior Alexandria Wessel is also a member of the FAMD club and she was experiencing her first time helping out with the stocking making this year.

She said she was excited to be helping because her family is very into the holiday spirit.

“We already have our Christmas tree and decorations up at my house,” Wessel said. “I love Christmas time, and it feels good to be making presents for others who may not have it as good as I do, maybe it’ll make a difference in their Christmas.”

Mauro said they iron, sew and lay out the different fabrics and textures they use to make the stockings. They are not just typical red stockings, they make them all different interesting patterns.

“It’s kind of like an assembly line. All the members each have a role and we work together,” Mauro said.

Treasurer Stephanie Kula said she would much rather spend her free time giving back during the holiday season rather than partying.

“I think it is necessary for students to give back their time and volunteer because it shows that college students care and have a heart for the community we live in during the school year,” Kula said.
Creating the stockings is a long and somewhat hard process, Mauro said. Wessel spent her time cutting out the layout of the stockings so that the design team could sew them.
Kula said she is not the greatest at sewing so that is a hard aspect of the creation process for her.
“I’m a concentrated Apparel Merchandising student so I do not take any classes related to design. This year I feel I will be able to make a bigger impact because we have to cut the patterns of the stockings this year unlike the past. That is where I will be able to do most of the help because sewing isn’t my best skill,” Kula said.
Kula said volunteering with the Christmas Outreach Program every holiday season makes her feel like she is doing her share and part in the community.
“Helping to make a difference to brighten others’ holidays helps to brighten my own holiday,” Kula said.
Mauro said she looks at the families in need and feels especially thankful and fortunate during this time of year.
“Showing how much you care about others during the holidays is important; it feels good to give back,” Mauro said.

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